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  1. Hello @Surname9540, If you haven't done so already, you can appeal your ban by following this article. If you have sent an appeal already, please wait patiently for an answer. Please note that it can take up to 3 days to review your appeal. You can not speed up this process. If no evidence has been added to your ban, you can request them in the appeal. Unfortunately, you will be unable to get an additional opinion from another Game Moderator as per the following rule; §4.2 - Forum topics, posts, status updates, and private messages > Discussing punishments, reports, tickets, appeals, applications is prohibited, including complaints about staff. Hopefully this answers your question!
  2. Hey @31Delta, Firstly, to ensure that your suggestion can be considered, I would recommend editing your post so that it follows the template provided. That being said, to provide my personal viewpoint on this suggestion, I am unable to see how this would actually be more beneficial than the current way that we login to TruckersMP prior to selecting a server. From what I understand, this suggestion aims to avoid the need to input your account details every time you wish to login, however this can already be avoided by selecting the "Remember Me" option on the login screen; thus avoiding the need to input your details each time (unless you've recently changed your email or password). If I've misunderstood your suggestion, please let me know, as I feel that I may have missed something here.
  3. Hello @FoxxDash, Upon careful consideration of this suggestion, I find it initially promising, but not personally convincing in terms of its effectiveness. To delve into the reasons, let's explore the viability of substantiating such incidents. To begin with, we cannot rely on users self-identifying with tags like "TTV," "Streaming," or "Recording," as these tags could be easily exploited for obvious misuse. Furthermore, even if we were aware that a certain user is streaming during an incident, it remains uncertain whether you are the intended target of their actions via the stream. Given that there are numerous users who purposefully disregard the rules on a daily basis, certainty would only arise by formally reporting the issue via the website reporting system and supplying substantial evidence. For instance, you might present a comprehensive video of your entire stream, accompanied by timestamps that highlight instances where a user seemed to be following you, irrespective of your location on the map. Nevertheless, you must also acknowledge the chance that this user might be tracking you through the TruckersMP Map rather than your live stream. Which then raises another valid question: How can you validate that they are exploiting your stream to track your movements? In essence, there isn't a straightforward approach to this, as merely spotting their name in your stream's chat doesn't inherently prove their intent. It could be a friend attempting to extend the punishment of a rule violator by invoking "Stream Sniping." Lastly, I personally wouldn't be in favor of permitting users to report others using evidence from a live-stream, as there's a potential for abuse through repetitive reporting of users from someone's stream without their approval. Overall, I like the though that has gone into this suggestion, and it will undoubtedly have a range of opinions and viewpoints. However, I personally remain skeptical about the practical implementation of such a rule. That being said, I'd love to see more opinions on this suggestion!
  4. Hello @Mattify, Whilst I can appreciate that you have evidently applied some thought to this suggestion, I personally would have to agree with Stormboi's comment; As you are most likely already aware, the load on both the web and game report systems are usually high, and with the addition of such "rewards", this would only increase that number by potentially double or triple the amount. Additionally, as Stormboi has also pointed out, such "reward" would also lead to a spam of unnecessary reports for small incidents, which only makes our work much harder Fundamentally, the reporting systems exist to help the Game Moderation Team catch those that break the rules when we cannot be present in-game ourselves. Lastly, it is also worth mentioning that such "tokens" wouldn't provide much purpose, regardless of how it was set up. For example; If you were to keep the value of each token low, as per your comment, this would require a lot of tokens to even reduce your ban by a day. On the other hand, if you were to increase the value of each token to 12 hours for example, this would then encourage users to spam the report systems until they have enough tokens to completely remove a ban should they ever find themselves breaking the rules, thus defeating the purpose of a ban.
  5. Hello @ROMANISTA [ITA], In my personal opinion, having a server dedicated exclusively to banned players on TruckersMP would be a bad idea for several reasons. While it may seem like a solution to allow banned players to continue playing without disrupting other users, there are significant drawbacks to implementing such a server. --- Undermining the Purpose of a Ban: A ban is typically imposed as a consequence for violating the rules and regulations of a platform. It serves as a deterrent and a disciplinary measure to maintain a healthy and fair gaming environment. Creating a separate server for banned players contradicts the purpose of the ban and dilutes its effectiveness. Encouraging Toxic Behavior: Allowing banned players to access a dedicated server can foster a toxic and negative part of the community. Such players may feel encouraged to engage in further misconduct, especially if they are still allowed access to an exclusive server for the duration of their ban. Thus potentially leading to an environment that in some cases encourages reckless driving, hacking, and other forms of rule breaches. Negative Impact on Community Perception: The existence of a server exclusively for banned players could harm the overall perception and reputation of TruckersMP. It may lead to public scrutiny, criticism, and reduced trust from the community and potential new players. The perception of an environment that is more lenient towards rule-breaking and overall misconduct could deter genuine players from engaging with the platform. --- That being said, rather than creating a separate server for banned players, it is generally more effective for TruckersMP to focus on maintaining the current fair and consistent enforcement of rules, educating players about appropriate behavior, and providing opportunities for banned players to learn from their mistakes. These efforts contribute to a healthier gaming community and can ensure that the platform remains enjoyable for everyone involved. Kind regards, SvartWolf TruckersMP Game Moderator
