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  1. Thanks for you follow ❤️


  2. - Bussin' through the Haunted Forest - this is a kappa post
  3. Hey ? There are a few possibilities (that I can think of) that are causing your crashes : Try removing the summer mod as it has been proven to cause crashes If you have a sound plugin, remove that and see if it fixed your problem Another thing to mention, since the crashes are occurring on TMP, as you mentioned "I send crash log few times to developers" this report is going to SCS developers and not to TMP developers. So reporting it to dev's will not help as they will mention that this is a mod (TMP) issue.
  4. Hey, try removing the summer mod. It is showing the same issues on ETS2 as well.
  5. I'd highly recommend ProMods and 100% would say its worth it. It adds a lot of countries and cities with a lot more road systems with high levels of detail. If you're into Long Hauls, a haul of 1000km on the normal map, which would take roughly an hour to complete, could take an hour and a half or more on Promods with the amount of detail, the beautiful scenery and the more realistic road ways that it has to offer. The only thing you require is all map DLC's for it to work
  6. Hey, so the alternating vehicles change every two weeks into two different vehicles chosen by the community via a polling system that occurs on the website. You can check "#alternating-vehicles" channel on discord to see when the next poll is. Here is a Knowledgebase article for more information

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