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  1. Hello and thank you for the follow

  2. Hello and thank you for the follow

    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      You're welcome!😋

  3. Congrats on the new promotion man

  4. Sometimes you just have to sit back and ask yourself this very simple question: WAS IT WORTH IT


  5. Hello community members I have created this topic to get thoughts and inputs from other drivers who play Euro Truck Simulator 2 while on multiplayer. Now I have noticed a lot that some of the drivers do not properly know how to leave a service station or enter or exit a highway or motorway without hitting something or getting snagged on the guardrail. Sharp turning is simply not an option when you are in a large commercial vehicle like a tractor-trailer. They are much larger then a standard family vehicle and they turning radius is much longer and harder to complete when in tight areas but this is possible with some careful driving and alertness of your vehicle and just how long it is. Example would be leaving the repair shop in the city of Duisburg. You know turning left out of the repair shop is going to be much easier then turning right because of the guardrail and the primary path that most of the traffic is using. When leaving the Duisburg Repair Center you need to get a little more then half way to the guardrail to your left. Once you have determined that you are clear and safe to enter onto the road you should first indicate your intention to turn left or right and proceed slowly out with caution and alertness. While turning you have to consider two things and that is the rear corners of your trailer and the side of it. While turning will the back end get snagged on something and will the side catch something preventing you from moving forward. You have to watch in your mirrors if you prefer to use first person mainly your right side mirror. If you like to use 3rd person again watch the two key factors of your trailer. Your tractor-trailer is fifty-three feet long so turning takes patience and alertness and awareness. If you get snagged on something and you simply can not continue your movement forward please for the sake of everyone when i say this " stop trying and just F7 " because all you are going to do is hold up traffic and cause a huge traffic jam. Before leaving the service center again prejudge your exit. Be alert of the traffic in the area. Be aware of the cargo you are hauling. Is it really heavy? does your truck struggle to take off because of the weight? are you hauling double trailers? what is the length of your primary trailer? These key factors will assist you when it comes to turning your vehicle and its trailer in a tight spot while not encountering any issues. You would not make a sharp turn in real life while in a tractor-trailer so why do it on a computer game? Be mindful of those around you as you are accountable for your account so if anything happens you will be the one to get punished.
  6. goodmorning_message.jpeg?3qVf91YyRe_jhFa
    Stay safe out there today while on the road

  7. And they say people who keyboard drive area terrible well i beg to differ


    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu
    2. DemonHunter1981


      But I was calm and collective and that is how everyone should be while on the road. Always alert and cautious and patient

  8. This is where the newbie drivers go after joining a VTC to see if they can properly pass their driving tests for the company
  9. Request for topic to be closed as I have fixed my issue. Thank you everyone for assisting me
  10. Oh god yes it would be nice. That car just looks really dull. would be nice to add some different lights and also some bullguards or something like that
  11. Here is a screen shot that I took an hour ago while in single player


  12. Good morning truckers. Stay safe out there and remember two wrongs do not make a right. You can not change people only yourself and when you change yourself you influence others to do the same.

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