  6. Hello again, I completely understand your concerns and desire for a stricter enforcement of rules in TruckersMP. It can be frustrating when players repeatedly engage in disruptive behavior despite temporary bans. While permanent bans may seem like the best solution to prevent intentional rule breakers from returning, there are several factors that must be considered when determining the appropriate punishment. Implementing permanent bans can have both positive and negative effects. On one hand, it would remove intentional rule breakers from the community permanently and potentially improve the overall experience for the genuine players. On the other hand, it would also prevent players who have genuinely learned from their mistakes from returning to the game and contributing positively to the community. Additionally, the decision to impose permanent bans is never taken lightly and involves careful consideration of various factors. As Game Moderators and Game Moderation Managers, we need to strike a balance between maintaining a welcoming community and allowing for second chances. As always, Game Moderation Management is open to suggestions for improvement to the reporting systems, however most changes can take time to be implemented. As prefviously mentioned, you can utilize the feedback system should you have any suggestions that you believe will benefit the community as a whole. Moreover, I understand your frustration with the limitations you've encountered in the website reporting system. It's unfortunate that you're unable to submit any more reports at the moment, especially considering your past efforts to report disruptive behavior. That being said, it is worth checking the responses to your declined reports to ensure that you have not breached our reporting rules; §1.4 - Reporting users Any breaches of the below rules might result in a 30 day ban from our report system for a first offense, and a permanent ban for a second offense, and will lead to your report getting rejected. Reports must be filed no later than 14 days after an incident has occurred. The evidence you provide us must be available for the length of the ban applied, plus thirty days. Evidence for permanent bans must be available forever. Reports for reasons mentioned under §2 must have video evidence. Evidence exceeding 2 minutes in length must have a timestamp attached in the report. Evidence submitted in the report should not be modified (cropped, retouched or blurred) in a way that affects the context of the violation. Videos can only be cropped time-wise. Evidence submitted may only be uploaded to websites that offer an on-site video player. Evidence that requires downloading files or authorization will not be accepted. Evidence of inappropriate use of language, impersonation of any kind and inappropriate content, in the text chat must show the full chat open and unedited. Evidence containing insults or otherwise offensive marks from the reporter won't be accepted and the reporter might be banned for inappropriate use of language, depending on the severity. Ban Evading violations cannot be reported to the TruckersMP Team, such violations are handled through internal processes. You can not report players with evidence that has not been taken in-game by yourself. Spamming our report system with useless reports, reports using only continuous freecam (Cam 0) to record, or anything similar is not permitted. Asking staff to handle your report with priority is not permitted. It is not allowed to report the same user again if your report against them was declined. The complaint must be addressed to the Game Moderation Management through the feedback system. Reporting TruckersMP staff members must be done through the feedback system. For some basic guidelines on reporting, please refer to this article. Remember, creating a better gaming environment is always an ongoing process, and your voice really matters in influencing positive changes and a brighter future for TruckersMP. Kind regards, SvartWolf TruckersMP Game Moderator
  7. Hello @Rosso., I can fully understand your frustration with the behavior of some players in the game. Dealing with reckless driving, ramming, and other forms of unacceptable behavior can indeed detract from the enjoyment of playing on TruckersMP servers. Although I am not a member of the management team, nor have any control over the rules and updates of TruckersMP, I can offer some perspective on the issue. Enforcing rules and punishing players for violations is a complex task. The aim of banning players temporarily is to give them an opportunity to reflect on their behavior, learn from their mistakes, and hopefully return to the game with a better understanding of the rules. However, some players evidently do not learn from their mistakes and unfortunately continue to engage in disruptive behavior. Permanent bans are typically reserved for the more severe offenses or for players who repeatedly violate the rules despite previous bans, as per the following rules; §2.8 - How bans are issued The first 3 bans are issued at the staff member’s discretion. The 4th ban is thirty days. The 5th ban and consecutive bans are ninety days. > Any bans older than 12 months at the time of the new ban being issued are ignored, this 12 month period is the ban cooling-off period. Ban extensions are based on the active (less than 12 months old) bans at the time of expiration and will not be altered if a ban goes over the 12 month period while the ban is active. If you have at least two active history bans in your ban history, staff will extend your next ban to a ninety days ban, regardless of how many bans you have had in the last year. Bans that are extended due to history cannot be removed, they are strictly thirty days and ninety days. §2.9 - Bans issued by the Game Moderation Management > If the Game Moderation Management thinks that a user joins TruckersMP with the sole purpose to violate the rules, "§2.8 - How bans are issued" can be bypassed and the ban length will be at the Game Moderation Management's discretion. In accordance with our Terms of Service staff are allowed to re-use evidence sent in our reports. In specific cases, the Game Moderation Management reserves the right to keep ban evidence private upon review of the banned player. It is up to us as Game Moderators and the team of Game Moderation Managers to determine the appropriate course of action based on the severity and frequency of violations. We may take into account factors such as the player's history, the nature of the offenses, and any improvements or changes in behavior over time. Implementing stricter rules and more stringent consequences for rule violations can be one way to address the issue. However, it is essential to strike a balance between maintaining a realistic and enjoyable simulation experience and ensuring fair treatment for all players. Understandably, it is a challenge for Game Moderation Management to create a set of rules that discourage disruptive behavior while still allowing for freedom and creativity within the game. Ultimately, it is important to report rule breakers via our website and in-game report systems, and to provide feedback via our feedback system. The TruckersMP team does rely on the community's input to identify areas for improvement and make necessary updates to the game and its rules. By continuing to voice your opinions in an appropriate manner via the Forum, Discord and feedback system, your voice as a long-time player will certainly be a huge contribution to shaping the future of TruckersMP and helping to create a better gaming environment for everyone. Kind regards, SvartWolf TruckersMP Game Moderator
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