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  1. I like to drive cars and other vehicles, also, i would add one of these to the collection of drivable vehicles, i want to drive on c-d with one of these
  2. also, what is really important is the number of unique players, which is much lower than the number of registered accounts; the number of registered accounts is not relevant
  3. I agree with both of you in part with what you have said, In addition, I think there will not be much impact after this rule change, you can see for example the impact after the permaban for the hystory was removed (in May 2022, a year after the convoy mode came out); we have seen the impact that this route of "players change over time" had, trying to bring players back, hardly anything changed in the increased activity on the servers: I would add that, making these drastic changes on how permabans are managed now, is too late to have some significant impact, they should have been made when scs convoy mode was already being rumored to prevent in all possible ways the impact, and when players had no choices for how to play ets2 in multiplayer. Making them now, trying to bring players back after almost 2 years, with convoy mode around, makes as much sense as it does. I speak from work experience more than anything else. I don't see many ways to bring back more players other than to remove the convoy mode completely. Definitely also going the route of "players have changed over time" doesn't make much sense currently, in all this time so many things have changed: players have left tmp completely for convoy mode; they got bored with ets2; they play other games; after the punishments they got, they left tmp out of dissatisfaction; they have less time to play since they have grown up in 7/8 years etc... many different cases that are not strictly related to the rules of the game. Those who left tmp for all those reasons are unlikely to return. Those who evaded the ban did and still do; i've talked to players who have been doing this for years and still here playing. I still hope that there will be more rule changes, and not just this one. I also hope that future decisions will not look to the past and i would focus on something else rather than going down the path of "players change over time".
  4. You are doing nothing wrong, ignore them There is no rule forcing you to follow a specific speed
  5. Ok, however, as the whole rule is written, i don't think it contradicts much, because you can still follow the traffic laws and road signs without necessarily having to respect the speed limit all the time
  6. You forgot this: It's not mandatory in TMP to follow the speed limits.
  7. I can suggest you a more recent blog regard AI traffic, from May 2022: https://truckersmp.com/blog/269
  8. C-D road for me aswell, mainly for 2 reasons, 1) crowded 2) the distance suit my needs for a trip, it's not too long and it's not too short
  9. That's right, that's exactly why it was decided to make another poll based on those results (as Jeronimo told, it was the basis for this survey), and as you can now see, like everyone else, it was very general, doesn't say much about what exactly players want or would like. I don't know how polls have been in the past on these topics, i can only rely on the most recent ones, As you can see from the direction of the results, whatever happens in the future, it would not change or it would not change much in the server settings, because however the majority prefer the simulation game setting/mode (rules + active collision, current sim 1 server settings) rather than the arcade one; you also have to see what comes out of this survey, I don't remember who said it because i read it fast between the many comments, but someone was talking about the community split that TMP made. From my point of view and from what I've seen/read from blogs, it refers to game modes and not to the community, game modes mean server settings, nothing more. In fact, community (arcade/sim/casual etc...)can play on both servers, the "split" mentioned by some user it's simply what server settings players choose, not TMP dividing the community. But is only my opinion, not talking for TMP because i'm not in the staff
  10. @FernandoCR [ESP] @Foobrother They’re not relevant, because those numbers don’t prove anything about what the other user said. You can find out by simply reading that blog and his last answers. In addition to the numbers in quantity, nothing is explained about the problems and reasons of why those numbers, or how things go in the staff; apart from the pandemic that brought more traffic. I don’t even see the reckless drivers in that post, whether they have increased or not, or numbers that prove it. In addition, almost 2 years have passed since those numbers, and overall the number of players has dropped after the pandemic’s restrictions were slowly coming to an end; plus the convoy mode that came out in the summer of 2021. The first 6/7 months of 2021 (the year to which the data refer) have greatly influenced the data released; the trend has stabilized from September 2021 onwards: Until we have a more updated data on the trend that has stabilized from September 21 onwards, and remained so in 2022, they worth what they worth; this data/numbers can be taken to make examples, but nothing more I appreciate the effort anyway, i hope for something more
  11. You said several times wrong, people already share they view, an example is this post and comments or on other many comunications ways that TMP have. All you listed can be done also via surveys, like it's happening and happened in the past, so you keep talking no sense. I'm curious to see how long you gonna continue on this path. You can share your opinions/suggestions without the need of assuming, it's easy, just learn to do it. This is funny, until now you have done the exact opposite, where is my evidence from the last answer? There is freedom of speech, indeed people are sharing the opinions and toughts also under this post, what's the point? You can find the informations you are looking for on your own, all available if you are looking for them; indeed most of your comments are based on not many informations and you still discussed your options, you trolling right? But if you believe something, that TMP never said or announced, that is your problem, not TMP foult.
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