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  1. JeffSFC

    krone dlc

    For me, yes. I have tried to exclusively use Schwarzmüller trailers since they were released. I prefer to use the real trailers since they add that extra bit of realism to the vanilla game. That is what I look for to make my TMP experience better. The added ability to customise them too is nice meaning more variety which is nice.
  2. JeffSFC

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Went for a great drive through Germany. Also, the Realistic Lighting Mod is fantastic as usual.
  3. Went for a great drive through Germany. Also, the Realistic Lighting Mod is fantastic as usual.













  4. JeffSFC

    Traffic Light Change Time

    Absolutely it is. I usually count a blatant red light run and accident as Reckless Driving & Ramming.
  5. JeffSFC

    Traffic Light Change Time

    I can assure you, every change that could be made the lights will not make any difference to the players who choose to ignore their existence. The majority of TMP players do not approach the game correctly, and from a simulation-minded standpoint. Players will choose to run them whenever and wherever they wish.
  6. JeffSFC

    Western Digital SSDs

    I have not used a WD SSD. I currently have an M.2 from Samsung (for Windows and regular programs) and a standard 2.5 SSD (for most of my games) from Samsung as well. I also have experience with Corsair SSD's. Both of these brands I have had no issues with at all. The speeds have been what I expected of them and my Corsair SSD is still going strong and I picked that up back in 2012.
  7. JeffSFC

    [POLL] The Weekly Hotspot Initiative

    I have pitched this idea before, but only within the team. I never really pursued it since I was afraid it would never receive any traction. I'd like to see something like this happen where the community would decide a zone to play in. It's sort of like the RP zones that are seen in GTAV RP communities. For example, one weekend EU1 decides to dedicate Scandinavia as the RP zone. Players are still allowed to drive anywhere on the map, but they won't see very many people. Those who want a solid trucking experience, can head to the RP zone and drive with like-minded players. Long story short, I am all for this and I would be happy to assist in something like this happening.
  8. Around here, we do Oktoberfest in early September for some reason..



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    2. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Uh, and how is it?

    3. JeffSFC


      It was very good. I want to go back today for more.

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  9. JeffSFC

    Update 1.32 when will it be available?

    SCS said, "Due to the scope and scale of the major changes to the game, in order to receive as much feedback as possible, we're sharing this open beta with the community earlier than usual in the development cycle." 1.32 is still a little ways off." We're probably not going to see it until November or December by my guess. Just in time for the Baltic DLC and Oregon DLC as well.
  10. JeffSFC

    new dlcs

    I buy the DLC the moment they are available, except if they are liveries. I sort of have to anyway being in the position I'm in because staff are always needed in the areas when new DLC's drop. Livery DLC however can wait because they aren't typically supported until after they've been released.
  11. Overtaking correctly seems to be a very rare occurrence in my multiplayer experience. It's nice to see there are players out there who play correctly and respect others on the road.



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    2. RussellakaBigTruckerUk1


      u gotta remember u a staff member they may know this so driving may be different if that was not u they overtook

    3. JeffSFC


      How would they know I'm a staff member? My tag is 80km/h and I was not logged in. The only way they would know is if they recognise me by my username. @RussellakaBigTruckerUk1. I believe there are some good drivers out there, they're just hard to find in a sea of bad ones.

    4. LordBenji


      They're rare, at least the ones who actually signal and everything. I've also seen some people stop at that Brussel-Rotterdam junction where they have the yield sign. Another time in that same junction, I've stopped at the yield sign and so did the oncoming truck, to let pass the truck who came from my right. It's always nice to see good drivers ^^

  12. JeffSFC

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    I'm going to quote the rules below since they seem to be skipped before posting. How to make a J-Spec Truck Following rules are strict and standardised so far: 1. No V8 engine, No Engine over 510 HP (If you need more than 510 HP you are an idiot - maximum lowest available engine over 500 hp, can be and strictly advised below 500 hp) 2. Sideskirts are ok as long as they're just stock 3. Stock rear lights 4. Max one(1) lightbar 5. Simple company skin 6. Plastic Parts if available Your truck does not fit within the guidelines. Anyway, here are two pictures from my latest drive from Strasbourg to Ancona.
  13. PSA


    If you are going to stop to allow traffic to leave the motorway outside of Calais, you run the risk of being rear-ended. I understand that you are trying to be respectful to other players, but don't be upset when you stop on a dual carriageway and are hit in the back by players who shouldn't have to expect stopped traffic.



    1. ScaniaFan89


      Theres a stop line on the dual carriageway both directions, i swear we are meant to let people merge 

    2. Haulvoc


      @ScaniaFan89 Yes, but there's also a yield sign for traffic coming from the motorway. I think it's a design flaw by SCS, but of course they didn't have multiplayer in mind when they designed this. I think the yield sign is only for traffic going left, though. Traffic going right should still have priority for the right lane, as overtaking on crossroads isn't allowed. But you are right about the stop line on both directions. This would make it a crossing of equal roads, meaning traffic coming from the right has priority in absence of traffic lights.

    3. ScaniaFan89


      They should have made it a slip road like the duis end of the CD road