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  1. The decision to lower the ETS2 and ATS speed limits across the board was was made due to the fact that speed is the #1 factor in the incidents we deal with on a daily basis. Those of us who have been on the TMP team for quite some time and deal with running this community day to day all agree on this. The changes were also made to bring the mod back in line with its original vision. For those who were actually here when this mod launched, you may remember that the layout was much different than is has been for some time, and how it is today. 3rd party services such as TrucksBook do not factor in our decision making. We are only concerned with what we can control. It's important to remember that both ETS2 and ATS are simulation games by default and they are designed to be approached from a simulation-minded standpoint. That means following road laws and road etiquette that you would follow in real life. The more people that adhere to these standards and respect each other on the road, the better the experience is for everyone. If two users are involved in an incident and both of them are breaking a baseline set of rules which in this case are standard road laws that you see across the US, it's hard to make a solid decision on who is at fault. By following the rules and driving much like you would an actual HGV on an actual road, the better off you are in the case that you are unfairly hit or hard done by. This also makes our job easier and leads to far more solid decision making. Remember, just like with actual incidents if both parties are found at fault, both parties are adequately punished.
  2. Truly my favourite RPG and in my opinion the best Elder Scrolls game in the series.
  3. Based on the community feedback we have gotten from polls to actual feedback tickets, many users who aren't as loud as the very vocal non-sim players have come out to voice their support for the new standards we put in place. Also, I have an image that argues your point otherwise. You have two servers that you can run around in as fast and recklessly as you want with no penalty to you so long as you are not using 3rd party tools to alter your gameplay. Tell me again why the speed limit bothers you?
  4. Hello when are the reports finally processed?

    If you have too little staff to work with, let me know, I'll help you get it going faster. My videos (report) are already piling up. For 8 days not a report edited!

    1. Suleyman.53


      Hello there


      I have to tell you that the report system is being heavily used.I suggest you be patient and wait.


      Also, Forum is not thr right adress to talk about reports


      Thank you for understanding.



  5. Type of Event: Convoy/Truckfest Server Name: Fright Night 2019 URL to Thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/81594-26-october-2019-fright-night-2019/ Organiser: MattTM & K0rnholio Date and Hour of Event: 26 Oct 11:00 - 26 Oct 16:00 Event Rules: Follow all TruckersMP rules except the following: During the Truckfest, if you or your VTC are not booked into a slot found on this map (https://imgur.com/a/PJEOSjI) please park in "Public Parking" marked on the map. Listen to Event Staff. Do not impersonate Event Staff. Participants are not allowed to overtake in the convoy. You must not impersonate any Event Staff. We ask you to leave enough space between yourself and the truck in front of you to prevent crashes. You must have a truck and trailer except for Event Staff. You must stay single file during the convoy. Event Staff are allowed to block junctions to keep the convoy on the route. Event Staff are allowed to drive the wrong way. Beacons are prohibited for all users except Event Staff. If you would like to advertise your VTC, please contact MattTM or K0rnholio. If you have any questions, please contact MattTM or K0rnholio.
  6. The Realistic Graphics Mod is not currently supported. While many of us would like to use it online, unfortunately we can't right now.
  7. The limits are not going to be re-addressed anytime soon. Both ETS2 and ATS are simulation games by default and they are designed to be approached from a sim-minded standpoint. If you were on the team and you saw the reports we see and handle day in and day out, you would understand some of the justification for the changes. Speed is the OVERWHELMING factor in the incidents we see. It facilitates a very impatient, reckless, and disrespectful style of play.
  8. @APSingh I've always wanted to see the addition of yards with collisions, but the amount of overhead that would require from us would be far too much. You see players go AFK on the unloading pad all the time. I wouldn't trust many users to actually respect and obey others in yards, especially the smaller ones that you find across ETS2 and some in ATS. That would leave us with much more work than we need. Besides, ETS2 and ATS were never built with multiplayer in mind. NCZ areas are required to keep trailers that spawn from taking damage or flying off in a grand display of SCS's physics engine. Puls, the yards aren't really built for handling multiple lorries at once. A few yes, but busy cities would be a nightmare. It's a great idea in theory, but it would be an absolute mess to manage both from a player standpoint and a moderation standpoint.
  9. I also ran into the same issue today on ETS2 EU#2. GTX 1080 FTW here. I have reported it in our staff area. I assumed my issue was isolated, but apparently it's not. Thanks for posting this.
  10. Put on those shades and wave to yesterday. The sunlight hurts my eyes.



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    2. Small fly

      Small fly

      Very nice picture

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    4. TugastS.


      As always, your pictures are beautiful. :wub:

  11. The only visual 3rd party visual enhancements that currently work on MP are SweetFX and ReShade.
  12. My First Journey Into Washington


    Truck: Kenworth T680 450HP

    Start: Newport, Oregon

    Destination: Port Angeles, Washington

    Distance: 305 mi/490 km

    Load: Empty Pallets


    Leaving Newport I encoutered a small bit of fog



    Nothing but clear roads ahead



    About to cross the bridge into Astoria, Oregon



    I had to turn around a bit further down as I was in the wrong lane



    Crossing into Washington, looking back at Astoria



    Welcome to Washington, The Evergreen State



    In the woods, just south of Aberdeen



    Crossing into Aberdeen



    Delivery Completed!


    1. szykaro23


      Amazing :love:

    2. dragonslayingmaster1000


      I just checked out Mount St. Helens on route 12 and it's really nice.

    3. Thurston




  13. This thread needs a tad bit of ATS love.
  14. Put in a few stints round Oregon with @XxB3AsTxX_TMP and @MattR



    1. Thurston



    2. Alon.



  15. Hello, can you look in appeal bans? I'm innocent, please

    1. JJay




      Forum nie jest dobrym miejscem na rozmowy o apelacjach i banach.

      Proszę bądź cierpliwy i cierpliwie czekaj na odpowiedź. Mamy dużo pracy i nie możemy robić kilkunastu rzeczy na raz.

      Mam nadzieje, że to rozumiesz.


      Jeśli masz więcej pytań napisz do mnie w prywatnej wiadomości.





      // Zamykam/Locked

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