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  1. well i can't wait for another scs software deal on steam . i wan't to buy  my friend a birthday gift and make him so happy :)  giving him 500 games on steam. 

  2. when a  player is in ghost mode but  u can't see them be like :D 


    1. stilldre1976


      Haha I hate that on c+d and your waiting to get flipped off the lane lol :lol:

  3. when u try out the new b double trailer in mp be  like :D  



  4. when you are glitch out on Duisburg road on the train track be like  :D 



  5. well another great weekend to end i went to the movies again watch mama mia :D got to say i was like  i want to leave :D but then  i had nothing else to do :( 


  6. when a player drops of his load on the road be like 



  7. when 2 fake admins are fighting in mp  haha  jks :lol:



  8. when you got no idea what going on at Duisburg road  be like 



  9. when its your first time ever creating a convoy but don't know how to plan it right :D  



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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      when you try to help your friend out to run ets2mp on low specs  be like



      :D  first clip 

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      @wesleyr99 @Killua // Ireland ^_^ @Silent Death_53 @TumbEd   :) haha ty i hope u guys and girls enjoy :D 

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I love your cover photo :wub: Its cute ^_^

  10. [SCS Blog] SCS On The Road: Gamescom 2018

    one day ill be there in the future haha only if they had this in Australia sydney near a train station or something on weekend haha but id would love to visit other country for this in the future
  11. Making a truck show event in truckersmp

    yeap i have put it down in the suggestion, waiting on the team to work on this in the future if not i can prob host this as my own and to get alerts it will be in a steam group
  12. Do you have any cool hobbies?

    im big into lego technic & construction model toys my collection here
  13. helle truckersmp . i was on twitch today and notice something strange. so this user name clashin jon was perm banned and now for some reason idk if its the same person but its looks almost real guy who got banned and now his playing tmp with a new account 


    this is his account


    and this is his stream 



    looks almost like the same ? 





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    2. [VIVA] Kravatie [H64]

      [VIVA] Kravatie [H64]

      he's banned


      after our pro skillage

    3. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      Not only looks like the same... In the twitch channel for "jonfezza", anyone can see this:


      Right now, ban evading is too easy, sadly. Some guys, however, are stupid enough to make it easy to catch them. This one is a clear example. But nice catch, anyways, congratz!

    4. StickyEagle




      I would kindly like to remind you that the forum is not the proper place to report players. You can report this user for ban evading here: Please provide all the evidence you have so we can investigate it further. 


      Thank you for your understanding.


      // Locked

  14. @[ zmaster ] happy birthday  mate  :D  and enjoy your  day with lots of fun, cake, presents :D  time to put my self in a  box  haha  jks

    1. [ zmaster ]

      [ zmaster ]

      Also ur supose to post on the persons profile.. not tagging me making me come here so i reply on ur profile... Just saying! :P

    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      lol :D   sory  haha . im use to the olden days  lol  :P

  15. TMP Truck Show Event

    Suggestion Name: TMP Truck Show Event Suggestion Description: Add a icon of a book to the ingame loading screen, where players of the community can post pic/ videos of there ingame trucks and talk about there history in TMP Any example images: N/a Why should it be added?: this will help players to know about our community history in tmp and to help small vtc and large vtc grow, but to the players who just want to show there trucks and talk a bit about them self. its more about bring the community together and players can post when they like, how ever we can get a new team in TMP that checks it to make sure no one is posting anything bad etc... also to add to the feature we can also have a truck icon bar on the player who posted to tell us if the player is friendly, etc... in general Note: we can also have truck show events hosted by admins or the truckersmp team and winners can post a pic of there trucks to the loading screen each week. it can be convoys / vtc / single player / with friends /TMP Team & Staff /