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  1. Thank you for your follow! :wub:

  2. Thank you very much!! It happened! I changed the parameter with the folder address! Now it says that I have version with the required which is normal. Now I'm just waiting for the multiplayer version to come out! Thanks to everyone who took their time for my problem!
  3. Thanks everybody. I already doing this. Keep your fingers crossed.. :DD
  4. When I go to the launcher and hit the button "launch ETS2" It says that my version is but the essence is 1.36. And before you say that TruckersMP haven't released the new version ... I know. I had a problem even before the release came out of beta when it could be played. I tried 1.35 with temporary mods I tried None- Opt out of all beta programs. I tried uninstalling the launcher as well as the game but it doesn't work. A few days ago I downloaded American Truck Simulator but there is no problem. It says its version is 1.36 and is not compatible with multiplayer. I need your help. I
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