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  1. Start of December! The shop I work in has been playing Christmas music for nearly 2 weeks now I don't mind though
  2. Awesome Drexyy, love the truck with the in lights
  3. Have a fab Sunday all, I'm working 😭

  4. Continuing as normal, downgraded to 1.38 and playing Promods and ETS2 multiplayer - waiting for the update
  5. London in Promods - just looks really good. Birmingham in general because it reminds me of home.
  6. I absolutely love ProMods, I'm still looking for places myself. I recommend Svalbard and Iceland for snowy roads of scenery. Kirkenes for shenanigans and madness! Also the middle East for another totally change of scenery! Egypt/ Israel etc. Iceland roads below... Where point 3 to 4 is... which cannot be mapped as trucks aren't supposed to go down there is an experience! Worth checking out. Photos below. Middle East Kirkenes Quarry - Expect lots of delays, Shenanigans and people getting stuck left right and centre, and maybe so
  7. Well done Dylan on Game Moderator 💜

    1. Dylan R

      Dylan R

      Thank you, Jenko! 💜

  8. Guess Whos Back, Back Again.....💜


  9. Calais for sure! Duisburg is a giant road block in itself!
  10. What draws me back to busy areas? It's fun! Depending if you've got the money in your bank account in game to survive a possible bump here and there or a complete write off is the difference between it being fun or being a complete nightmare. I found myself exploring quieter roads during the early stages back when I started my profile over a year ago, but now I find myself heading back to busier areas. It's a challenge... Can 'we'.. The convoy make it across, most of the time... It's a no, but sometimes we get lucky. Busier roads are places where you pass users/ friends you know,
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