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  1. I disagree. I do not see any reason to add this honestly. Some people get reporten often for perhaps reason which will be just declined by staff, so why would we have to know if we got reported before we got banned? Whenever we get banned we can see the Ban video and then look for counter Evidence.
  2. I never said that i currently like the short punishments. It's not good in my opinion but i also can't change it.
  3. 3 months is honestly way too less. In 3 months you usually don't self reflect about your punishment.
  4. Congrats! 💖

  5. I understand that you disslike it or that your impatient to wait until your ban is no longer marked as active but yes, i would say that it is good that people have to wait until another application phase open. I may understand it a bit that 12 months might be too long, that's something to discuss about it, maybe, but in general i like that your being forced to being someone who doesn't violate rules, or at least that u didn't violate them in the past year. Explaination why: Well, if you want to be on a team somewhere you have to know the rules, if you break them it is not a reason to reject you forever, but it is important to know and follow them. TruckersMP has in my eyes easy rules which are really not difficult to follow. Also, the one year "application ban" is in my eyes well taken because in this time you can think about your mistake again and reflect yourself. As well, i think it's way too harsh saying "20 years for it to re-open", there are some staff place's who doesn't open often which is in my opinion better either way, but from what i've seen is that every recruirement opens yearly, at least most likely.
  6. I disagree. If people violated the rules in the past 12 months and wanna apply they should wait, it doesn't matter how long the account exist. Me, for myself like the requirement that you can't have a ban in the past 12 months before applying.
  7. Congrats! 💖

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