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  1. I'd like to see a refresh of the current older trucks, like the Streamline, DAF XF 105 and E6 The Volvo FH2012 and 2009, also refresh of the MAN's and maybe the Iveco also And for the newer trucks. I'd like to see the Volvo FH2020, the Scania's newest engine, the new MAN, and that's all, personally I don't like the New Iveco, nor the Ford's
  2. Meh, my fav songs are Still D.R.E from Dr.Dre, Powfu-Death bed, 2pac-Ambitionz Az a Ridah, Matthew Wilder- Break My Stride And Man At Work- Down Under
  3. I agree with you, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a Trucking Simulator game, and not a Truck version of Need for Speed
  4. Some newer trucks Rebuilt of every old truck. Viewpoints Some better physics damage physics (maybe scratches, brakeable parts) All 4 season's in game Some more truck customisation option A Full Euro Truck Simulator 2 reskin Realistic engine sounds
  5. I'm gonna be honest, in my opinion the whole Euro Truck Simulator 2 should be rebuilt, and given a fresh look.
  6. As how you feel buddy, i change mines oftenly either, and its no time for me to teach people. So whenever you decide that you wanna learn it, quote me, or dm me on discord (Fiber.#0007)
  7. Thank you so much man, we appreciate it, and if you want to learn it i can happily help you. Have a great day!
  8. Definitely true, but to be honest there isn't any risk of getting a freeze/crash due to localmodding, only if you don't put them into your save correctly
  9. I definitely agree you, there would be a huge potential in this kind of truck customisation. Once you try it, and learn how to do it, you'll probably fall in love in it.
  10. +Rep for this guy, very good friend and a very nice guy 

  11. +Rep for this guy, he's trustable and a very good friend 

  12. Indeed, save editing is amazing also, and yeah, this is the downside of Localmodding, sadly only you can see it.
  13. Well i don't really know how to convert interiors,I'm using already converted accessories
  14. Since you're banned from Van der Roling you won't get localmods from us
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