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  1. Andreea RO

    Devs and state of performance?

    @Zakxaev68 I am glad that i brought a little positivism to you! Have a great night!
  2. Thank you @RequieB for traveling with me! Here's a pic and more soon! :mlg_doge: Cheers! Have a great evening everyone!


    1. RequieB


      Really happiness for me :)

    2. Andreea RO

      Andreea RO

      That's so cute! Thanks and many appreciations!:love:

  3. Thanks for the follow back. :)

    1. Andreea RO

      Andreea RO

      Thank you aswell for the follow. Have a great day! :wub:

  4. Andreea RO

    Tutoriale Sistemul de Suport Romanian language

    Fain asa Ady
  5. Andreea RO

    Lista completa de firme romanesti.

    Bravo Vel. Frumoasa initiativa.
  6. Andreea RO

    What's new in Update 1.34?

    Hello! Maybe some new trucks or cabin accessories and maybe fix the trailer stability situation which is horrible.
  7. Andreea RO

    Devs and state of performance?

    Hello there! I totally agree with what you are saying but to avoid lag and other crowded roads you can always use alternative roads or national roads or even servers that are less full of people like EU1. Maybe one day they will update the game in such way for it to be good for most of us. Indeed, TMP is free and usable and I think they are doing their best to improve the platform to be good to everyone. I think we will have to wait and see how this goes in the future and afterwards how to change it in everyone's benefit. Have a wonderful day! Cheers!
  8. I am waiting for it aswell @_Puma_ It would be quite an improvement tho if it will be added. We'll wait!
  9. I have heard that is a posibility for it to be added after 15th of December and before Christmas. Let's hope it was a good spoiler hehe
  10. Andreea RO

    What is the best truck brand?

    Scania ftw. I was in love with Scania Streamline for a long time and now my new baby is Scania S.
  11. Thanks @[LKW Tr.] bobi124 for joining us and we will expect you on the road with us everytime you want to. Cheers to all and to Bobi124! :love:



    1. [LKW Tr.] bobi124

      [LKW Tr.] bobi124

      It was good drive, yep :)

    2. BlackSkill


      Nice Picture ;) 

  12. Hello there,


    Thank you for following :) 

    1. [VIVA] Kravatree [S64]
    2. Andreea RO

      Andreea RO

      Welcome. He didn't pay me :)

  13. Cheers to all the members and staff from here! Have a great night! :love::mlg_doge:


  14. Andreea RO

    RiP C-D road

    RIP C-D and welcome the new DLC Baltic as the new C-D lol