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  1. Hello truckers i really missed here 

  2. Hello, Good Nights. 🌃

  3. Are staff member(s) might reveal their nickname with they want?
  4. Thank you for the follow :HaulieLove:

  5. Thank you for follow baby. :HaulieLove:

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    1. PennyFG


      Niye İngilizce yazıyorsun ki plaket mi veriyorlar? :troll:

  7. Language-specific rules are only available on the forum and on the knowledge base, but not everyone may be aware of them, TruckersMP does not require registration on the forum to login the servers. Or you don't have to join the discord server (to get help). The language-specific rules can stay on the forum, they can stay on the knowledge base, but they can be transferred to the "rules" option(I mean that page) on website, or even in the launcher, when someone tries to connect to TruckersMP servers for the first time, they must be accept the rules there too, so I think they should be added there too.
  8. Happy Birthday for yesterday 🥳

  9. There are already language-specific rules in the knowledge base and on the forum, but for the convenience of new players who are not aware of them, they should be transferred to the website (rules page) and to the list of rules we approved when we first logged the game.
  10. @Somehow Lucky I think you are just commenting for the sake of commenting, it's just a game and I don't care whether those who play are has driving license or not. He may not familiar the road rules of the road but people who understood the TruckersMP rules could understand exactly **what must not to do or what must be do**. Also, TruckersMP rules are not just road rules
  11. Not everyone gets driving training to become to a good driver, but everyone is held responsible for the rules and must understand them.
  12. Suggestion Name: Language options on the rules page Suggestion Description: As you know, the translated version of the rules is only available on the forum and in the knowledge base, but that translates of the rules is not available on the main rules page or on the rules we agree to when we register. Any example images: Like this. Why it should be added: There are millions of players registered in TruckersMP and the vast majority of them don't speak English and don't have to speak English. But they use translation apps or like etc. to understand the rules or somethings I'd be happy if the website had full language support, but I don't know if this is possible or not, but I think that at least options should be added that allow people who don't speak a foreign language to directly access the translated rules of the rules they are responsible for after registering. (As in the picture) This should even be permitted at the time of first registration (The page where we accept the rules). I don't think anythings will get worse after this change is made, but you can guess that a lot of users ticks the box to "accept the rules" without reading them because they don't speak a foreign language and logs in to the servers, but they are not aware of the rules. In fact, this options should be added not only to the website but also to the list of rules that appear before us when logging in to the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note (Added on 10.09.2023): A different suggestion at the bottom of this suggestion may be difficult to synchronise with the launcher (at the first login). A player first must be create an account on the website, when he accepts the rules he/she can be asked which languages he/she speaks or understands, which would be more convenient (This is just an extra suggestion in addition to the above). After that it is his/her problem whether he/she reads the rules or not.
  13. Suggestion Name: A notification that we've been reported from website Suggestion Description: It would be great to see a notification on the website when a player reported us for any reason. If we haven't committed an offence, we can upload counter-evidence and have our ban lifted. Any example images: Why it should be added: If someone reports us via the website, we can prepare counter-evidence to defend ourselves in the event of a possible ban. It won't happen again the situation of having to store the clips we have uploaded indefinitely in order to avoid a surprise banning situation and for every event that we may be unfairly banned.
  14. The reason for the anonymity of moderators, they specifed that moderators are too gets harrased from platforms other than the ban-appeal system.
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