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  1. [Game Moderator] @[C-S] Shadii. opuszcza zespół z powodów osobistych.
  2. Thanks for the follow mate!

  3. Website v2.20 release In this topic, we will cover all noteworthy changes since v2.20 release. v2.20.0.0 (4th November 2022) [VTC] Invitation System. You are now able to create a direct link for a player to join your VTC, with a specific role. It means you can easily give a new driver the link without a need of submitting a recruitment application. Keep in mind that invitations are single use only. New tools for Support Team.
  4. [Support] @PolskiBelgia6 opuszcza zespół z powodu braku czasu.
  5. v2.19.13.0 (16th October 2022) [VTC] Fixed an error that caused applications not being accessible in certain cases. [API] Added attending VTCs to events endpoint. Small internal changes.
  6. Dokładnie tak. W końcu inne teamy oprócz GM nie mają nic do roboty. Wszystko samo się robi tylko reporty jakoś nie chcą ?
  7. Honestly, I don't understand your complaint about "The time it takes for the reports to be read by the team". It is an "issue" I'll probably never understand. Why do some people think that the sooner the report will be reviewed the better. At the end of the day, for you as players, it shouldn't really matter for how long does a report have "New" status. Just file the report, make sure your evidence stays available and call it a day. If your evidence is valid, the reported user get punished anyway.
  8. Archived as the API now returns correct SteamID.
  9. Archived due to inactivity and the fact that the thread does not really belong to development category.
  10. Archived as the tool is not available.
  11. Archived as the API now returns correct versions.
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