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  1. Ive been playing ETS for 2,5 years now. What truck should I drive in my next convoy?
  2. ETS is my main game if I can call it that.. Other games I play from time to time is WoW, Farming Simulator, F1, Eve Online, Division..
  3. I have 2 cars, 2017 Volvo V90 cc and a 2006 (?) Nissan X-trail.
  4. The game is relaxing, and its a fun and easy way to meet and get to know people from around the world.
  5. Takk for følget, høyt verdsatt. ?

    1. Sjovn


      Takk, i lige måte! 


  6. Like someone else said above here... Im not that active in TMP discord - its to big and it feels like you cant have a normal chat with people there. It turns very fast into something I dont want to be part of. I think its easier to meet new people and have chats in a smaller server. In the tmp server you dont get the feeling of who you are talking to at all in a way. So for me the server is there for maybe find someone to drive with from time to time, or post media - not for chatting.
  7. I have always spotify on - but it really vary what Im listening to. Sometimes I just find a random playlist to listen to, and other times I have my fav playlist on - depens on my mood or the purpose of the drive. If I take a drive on my own to relax I have my fav playlist on, if Im driving with others or joining convoys or whatever, it really doesnt matter that much what Im listenting to, but I still need to have music.
  8. Always summer and sun in game for me When winter mod comes I have it on for maybe a week or two - then its off again. And I have never driven in rain ?.
  9. The future of tmp... In the long run I think the activity will depend on 1) how SCS developes the game with new DLCs and gamecontent, and 2) how TMP management are able to keep the community in a healthy state with good systems for controlling the players, and develop good systems for VTCs / event management. In the last years we have seen less drivers on the servers, with a boost of players coming back when there is events going on, or new game content arrives. We have also seen many VTCs joining and leaving the community, and a lot of convoy groups showing up. In the short run I think its a good way to keep players, but it also can get "too much" and drivers get bored of it. I think there should come something new in how events get organized, but I have not agreed with myself in what way yet ? Im not a big fan of cars and busses in the game, for me TMP is a trucking community, and even tho changes are good and needed, I wish TMP still remember what it all started with, and what the main reason for players joining the game - drive trucks and meet new people from around the world.
  10. Hey you x


  11. Happy Birthday ?

  12. Happy B-day ?

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