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  1. Kid Fabi

    Volvo or Scania?

    All depends on personal preferences. For me, Scania. Only because I didn't drive Volvo very often. But, maybe one day I will change my opinion
  2. Kid Fabi

    LKW oder PKW?

    Hauptsächlich nur mit dem LKW. PKW nehme ich nur, wenn ich kein Bock auf Aufträge habe. Das passiert aber sehr selten, meistens wenn World Of Trucks servern aus sind.
  3. Kid Fabi

    Hot topic #5: Oregon released

    The newest DLC for ATS looks very interesting. Price is also not too high. However, I mainly play ETS, so Oregon isn't my biggest priority to buy. But I have added it to my wishlist and surely will buy it one day.
  4. Kid Fabi

    What is the rotation of your steering wheel?

    I was using my Xbox 360 Controller to play ETS / ATS. However, almost one year ago I decided to increase the feeling of the realism in game and I bought Logitech G920 with H-Shifter. Of course I use 900 degrees with 50% of Sensitivity. Now, i can't imagine to play without this wheel.
  5. Kid Fabi

    The Last Post Wins!

    nah nah nah
  6. Kid Fabi

    [SCS Blog] Event: Trade Connections - Germany

    Nice Great reason to back behind the wheel again
  7. Kid Fabi

    Alaskan Truck Simulator

    Nie wygląda najgorzej. Myślę, że będzie warto dać tej grze szansę
  8. Kid Fabi

    UPDATE !

    Hello, Yes, The newest version of ETS 2 isn't supported by TruckersMP yet. So, you can wait until the version will be supported by TMP or you can downgrade your version of the game. In the Guide, I linked below, you will find out, how to downgrade your version. Version you should choose is "1.32 for incompatible mods". However, after a downgrade, you'll be not able to do a World of Trucks Event. Kind Regards
  9. Kid Fabi

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    It wouldn't change your gameplay. It's only a cosmetic addon. So if you want to spend money on this, just buy it. It will helps Developers and you will get beautiful trailer skins and few accessories. In my opinion, it's worth it.
  10. Gratulacje i powodzenia :)

  11. Kid Fabi

    [Zabawa] Wyraz na ostatnią literę