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  1. Honestly, I want to visit all of them but that could be a bit hard.
  2. Pale pink, metalic black and pure white are my favorite colors but that depends which truck I'm driving currently. All my trucks have a specific colour selection.
  3. Lorciaa

    ProMods release

    Aww, that's awesome, I can't wait to drive there a bit. ^^
  4. Hello @AlexEv096 Please, try this solution and let us know if that work.
  5. Witaj @KierownikKoparki TruckersMP nie obsługuje żadnych modyfikacji z warsztatu Steam czy stron internetowych więc to normalne, że się nie wczytują. Jedynym wspieranym modem będzie ProMods. Niestety ale jeżeli chcesz grać na multiplayer musisz zrezygnować z modyfikacji obsługujących singleplayer.
  6. Well, I just wanted to show my screenshots somewhere so I made this gallery. ^^ Not all the photos will contain trucks but I think that they're still okay.
  7. I think that current speed limiter is perfect. ^^ Well, usually I'm taking delivers from WoTr where is speed limiter anyways so this change is not too big and for me it's okay. Now, if people wanna drive faster, they need to go on arcade server but well, they will continue complain about speed limits on simulation servers.
  8. If somebody will hit me lightly or at the overtaking will push my truck I won't report something like that, no matter if that was by mistake or intentionally. However, if I lose control of the steering, will land on the roadside or when I roll over after accident so that I can't continue to drive then, well, I'll report this behaviour in-game or on page. Anyways, usually I'm reporting everyone who doing bad stuff or trying to make my driving unpleasant but only when I have good reason which is in accordance with the rules. Reporting literally everything is bad and boring because I'd spend 90% of my game time on reporting if I would like to report all things which annoy me. That's not the purpose of existence MP.
  9. Well, that is a good question. For me, doubles are a bit hard to drive and control however I can take a heavier delivery at the same time (for example, to the WoTr counter) but it's too slow to drive with. Still worth, I think so. Single trailers are more pretty, have perfect weight (to my requirements) and easier to control but hmm, if I had to choose between single and double trailer, I couldn't pick one, I like both of them. ^^
  10. Próbowałeś postępować zgodnie z zaleceniami na Twoim screenie?
  11. Witaj @MrMATI Najważniejsza sprawa, jaką posiadasz kartę graficzną oraz czy próbowałeś działać zgodnie z zaleceniami podanymi na screenie? Jeśli tak, to jakie były tego rezultaty? Jeżeli posiadasz zintegrowaną kartę graficzną to istnieje duże prawdopodobieństwo, że takowa nie poradzi sobie z nowszą wersją. W tym wypadku zalecam spróbować zaktualizować sterownik lecz jeśli to karta zintegrowana to małe szanse, że ruszy.
  12. The community is really great, you can talk or share your opinion, you can find many nice people here. Also TruckersMP Staff is great too. For me there's nothing to complain about. However, the topic of trolls is very broad and there could be many, many long conversations about it. There are rules, you have to stick to them in order not to be punished and make the game more enjoyable, but well, some people don't understand, don't read or ignore them and then there is what is. For some people such a spoilage is obviously more fun than a quiet game and then *PUFF* big surprise that they was excluded from the game. Perhaps there are other reasons for the problem that they can't cope with and then they throw away anger in the gamę, but who knows. Unfortunately, they always are and will be but we have no influence on it. Only the moderators can punish them (and they're doing good job ^^) with the help of submissions and fight them anyway, but that's it. Don't ever try to dispute with trolls because for sure that will end really bad for you, or maybe for him. Or you'll find yourself out of the map and you won't know how it happened.
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