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  1. With those pc specifications, you really shouldn't have problems. but the game was modified in its last update and the launch options changed. try verifying the integrity of the files in steam, if the problem persists, reinstall and otherwise try to launch
  2. On this issue, the truck he uses will not have to do with it, since they are all like that, Scania Streamline 2009 has the stability of a car, with it you shouldn't feel that you are trying to tip over or something. Returning to the subject, try in the game, have the stability of the trailer all to the left, I have it that way and I really do not feel that I am going to overturn, although I sometimes do bruce movements and so if it feels, but in a tight curve at low speed it doesn't feel. and if with that you feel that you are still trying to tip over, try the physical movements of the camera, that may also be that in each movement it helps in the thought that you will tip over
  3. Naza D

    Forza Inter!

    I don't know much about Italian football, but an endurance for Napoli is better
  4. For the solution of the problem, you can use a ticket and put your problems, choose if it is of low or high priority, and in a short time they will give you solution to your problem
  5. Congrats BL4CK !!!!

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Thank you Naza ❤️

  6. I don't have the DLC in France yet, so I can start playing. But I would love to get to know Northern Europe, Iceland, the deadly routes of Kirkenes and Spain.
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