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  3. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this topic in which I have created for everyone in the community. I have been taking several days to investigate and analyze various driver behavior and actions while on the road. So without further delay let me get started. ( 1 ). First when you enter into the game and are placed into your vehicle first thing you should do is make sure your emergency parking brake is enabled. Reason for this is because if you are in the menu or doing something for a moment before driving your vehicle may roll backwards or forward into traffic which would cause a blocking of traffic which would result in you being reported for blocking and the result would be a ban from a member of the TruckersMP staff team. You would appeal but it might be denied if the proof of the reporting party shows you blocking. You are responsible for your vehicle and your vehicle only. Taking a few extra seconds to make sure your emergency brake is proper engaged is the difference between trucking with your friends and members of the community or enjoying single player with various modifications ( 2 ) When traveling down the road be aware of the signs that indicate various things from yielding to exits to stopping or even better WRONG WAY. I have been traveling down the road leading from the city of Duisburg to the city of Calais to deliver some freight. If you are alert of aware of things around you at the Brussel exit coming off the C-D road there are two signs, one on each side of the bridge which are red and white in a triangle form. This is a yield sign and it means just that because you are to do this to those coming off the motorway. It does not mean sound the horn so the guy in front of you moves or drives faster, it does not mean continue through like you are on a high speed chase or anything else. It means YIELD and you need to obey this traffic sign action or the result could result in a kick or a ban from the server. ( 3 ). When you are following a driver and prepare to pass them keep a few things in consideration. First off the max speed limit is 120KMH which in miles per hour is 68mph. If the player ahead of you is doing 65mph there is no point in passing the driver ahead because the distance you need to clear that driver and move back over does not equal to the distance covered for a clean and professional pass. If you do however manage to pass a driver use your mirrors and make sure you are clearly and safely far enough away before moving over. While merging back into your lane use your turn indicator so they know your intention and do so in a slow but professional manner. I generally look at my map display and once the blue dot has disappeared I then proper move over with my indicator activated. Giving plenty of distance can help reduce the possibility of desync and lagging from another player or yourself. Some people do not have the best of computer or internet connection so you have to consider all factors when you are passing and returning back to your lane. ( 4 ). If you are sitting still in heavy traffic what is the purpose of spamming your horn and annoying everyone around you? It is not going to help move traffic any faster, it will annoy the crap out of people around you, Sit where you are and wait patiently as there is nothing you can do. Be aware of those around you and be patient. Have patience and remaining calm will result in better game play for you and your friends rather then you spamming the horn and raising hell on the in game CB over something you have no control of. ( 5 ) When you have to pull over because you have to step away from your computer for a moment please make sure you do so in such a fashion that your vehicle and the trailer it is hauling is properly and safely off the roadway. This is to ensure that you have safely and properly pulled off the road as to where you are not blocking the approaching vehicles coming up from behind you. ( 6 ) Vehicle Tail Gating is simply going to end terrible for you. This is Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator not NASCAR or Grand Theft Auto V. Following so close that you can throw a ball at the driver ahead of you is not going to give you better fuel mileage or get you in a draft or help propel you along. It is a disaster simply waiting to happen. If you are following the vehicle ahead of you so close that if they brake you have no chance then you are driving recklessly and unprofessionally. This is a rule in the TMP Community and is course for a ban if violating it correctly. Keep distance and maintain proper distance as you do not know how high the brake intensity is set to for the driver ahead of you. Their braking assistance might be set at max and yours might be set to half way. If you are so close you cant properly see the entire backend of their trailer or truck then you are way to close and if they brake suddenly you stand no chance. ( 7 ) When traveling down the road and it is night time most of us use our highbeams. However do you turn them off when you see an approaching vehicle? Most do and some do not. Be considerate to those around you. As you approach with your high beams on all the other person is going to see is your lights and not the front end of your vehicle. If you happen to slightly cross over the line it might end badly because the other person could not avoid you because you were blinding them. Take the few extra seconds to turn your high beams off to show respect and earn respect from those you pass or drive with.
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  7. image.png.c354e40760cd302cc6b9a1474ce84659.png
    For those players who like to overkill their trucks with attachments here you go

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  10. Remember this: You can not change the past or the present which means you are only able to change the future. Change it correctly and you will be remembered in a positive way. Change it in a bad way and you be history the choice is yours so make it wisely. 

  11. I thought i would share some screenshots I have made while in single player

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