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  1. Happy Halloween! How has everyone been?


    1. K0rnholio


      Oh I like the truck. 👍

    2. MousemanLV



    3. XinBao^
  2. How's everyone been? Enjoying the Singleplayer lifestyle with this beautiful truck.😎



  3. Armonky sad to see you leave, good luck irl! ❤️

    1. Armonk


      Thank you Bonnm! Hit me up on Discord sometime. Haven't talked in a long time :)

  4. I get you. 


    I know from our late night chats this was something you mentioned. I personally thank you for all of the hard work you've done. It's a shame to see you leave but real life and other responsibilities comes first before anything else. Hopefully this is only temporary and you'll rejoin at a later date. Be sure to keep in touch and who knows maybe I'll see you out on the road sometime. 👍🚚


    Be safe.

    1. Armonk


      Thanks for the kind words K0rn. It means a lot. I'm sure we will see each other around.

  5. Hey


    Thank you for everything❤️🎁 I hope you came back 🍾

    1. Armonk


      Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated.

  6. Thanks for contribution until now. I miss you 😭

    1. Armonk


      I will miss you and the rest of the community as well. Take care.

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