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  1. i can say from my opinion and this is just me saying this not to hurt anyone but TMP has been a really fun game amazing thing in my life time from 2014 when it was really funny with the eurport jams and more but it became boring old game with loads of lag, when you get ban for something so small it takes effect on everyone , like i play alot of other big multiplayer games out there "Simulation" there are always accidents there are always mistakes but in tmp its not a "simulation" its a game for people to take it serious and hard core mode where you are in a game makes you feel like you are in jail and being watched by so many admins to me i took the chance to stop playing this game and really love spending thousands and thousands of more money just on steam and making it a hobby of my own as i have so many people dreaming they wish they had my life but you see it takes a grind and pain to win big stuff like i have in my past my dream was to be a part of tmp team and become an admin and that never going to happen as everyone thinks im a troll and i remeber seeing a pm chat from a admin saying to me you will never be an admin until this game has has 0 players left ingame and that really hurt seeing that towards me but when you look at me irl and you see me and what i do and say it will change everyone mind but hey i get it just because i had bad history in tmp im not the only one and im not pointing out fingers on anyone else because we all have been ban at one point in tmp or have at least made a accident or said something to someone in tmp but most people don't report you when your from the same country as you or its your friends i have a disability and i really love trucks and that my biggest dream as well but that aint going to happen as i can't drive and having this TMP was a bit better but with out the lag and being watched at everything you do from a small accident and you are sory about it it won't change anything and that why i had it i stop everything and really wanted to find a better community who would take me in and i found thousands and more than 100k people who i met through my life time gaming really had fun and that all that matters as for me i don't always play now not seeing what happen recently in the community and there never help even when asking for one all i see in tmp is im just a nobody and a troll in tmp but that how i think what people think of me but what i think is more than that i feel like i should be playing this game with out being in trouble for something really small even when you did not hurt anyone how ever i wish you the best of luck @mwl4 what ever you are planning on i hope you and everyone else achieves there dreams
  2. im done  im done 😄 i just made another $10,000 dollars on steam  im done im done  this has been so good honestly i love counter strike and opening   cases 😄  now i can level my steam to 500 soon  but i want to keep it a secret so my friends don't know i won it 😄 


    have a nice day everyone  

  3. you are going to have to ask twitch as tmp is just a mod they do not work for scs software etc... they are just a "Multiplayer Mod"
  4. so when will TMP  get ai drivers ingame ? 






    1. P h o e n i x

      P h o e n i x

      Probably quite a while from now, I really don't think TMP has the infrastructure (server power wise) to do AI ingame.

      They would need quite the substantial boost from their patreon.

  5. free steam game key



    i don't know if they still work but u can get them  as i dont need them any more  




  6. @I<3VODKA  😄 🤫











  7. when your telling a vtc member to drive faster  and the other vtc members are there  near you be like 😄  haha jks 






  8. 🤣 have a  nice day 🤪

  9. yes i already knew about this they don't look good , most paint job dlc are not worth paying a cent for as mp dosen't show to other people what paint job u got unless u pay for it
  10. we already get these info from scs software and on steam from scs software
  11. Run everyone run away and never return 






  12. so today on steam was summer sale for me and i had left over 100 dollars  i took the gamble on csgo buying and opening these capsule 2 cases  and now i have 1900 dollars like is this real?  someone pinch me


    i can't believe this is happening to me  


    my profile just keeps getting better and better everyday 




    feel free to add me in u want 🙂 



  13. i finally did it after 7 long years  of tears  and grinding  i now  have every badge  i want on steam 😄 Aud 10,000 dollars worth of badges 


    its been great honestly but im not done yet! 410 level coming soon  i got 6000+ cards uncrafted and very rare cards to be crafted  but  i must slowly do them 😄 


    and more showcase coming soon to my steam profile 





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