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  1. The paintings will not be exactly symmetrical, and perfect. the paintings of the trailers that you want exist in curtain, you can search for the trailer curtain in those companies and from there do the same search and edit path to be able to do it. If it does not appear, try to sleep in the game, it may not appear at the first time, be patient.
  2. Hey!!!! It is quite easy, you have to go to single player, find a load of the dragonfly company, and then accept the contract, when you accept it, you do a quick save. You go to Documents, Euro truck simulator 2, Profile, Save, Quicksave, and open it with the NotePad, then look for the trailer plate from which you have just accepted the contract, look for the color id (Paintjob), copy it, close it the tab, return to the game, and cancel the load. Then grab the trailer to which you want to put that paintjob and do the same step to find the paintjob, once you find the paintjob, replace it with the one you want, save, close, return to the game and load the saved fast and you're done. If you did not understand what I explained, it would be helpful to enter this section of the forum where it speaks and gives help with the save edit and what you want to do.
  3. 🎊 Felicitaciones 🎉

  4. I will not pay that traffic violation

  5. There are thousands of threads on this topic, and I think the answer will surprise several ... It will take what it takes. it is not just to change a code and that's it. It is too complex and takes longer than necessary
  6. Hey!!!!


    I am happy to announce that my save edit video will be released today, it is my first video, made by me and edited by me.

    Beforehand, I want to thank @Krezo (G29) (REC), @Japana and @Swen_Tha_Mastah for helping me in this video.










    Me complace anunciar que mi video de edición de guardado se lanzará hoy, es mi primer video, hecho por mí y editado por mí.

    De antemano, quiero agradecer a @Krezo (G29) (REC) , @japana y @Swen_Tha_Mastah por ayudarme en este video.





  7. I look forward to the convoy, the best for B&C Congratulations for the 3 years
  8.                                                                                                        ❤️  My heaven  ❤️   Mi cielo ❤️ 







    Más fotos de esta belleza. 

    More photos of this beauty




    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos and truck 🥰:wub:

  9. Saturday is coming

  10. ❤️ Congrats 🎊



    May you be very lucky on this new path and always onward

    1. Snorlax.


      Thanks a lot! ❤️

  11. 🎊 Happy Birthday    🎉



    What a day you enjoy taking care of the cows

  12. Thank you for the follow!

  13. Naza D


    Ahoj !!! Problém může být z několika důvodů. Zjistěte, zda máte správnou verzi hry. Ujistěte se, že splňujete minimální 2 hodiny pro vstup do hry. Pokuste se ověřit integritu místních herních souborů, pokud problém přetrvává, zkuste stáhnout a nainstalovat spouštěč TruckersMP zpět a najděte cestu, kde je nainstalován ETS2 / ATS, krok za krokem

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