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  1. Kid Fabi's post in Dlc was marked as the answer   
    Hello There,
    Heavy Cargo Pack is supported by TruckersMP, so you can freely attach the trailers from this DLC.
    However, Special Transport isn't supported at this moment, it means, everytime you'll take a Special Transport delivery, the server will kick you automatically.
    In the link below, you can find all supported and not supported DLC's:
    Kind Regards,
    Kid Fabi
    TruckersMP Trainee
  2. Kid Fabi's post in Ban appealing question was marked as the answer   
    There is a bug that shows EU #1 server, when a user has been banned via the website. It's nothing to worry about
    Kind Regards  
  3. Kid Fabi's post in Cant go over 33kmh in the scout car was marked as the answer   
    This bug is already known. Devs are working on it. Just be patient and wait for a fix
    KinD Regards
  4. Kid Fabi's post in Slow car was marked as the answer   
    It's a known issue and should be fixed soon. Devs are working on it
    KinD Regards ^^
  5. Kid Fabi's post in Cannot connect to server. Your client protocol version does not match with the server one. You should redownload the mod through the launche. help.ETS2 was marked as the answer   
    Had same issue yesterday, but redownloading worked fine.
    1. Uninstall TMP Launcher
    2. Clear your system-cache with CCleaner
    3. Reboot your PC
    After that, redownload the launcher and try once again
    KinD Regards
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