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  2. thank you for the follow ?


  3. European truck simulation 2 community activity application server, what kind of banner? Do you have any pictures to illustrate it?
  4. When you are on the way to pull heavy goods, you may have the wrong gear adjustment ability, and then automatically turn off the engine and be kicked off the line. On the way to connect to the network, there may be a collision between the vehicles on the road again. You can only say sorry to them. I hate the auto turn off of Volvo trucks
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    Thanks, @inklink


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    2. S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      Forum moderator Hello,


      banner is this kind of picture, I forgot?1919605732_oio.jpg.75d8d8a1f5a39517d65d9955bfcdd05d.jpg

    3. Inklink


      Sorry, what would you like to know?

    4. S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      I want to know what community activities (banners) mean?

  6. Thank you for the follow, aprreciated! ?


  7. hi

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    2. S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      I hope you can help me. Thank you

    3. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      You could use those pictures for your forum topic in the Community Events category, however, it is up to Event Management to decide whenever your post should be approved or not.

    4. S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      Thank you for your reply

  8. Thanks for your follow, i really appericate it! ❤️

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