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  1. Finally got around to trying out the next-gen Scania 8x4. I love it!







  2. Absolute heartbreak for the Moroccan lads. Own goal in the 95'. Rough. :(

    1. Yop.


      I saw that match that pretty sad, but anyway both team well played :) 

    2. Rakib


      Ronaldo is lovee 

  3. I hope not either but that would require everyone to have the Italia DLC and I doubt that's happening anytime soon. It took ages for more players to start getting the Scandinavia since it finally went on sale.
  4. I'm sure if/when the road ever changes, players would just find place to keep up the same silly antics.
  5. Hi, my name is Kalilo, I have a question, when I was filling out the moderator registration form, I answered in Brazilian Portuguese because I'm Brazilian and new here at trucksmp, does this have any problems

    1. Rakib


      It will be better if u answered it in English...

      btw on Brazilian language,will any problem occurs or not,I don't have any idea...


      Best Wishes

    2. Kallilo Gamer

      Kallilo Gamer

      okay, thank you

  6. Hi, First Thanks You Looked To My Report But I want to delete the ban cause i see its permament. İts the worst thing can happen to players.I am no longer complaining

    report: and the player :

    1. Show previous comments  3 more


      No! İ want to decline my report!

    3. Szeszej


      @SKEREMKRAL, trust me, it's not possible.

    4. Lukavsky TMP

      Lukavsky TMP



      Please don't post on Forum about report. You can try contact feedback about it. 



  7. I prefer the exterior and interior looks of the new Scania.
  8. I rarely record my gameplay for anything other than admin purposes but I decided to record a delivery I made the other day.


    I can't help but think that if more people approached the way they play from a simulation standpoint, there would be far less accidents and the overall online experience would be much better. That's the scope of the game anyways.


    Anyway, here is a 17 minute video of my trip from outside Le Havre to Rotterdam.



  9. TruckersMP & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    Fantastic work boys. Thank you for all the time and effort you all invest into this community and making it a great place to be.
  10. Loving the new Scania accessories and options. The WoT trailers are ace too.









    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photos and truck :wub:

    3. MrHarv98


      Very nice WoT plate you have there bud


  11. What do you use to record gameplay?

    It is free. As long as you have an Nvidia GPU, it can be used. It used to be called Shadowplay, but now its just branded as Geforce Experience.
  12. [SCS Blog] Oregon: Truck Stops

    I really wish the community used these truck stops over repair shops to consistently meet up. It would be so cool to pull into a truck stop and see 15+ other players there just hanging out.
  13. Finals are over and university is out for the summer. Time to party.




  14. What is the Forum Rank?

    Fantastic topic Anri. Thank you for clearing this up for everyone. I'm going to need an R730 here soon to haul my trailer. It's getting a bit full.
  15. Whats your income factor set to

    I didn't realise this could be edited. I may have to look into this because I don't feel some of the jobs I do should be worth the amount I am given.