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  1. What's not smart about going on CD road with a heavy load? As long as you don't do all the cd road at 5 km/h i don't see the problem
  2. This is normal if you are not used to it, Those who write rec when they hit you, just ignore them, if you haven't done anything there is no point in them saying rec for something they did wrong, A saying i have heard here where i live is: the wife of imbeciles is always pregnant
  3. You get banned if you do something you shouldn't do, if you drive by the rules you don't even have to worry, 85/90% of accidents i see happen because people drive too close to the truck in front and because they overtake on that road, I've been driving on that road for 2 years straight, i've always avoided overtaking and driving too close to the truck in front, i've never had problems, In general, even if you hope that SCS will remove the road from the game, players will find another one, so you will always be in the complaint loop, Maybe it's not the road, but the TMP experience that doesn't match your expectations But yes, your point of view is understandable; it can be an overwhelming experience for players who are not used to driving there
  4. "What's your go-to route in ETS2 for the best vibes?" c-d road
  5. As others have already said, you can find the exact number in the TMP rules, If you know how to do save editing you also know how to count them
  6. I think because of the quality of the video, seeing from that link you need to log in with an account to see the video in a higher quality, at 360p it is difficult to read the player's name and TMP ID, Next time make sure the video can be viewed publicly and is in a quality sufficient to clearly display the player's name and possibly the TMP ID, without the need to log in through an account to unlock this option
  7. Yes, i think it is an improvement and i was hoping for this change also because i always drive on that road, I wonder if they will do something similar in the other station, i hope so
  8. In cases like these you better contact game management by doing a feedback ticket, maybe with that evidence they can do something for you, It costs you nothing to try
  9. They always give you the answer/outcome by message in the report, which is not a new thing, It is just repetition that is not needed, as long as there is a reason in the report, you are asking to repeat 2 times the same thing, I am positive/think that most of the reasons chosen in the reports are consistent with the evidence
  10. Another bait, boring and ignored It's not the same thing, you don't need to know if it's "temporary" when you know the reason for the ban, you already know
  11. When you don't have answers, what you are left with is to throw random accusations to keep arguing as you usually do, especially against TMP, now it has become predictable and it's just baiting; a game that has become boring, They can just update the reason in the report if they can, or write it in the comment they usually leave when they issue the ban, Unless you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, i doubt anyone checks every report they have made to delete the "expired" ones, i think a 90% of players or more keep the evidence forever anyway, You don't need to know the length of the ban, It doesn't seem complicated to me
  12. You should take the sentences, you link the whole post as if you don't know or remember what you write What did I prove? I proved that your complaints have no basis, because you can't answer even a simple question of why you need it This is the level of your reasons and answers in the main post that was closed, we need it TMP! but we don't know why
  13. Not a single logical reason said as to why for example you need the moderator's name, not even why you need to know the length of the ban, but you guys pretend that this information is needed or useful to you in some way, They are only useful for stalkers, You guys are hilarious
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