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  1. Live until 6pm UK time on your Number One Truckers Radio! Truckers.fm. SCS Donated ATS Steam key? Yes please! Listen in to find out how and when :P

  2. Live now on Truckers.fm. Your Drive, Your Music - TFM!

  3. Fancy watching Live Fails? TruckersFM Studio Twitch Cam! -> http://www.twitch.tv/markysparky89

    1. Puncake


      That name though xD

  4. Some say that he knows two facts about ducks and both of them are wrong...

  5. ETR VTC getting in on the J-Spec trend...proof thats its not just the little guys joining in! (Well, I am anyway! LOL) ETR VTC Volvo 460HP pictured delivering milk to the Norrfoods Supermarket (err, somewhere in Scandinavia!) Another J-Spec of an ETR VTC Truck, this time the new Merc, also on a Norrfoods Supermarket Run around Scandinavia...
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