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  1. It's great to see more updates being made for the DBus jobs, along with some extra features in-game. Thank you so much for your continues efforts @ShawnCZek! I'm really looking forward to seeing what future updates will bring to both DBus World and TruckersMP overall
  2. Hello there @FakeId, I'm sorry to hear that your experiencing some issues with the TruckersMP client. However, I'm sure myself and other members of the community will be able to help you resolve this issue. To get a better understanding of what issue you are encountering, could you post a screenshot of what error you are receiving? You can use the following site to post a screenshot: https://imgur.com/ From there, we should be able to provide you with the best solution. Kind regards, SvartWolf
  3. There's nothing like an evening drive on American Truck Simulator
  4. With many payers now satisfied with the long awaited release of buses, it's great to see that the TruckersMP Team is already taking the next big step into it's future. The idea to open up a general community survey is one of the best ways of getting community feedback and is something not many people do. From someone who plans/hosts a lot of events within the community, this will also serve as a great opportunity for me and other Event Managers within the community to provide a lot of feedback on event related matters, and to also provide them with feedback for their own official events In addition to this, I love the idea of introducing Focus Groups and looking to interact with the community more personally. This should allow more accurate and frequent feedback from those on the public side of the project. Unfortunately many users think that the TruckersMP Team builds the project to how they like it, and that they don't listen to the community, however this certainly says otherwise! I'll definitely be filling out the survey, and I look forward to seeing what's next for TruckersMP. Keep up the great work!
  5. Although I was unfortunately unable to attend this event, I'm glad to hear that everything well, and that everyone had a great time The fuel stops set up by the Event Team was very well done, and provided a safe system for those using the buses to fuel up (Recharge) before taking to the roads of the Austrian mountains The views along this chosen route would have been stunning, and I'm really looking forward to being able to attend the next one.
  6. Happy Birthday! 🥳 🎂

  7. Despite the fact that many users will disagree with the implementation of buses to TruckersMP, in my opinion, this is exactly the kind of addition that TruckersMP needs Before the release of SCS' Convoy Mode, TruckersMP was the only way you could play with your friends, even if it was just the two of you. This obviously made the modification so popular, and in return, it has also helped to keep both games of Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator alive. Without the existence of TruckersMP, I personally don't think the Truck-sim community would be as big or as close as it is today. That being said, it's important for the staff team at TruckersMP to always be exploring new ways to improve the modification. Once SCS finally released their own official multiplayer for both games, this immediately took away the main exclusivity that TruckersMP held. Although TruckersMP's server's can host hundreds of more players in one game at a time, many users that just used TruckersMP as a way to play with a few friends have evidently switched to the official Convoy Mode. Although ETS2 didn't see too much of a decline, this was certainly noticed over on ATS. That being said, with this new exclusivity of having a fully working bus mod with automatically placed routes, live passengers and more, TruckersMP is finally seeing a better increase of players on it's servers. If the team at TruckersMP can keep looking to add more exclusive features to their modification, this project will easily have the ability to go on for many more years to come. So far, I'm really impressed with the addition of Buses, and the developers from both ends have done an outstanding job. I also enjoyed the official live stream hosted by @JamesS014 along with some other Community Managers, and a few Community Contributors So, with Buses now added... Taxi when?
  8. Hey @General_357mag, That is a good question, and one I'm sure many have asked over the recent years. I agree that the support of specific Truck/Trailer mods would be a nice addition, however there is a lot to consider and think about when choosing mods to support. Firstly, due to download size, and the need to apply updated versions of the mods every time they are updated by the author, there is only so many mods they would support. When supporting specific mods, they also would need to ensure that the author is regularly updating the mod after every update to ETS2/ATS, as this would cause long lengths of time after every update where the mod is temporarily not available. Currently they support season mods from Grimes, however this is regularly updated, causes only minor issues to some users, and doesn't require a huge download (Depending on your internet speed of course). In addition to this, ProMods is also supported, however, once again, this is regularly updated, and is done to a high quality. In my opinion, a poll could be created for the community, with a short list on some potential mods they may think about supporting, however once again, there is still a lot to consider when supporting new mods on TruckersMP. Furthermore, as VTC's play a big part in this community, I think it would also be nice for TruckersMP to think more about supporting some VTC paintjobs first, however they would still need to have a limit on the download size for each supported paintjob pack, and have strict requirements so that they don't have to worry about overall download size, nor needing to update so many packs over time. To conclude, I think it's a great question, and one Community Management could address in a news/blog post sometime, however I also don't feel that it would be very high on the priority list.
  9. Some really interesting thoughts and opinions so far! For me, the best part about convoys is the fact that it brings everyone together. The world of VTC's can get quite competitive, and sometimes involve unnecessary drama. However, during a convoy, VTC's come together, respect their parking area, and the departure order. Furthermore, at the end of the convoy, most VTC's will leave positive messages to let everyone know that they enjoyed the event, and to thank the event organizers for there work. For me this is what events is all about. Bringing the community together to enjoy the games of Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator, no matter what your background or VTC. No matter what race, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation, we're all here to have fun and enjoy trucking together!
  10. Don't forget, even fuel stations need to re-fuel too
  11. After hosting many events for the community over the past 2 years, I'm really interested on what everyone enjoys the most out of convoys? Furthermore, what does everyone dislike the most in convoys? This could be anything to do with the Meetup, Departure, Route, Driving, Destination, or even the event post I'd love to hear your thoughts below
  12. Logging run through the Alps
  13. Welcome to my gallery! Below you can find screenshots edited by myself
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