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  1. Dziękuję za informacje. U mnie co prawda wciąż jest pod nazwą "DVR z gry", nie mniej jednak niektórzy mogą mieć "Ujęcia".
  2. Gratulacje dla zwycięzców
  3. Kid Fabi

    [Zabawa] Wyraz na ostatnią literę

  4. Kid Fabi

    Hot topic #8: 1.33 beta and release

    I didn't test 1.33 yet. I also don't have plans to download it. I'll be waiting for an official release However, I've heard some opinions about 1.33 and most of them are positive, so i'm definitely excited about that update.
  5. Kid Fabi

    Game "Cities"

  6. Kid Fabi

    ETS2 & ATS - Dyskusja

    Przydatna informacja dla ludzi, którzy koniecznie chcą kupić przez Steam i czekają na zniżki
  7. Kid Fabi

    ETS2/ATS Steam sale

    Your post may be helpful for some people, who didn't buy the games yet / want to complete their libraries.
  8. Kid Fabi

    How to overtake correctly?

    Hopefully one day, every player will be overtaking like in this video. Thanks for sharing and reminding everyone how to do it right
  9. Kid Fabi

    ETS2 & ATS - Dyskusja

    Zawsze Developerzy mogą stwierdzić, że w tym roku śnieg nie spadnie
  10. Kid Fabi

    What are you listening to a song on the road

    I usually don't have time to listen the music while driving, because mostly I'm speaking with someone via Discord etc. But, If I can, I turn TruckersFM on. Sometimes I listen to playlists contains music from 80's-90's years, because I think, those years were the best for the music
  11. Kid Fabi

    Your goal on TruckersMP

    When I joined this community, my goals were to meet new interesting people, have fun at driving and help the others, if necessary. Today I can say, I have reached the first and the second goal. On the third, I'm still working . Of course during the whole time I spent here, I also got few other goals, for example.. When i saw how good and nice the community is, I decided to invite new people here to try and maybe stay here. Rest of my goals?.. well, it's my sweet secret
  12. Kid Fabi

    Discord commands!

    Gread guide. May be useful for beginners