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  1. Interesting idea @[VIVA] Kravatree [S64], i must admit i do support this idea or move the repairstation as @SprinterFS is saying - right now its pretty much impossible to drive through Duisburg due to the traffic jam at the repairstation.
  2. Looking forward to it, perhaps this will include 1.30?
  3. Have been away for a while, only visiting now and then. Remarkable notice - Krav is still not admin #disapointed



  4. Happy birthday.:)

    1. AllstarDK


      Sorry for the late reply @Mirko9. Thank you so much :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Mate.

    1. AllstarDK


      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much! :-)

  6. Was trying to find @Kravaty's post, he made a suggestion ALSO regarding the GPS and icons. I do agree that the GPS (as it is of now) is missing some critical information, but i dont think this is the right solution to handle it. How about something like this for example? https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/44084-smart-gps/ - perhaps merged together with the trailer icon? It has been frequently suggested that the icons should be changed so it's easier to identify other players and which direction they're going, and i think it's a lot more useful than this suggestion. If this get implemented, it would be a clusterf*** in high density areas. BUT! "The why it should be added" is a different case. and i like that! It would be nice to see if someone has dropped their trailer in the middle of the road on the GPS
  7. Tak fordi du gider følge :-)

  8. I need some help mate :) could you name me the last song in your YT video? Would really appreciate it ^_^


  9. Pretty neutral to this. Would be nice to get the useless traffic away from that road, but sometimes i have driven the truck there without any load if i have to get near there to pick up a load. So i believe it could be hard to differ between useless and usefull traffic there
  10. Thank you for the follow!

    1. AllstarDK


      You're very welcome Smalley, thanks for the great pictures ^_^

  11. AllstarDK

    Am i at fault?

    Totally agree with @CaptainKostaZ, remember to save this video :-)
  12. http://i.imgur.com/jY7qvXy.gifv

    An all time low solution for the guys without G27 - perfect!

    1. Penguin


      And it's more stable than my driving :P 

    2. Mirko9



    3. AllstarDK


      It made me breathe air through my nose harder than usual :D

  13. First of all, have you played the required hours in SP before entering MP? If not, this might be the problem. If you played the 2 hours recently, wait shortly before entering ETS2MP Otherwise i would suggest as @gwait said in a familiar thread:
  14. @rebootdancer i must admit i have tried the same thing. Before they changed the max persons on the servers from (2800?) to approx 3500 i have experienced a frame drop and a average higher ping in ETS2MP. My singleplayer runs smoothly, so it sounds like we have had the same problems. I tried to problem solve myself and i have found some "emergency solutions", all which have help me with some more frames (average frame is now at 55-60 as before). First of all, i was recording with Plays.tv - i simply had to stop recording with that programme and uninstall it, and have later changed it out with Nvidia Experience own recording programme. That helped since the program was already using my graphics card (Geforce GTX 850M). So if you're recording, please check whether the one you are using are occupying too much. After that i started closing unnecessary programmes, which encluded the overlay from discord/teamspeak. To be honest i must admit i dont know the rootcause to this problem, if it's because the servers know can have more people on it, or if more DLC's have been made available on the MP. But do let me know if my "do-it-self" solution finding has helped you or if you already have done this.
  15. AllstarDK

    Smart GPS

    +1 from here, this would come really handy If the resolution can be done well, then it would be much easier to identify whether people are driving the wrong way or what not. But! What happens in high density areas? I imagine it won't be to much use there.
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