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  1. BAD NEWS! ...apart from new top gear being rubbish... I left London in my newly acquired DAF XF for a wonderful trip to Rotterdam. There was no traffic in the UK to deal with. I enjoyed the sunset from the comfort of my new truck. It really was turning into the perfect delivery. I got off the awesome ferry at Eurpoort all refreshed and ready for my onward journey to Rotterdam. I was driving along minding my own business when this happened.... I need your help. I need you lot out there to caption this unfortunate incident The best ones will appear on our facebook page....GET THINKING !
  2. GREAT NEWS! You can now listen to Truckers.FM in ETS2! Just hit up your radio panel ingame, click refresh from the Internet and we're there...right at the top! What a top achievement to be in both games! Thanks to EVERYONE in the community for supporting us!
  3. But wait...what is this....*illuminati confirmed* LOL
  4. **Side note - Starting post has been edited now that we have been operational for 3 months **
  5. Live until 6pm UK time on your Number One Truckers Radio! Truckers.fm. SCS Donated ATS Steam key? Yes please! Listen in to find out how and when :P

  6. Live now on Truckers.fm. Your Drive, Your Music - TFM!

  7. Hopefully you've survived another Monday! Fancy a giggle before bed? https://sendvid.com/g78n2q1a#
  8. Congrats to everyone who helped plan, carry out and turned up to this event! Its was excellent! Here are some snaps that I took whilst hiding in the ferry http://imgur.com/a/rLE9W
  9. IT'S CHRISTMAS, SO HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM TRUCKERS FM! Equally worth shouting about... Tune into truckers.fm as from 1400GMT as we will be giving you the chance to get your hands on some great steam stuff... just because its CHRISTMAS! UPDATE: We're pleased to announce that the winner of the 25 Euro Steam Wallet was OWL Thanks for taking part.
  10. Now that it has been officially confirmed by Clarkinator... A HUGE THANK YOU for making Truckers FM "Your Number One Truckers Radio" in the ETS2MP Community!
  11. Are you a White and Green 6x2/4 MidLift Mercedes Actros HY10 UCB and fancy sending our Citroen CX into a huge wobble? We are finally in 12th gear with our free advertising pledge! Fancy getting your VTC or Stream advertised on TFM? It's dead simple! Simply put together a Banner (650x400) with all the details you want to be advertised and send it to us at [email protected] To give you a rough idea... Spaces are limited at the minute so be quick! *If you have emailed us in the past about advertising, your name is still on our list and we would ask you to send us your banners also as your spaces have been reserved*
  12. Fancy watching Live Fails? TruckersFM Studio Twitch Cam! -> http://www.twitch.tv/markysparky89

    1. Puncake


      That name though xD

  13. It is awesome! We never expected it to happen! We have spent a lot of money just to get this far, but it will be worth it when the community get the benefit of it all with our advertising and promotions of all things within the community. Any donations over and above the monthly running cost don't go into our pocket, but put back into developing and improving TFM
  14. Try refreshing - we're still tweaking things now we are live...
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