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  1. Do you have a template? I don't know which format banner is it?

  2. Today is a large-scale intermodal activity of our team. I'm very happy to be here at 12:00 UTC. See you


    China Dongsheng team




  3. You can visit https://truckersmp.com/recruitment Learn more here. Here you are D.S Team Cassino
  4. 我迫不及待地等着 Starting point: where to park in the city of Turin (Turin), no relevant information found
  5. 你好,新年快乐,感谢你的讨论,我会努力遵守交通规则

  6. I like the stannia truck. This is my favorite picture


    Stannia truck engine V8 symbol and the rear light are my favorite type, you can open the link to see:https://share.weiyun.com/bsi7DKTf



  7. 你好* Cassino D.S -*Team GL08 

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