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    Trains (Fast trains like ICE, TGV Frecciarossa) Electrical Locomotives, but also Metro Trains or Underground Trains, Transrapid Trains (powered by magnets). Sometimes airplanes and cars.
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  8. Hi, Fast-rider I think that is not a great idea because with this ammount of traffic that isflowing there, it is quiet impossible to merge into the road because if we invert the sign, yes there will be less traffic on the calais duisburg but there will probably be an huge traffic jam for the players coming from bruxelles that want go for example to calais enjoyng the huge traffic i think how the sign are positioned now it is the best. don´t take it personally Kind Regards Manumarsch
  9. Hello, I persolly think that if we install traffic lights (or swich sign) it could be a risky move because the traffic flow will be interrupted on the highway. If many players arrive at the intersection. The traffic light could cause a huge Traffic jam, that will go also into the highway.If I remember correctly, the highway there is a 3 lane road. That beeing said I there is a traffic jam there, the highway towards Rotterdam-Amsterdam would be full because the first right lane is occupied by the traffic jam of the player taht want go into the calsi duisbrg road, the second lane would be p
  10. Hello everyone, I usually listen to classic music, I know it is not the best (because most people that I know does not appreciate these masterpieces and look at me like "ehhh what is that????") and not a very famous genre nowadays especially for my generation, but I really like it. I listen to tschaikovsky (sorry russians for spelling that incorrect), Brahms( Ungarian dances) and sometimes when I´m on the C-D Road, I listen to Eurobeat like Ace Nouage etc. (so that my reaction are ready in emergency situation). Otherwise I listen also Pop but only Aviici.
  11. I also don´t write it in the chat, but when someone says sorry to me than I think twice before reporting the user, but I report if I see that the action was on purpose. But if someone sais sorry to me I don´t have the prove that what he said is actually true or not so in this situation, if the "sorry" is honest or not. Kind regards Manumarsch
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