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  1. What format of video files? The easiest and most preferred place for reports to be uploaded is YouTube, but there's other hosting platforms available as well. What kind of details do you want typed out in the report, are time stamps in the report to specific events helpful, ect? If the video isn't clipped for the sake of removing anything unnecessary to the incident itself, timestamps are preferred or provide the timestampped link like what YouTube offers. This will cut down on response time and make it easier for the GM to review your report. As far as details, you don't need to provide any. A simple evidence link is enough unless it's a longer video with multiple instances with the same perpetrator. Then it would be beneficial to add the times where the incidents occurred. When a GM is opening a report that was submitted on the website, what would that GM like to see to make the report as seamless, difficult to appeal, easy open and close as possible? I believe the in game system is the best way, as the mod will be able to see every angle of the situation. However as stated elsewhere, they expire after 10 minutes to keep the queue reasonable for GM's to manage, because there are times it jumps pretty high. That can allow some serious violations to go unnoticed by TMP staff, at no fault of the staff of course. As long as the video shows the user's name and contains enough content to thoroughly show what occurred, we will do the rest. While our in-game reporting system does allow us to manipulate the angle of the camera to get the best view of the incident as we possibly can, we unfortunately don't manage to handle all of them which is why we want players to use the website as a backup. I hope my answers are adequate enough. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  2. Hamburg to Malmö│DAF 510


    Delivered Milk from Hamburg to Malmö. The sun setting made for a gorgeous drive.










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    2. Alon_TMP


      Nice  ^_^

    3. [L-LATAM](30) El Reja

      [L-LATAM](30) El Reja

      Great pics buddy! 

    4. K0rnholio


      Beautiful photos. Wish more people would not only drive JSpec but also expend away from two places in particular 😉

  3. There is no date at this time. This update is more complex due to many of the new features 1.37 introduced.
  4. Many players find it as an alternative to honking at passing drivers. I would try not to equate what you see on TMP with what occurs on actual roads. People here think trucks commonly drive 110 km/h everywhere after all.
  5. So "slow" acceleration is killing you in a truck SIM? Need I remind you:
  6. продоставте мне докозательство что я играл с другого акаунта

  7. hello help me to reduce the punishment moevo ban

  8. Happy Birthday  my friend 😛

  9. Happy Birthday Jeff! 🥳

  10. Happy Birthday! ;)

  11. Happy Birthday :)

  12. Happy Birthday mate ❤🍾🎂

  13. Good afternoon. I ask you to reconsider my permanent ban again. Due to ignorance, I played from a different account. Previously there were no bans. 6000 hours have been played from this account. I’m punished with my ban

    1. XFMaster9666


      Hello there. Our forum is not a place to talk about your ban and this status update will be locked. Please do not mention such ban-related things on the forum because this is not a issue to be discuss by the members. If you have questions about your ban, or if you have evidence that you can claim otherwise, you must to do this with the links below.


      Have you applied to the appeal system before? If you have not applied, you can use the link below. If you have applied, please wait, the Game Moderator will dealt with it as soon as possible: https://truckersmp.com/appeals


      If your appeal has not been answered for more than 3 days, or if you still feel your ban is unfair, contact the feedback system. Before submitting a ticket, make sure that your ban appeal is closed (Declined, Modified, Accepted).

      Please note that your tickets here will be handled by the upper-staff and this is your last change: https://truckersmp.com/feedback


      I also suggest you look at this topic:


      Thanks for your understanding.


      Sincerely, XFMaster9666

      Community Moderator



  14. I highly recommend all of the 110 km/h drivers to watch Kristo Boginski's channel. They could learn a lot from how he drives compared to what they believe a simulator is. If we had everyone driving like he does, there would be no need for GM's. Become a part of the solution, not the problem.
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