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  1. Danke für dein Follow mein Freund, ich wünsche dir einen angenehmem Tag ❤️ :thisisfine:

  2. Maybe TruckersMP can bring a transporter with a little trailer to deliever some little cargos.
  3. MaxxD

    Future of ETS2

    i hope that scs will bring tandem trucks into the game ^^
  4. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :)

  5. MaxxD

    3 Million Users

    this is awesome, congrats TMP and thanks to the hole team, which manage this mod.
  6. congrats, and have fun ^^🙂

  7. Back on Track. Nice!😏

  8. congrats 

    1. Thiago_TMP


      Thank you for congratulating! 😘

  9. I like the new roads from germany ^^
  10. ETS, i like the european trucks more than the americn trucks, but the nature in the US is awesome.
  11. from scandinavia to the new parts of Germany
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