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  12. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Event Team and Add-on Team (and anyone else involved) for their hard work and dedication in creating Haulie Island for the upcoming Tournament event. As a long-time member of the TruckersMP community, I have seen first-hand the tireless effort the team puts into delivering the best possible experience for its players, and it certainly shows through with these type of events! Creating an entire island for the upcoming event is a huge undertaking and it is clear that the team has put in a lot of hard work to ensure the event is a success. From the detailed map design to the intricate road network, it is clear that no detail has been overlooked. I am incredibly excited to watch and possibly participate in this upcoming event. It is a unique opportunity to see some of the best drivers in the game compete in a unique environment, and it will be interesting to see the strategies that drivers employ on both activities and the final race, all to compete for the top spot of tournament champion. I am also looking forward to the unique challenges that the island will present. From the drag strip and challenges to the newly added dirt track, I am confident that the tournament will be an exciting and enjoyable experience for all
  13. Congratulations on 5,000,000 registered users - A huge milestone indeed! From my time within the team, and through my commitments in other projects, I've always had a huge passion for the TruckersMP community, and it's great to see that this achievement has finally been accomplished. The discussions that have taken place within the user panel, combined with the recent surveys will hopefully provide a clear path to new achievements and further milestones. Although some users still have their doubts, from my perspective, TruckersMP is entering a whole new chapter, and it's clear things are about to get much better. Furthermore, I would like to thank TruckersMP for their hard work and dedication in providing a platform for truckers to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator together in an online multiplayer environment. The TruckersMP team has worked tirelessly over the years to make sure that the platform is always up to date with the latest game updates, as well as providing an ever-growing list of features that make playing with others even more enjoyable. From the introduction of the new job dispatcher to the addition of buses, the TruckersMP team has done a great job of making sure that the platform is always improving and expanding. The team has also gone the extra mile to ensure that the platform is secure and safe for all players. It's also clear that the TruckersMP team has also taken the time to listen to the community and implement features that players have requested. This has resulted in a platform that is constantly being improved and tweaked to make sure that it is the best experience for all players. Finally, I would like to thank the TruckersMP team for their commitment to providing a great experience for all players. They have evidently worked hard to make sure that the platform is always running smoothly and that players are always having a great time. Thank you, TruckersMP team, for all your hard work and dedication!
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