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  1. Hello @TearsRain I'm not the best with this kind of stuff, but I would suggest getting an Ethernet connection instead of a wireless one. The connection can become so much better that way. I know the problem might not be with your internet, but I'm just trying to help even though I'm not great with connections and such. Hope your problem gets fixed, POVGamer
  2. povgamer

    Cars ?

    I'm not exactly sure why they added cars into the game, but they're probably not going to be removed. They have jobs for them sometimes and many people (like Game Moderators) use them.
  3. Hello @dragonslayingmaster1000 I know Crystal already posted some helpful topics about this problem, but I'm just going to copy some steps from "Game Crash Without Error" just in case you need them. 1. Uninstall TMP via windows 2. Open regedit. Search Truckersmp and delete every result 2.1 Open regedit and now search ETS2MP and delete every result 3. Manually delete any TruckersMP's folder created when laucher was installed 4. Download TMP laucher again 5. Install TMP laucher AS ADMINISTRATOR Hope this helps, POVGamer
  4. Pretty sure they removed the prohibit zone now. Check out the new rules as it shows updates to which types of double trailers are okay to have.
  5. I think the voice navigation is unnecessary for us. If you just started playing the game, I would use voice nav. However, most of us normal truckers know where to go and how to follow the navigation.
  6. If you like to explore new areas, I would say yes. However, now that it has Sicily, I would try to get it.
  7. Hello @CucaMrsa At this point in time, The map that Barbossa gave is a map of the restricted area. However, they're working to get that removed now that double trailers are allowed in Germany. They don't have an estimated release date, though. Hope this helped, POVGamer
  8. Hello @ADeadGuyUK Sorry you have these issues with the newest update to TruckersMP, and I hope the game developers read this post and fix those issues accordingly.
  9. Hello @Rikky There is a new rule that after the gas stations on the Calais-Duisburg road, double trailers are prohibited and will lead to an automatic kick from the system. Sorry for the inconvenience, as the reason for this rule is to make sure everyone stays safe on the road, as it tends to get VERY crowded. Keep on Trucking, POVGamer
  10. Hello @Captain_Emircan I recently saw the answer to this question, and I will pass it on to you. After the gas station (on both sides) on the Calais-Duisburg road, it will be an automatic kick from the system. Keep on Trucking, POVGamer
  11. povgamer


    Hello @mrman2887 There are definitely places in TruckersMP that can get more crowded than others at certain times of the day. I would suggest that before you get on to your desired server, check the traffic on this website. https://traffic.krashnz.com/ This website allows you to check each server on TruckersMP and find which cities or roads are the most congested, and which are totally empty at any current point. Keep on Trucking, POVGamer
  12. Hello @Air Canada Cargo The Calais-Duisburg road acts the same as every other road in ETS2. The only problem is that everyone loves to use it and it gets very crowded. Using that information, it is most likely allowed on the C-D road. I would just recommend being very careful if you're using it, as it would be more common to get into a crash if you (or somebody around you) is driving recklessly. Also, I'm not even sure if double trailer jobs go into France or not (they probably do). Hope this helped (and enjoy the new update), POVGamer
  13. povgamer

    PC eatures

    Hello @KaizeNG I had a computer very similar to yours in the past and I was able to run ETS2 and ATS pretty smoothly. I'm not sure what graphics settings would be best for it, but you can always play around with those settings and see what works best. Hope this helped, POVGamer
  14. Hello @_Ruben_ If you have problems with sleeping, I would suggest turning fatigue off in the settings. That's what most players do in TruckersMP because it can distract them from their convoys or something. Don't worry. If you want to turn it back on for singleplayer or something, you can. Hope this helped, POVGamer
  15. Euro Truck Simulator 2 (for some reason) made me understand trucking a little more, yet I still have tons of questions about it. Maybe just experience isn't the only way you learn things. :thinking:

    1. ZakYeen


      I started out by playing ETS2, and well, that's where my addiction began! I've learned so much about trucks and trucking, not only from playing the game, but from watching videos and being in trucks IRL! I'd be happy to take a stab at any queries you may have! :D

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