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  1. What we were anticipating the most out of every update to this day. Thanks, TMP
  2. WTFast sometimes doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Yesterday when I tried it out didn't improve my ping but had rather increased it a tad bit.
  3. Congrats my fellow friend and partner ❤️

    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      Hi :D Thank you ^_^ ❤️ 

  4. Last post 100% not clickbait, can we get 100000 reactions kappa
  5. I'm back :D


    1. Cloofter


      Welcome back mate, I like your volvo.

    2. Hype [GR]
  6. Thanks for the follow :)

    1. Czlowiek biznesu

      Czlowiek biznesu

      I also thank you for follow. 



      Wolny Michal

  7. Hype here... I just changed my name and I regret it :(

  8. This guy is wierd... and a good friend :)


    Jk, you're nice <3

    1. Hype [GR]

      Hype [GR]

      XD he's both wierd and a good friend

  9. Welcome back to the TMP Team!

    1. Cowie


      I really appreciate it! Thank you. :wub:

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