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  1. when farming in 2021 be like  lmfao 





    1. Unnamed88008


      It looks like Calais Duisburg - Farming Edition :D

  2. this video is the true power of truckersmp 





  3. 2021 tmp server be like jks :D 





  4. it felt like yesterday  lmfao 




    :D  ill still never forget them best moments  of my life 








  5. When your join a convoy and meeting at (example calis )   be like  :D jks






    when you are waiting for your ban appeal to be checked   be like :D jks







  6. Happy Birthday bro. 🎂 Simulator Experiencer 🎂

  7. wow  omg what a b day  i come home and  now i have 2500 dollars in my steam wallet  OMFG   i dk what to do with it all :D 


    ty for all the support everyone ❤️


  8. well u guys know what 2 morrow is :)






    that right its me birthday :)  for me it will be in 5 mins xd until its dec 9 :)  im from australia 


  9. i want to know but will truckersmp ever have a review page or topic  where us players and staff etc.. can write a review about the TMP mod? 



  10. i have a problem with this game 


    ok so idk if its just me or not or even how to fix this 


    from a volvo truck to scania the best 2 trucks ingame i use alot   as i am driving my engine will start to turn off like ever 10  mins or so  and as well   when i am driving those 2 trucks brands  if i am hauling a small cargo with any products my speed is only going 90km per hr while everyone else ingame is  doing 110  only happens in the europe side if i go to Scandinavia my gameplay is fine beside the engine turning off


    anyone else has this  issue?  


    edit: and as well  if my truck is damage 4 percent the truck i am using will turn its engine off not every10 mins but 7 mins or so  


    it maybe because truckersmp server host can't handle us players from other  side of the world to play smooth gameplay and  that an issue i have been having  

  11. hey guys wat do u think of my new steam avatar :D 


    here it is > C81D40A86A9007D342931D1FE77B1E4B383A6DFE

  12. anyone like my new steam avatar 





  13. hi yes you may close this topic as i fix my issue
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