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  1. World Trade Logistics Are you looking for a professional and friendly VTC? Are you looking to share a passion for trucking in ATS and ETS2 with our other drivers?We are always looking for new drivers for our fleet of dedicated drivers so why not become one today at https://wtlogistics.weebly.com/ and share your passion for trucking with our other drivers!We are all New VTC with many opportunity. You can apply below however please make sure you meet these requirements:- You are a friendly and positive person who likes to have fun while playing together. You are at least 14 years old (We can talk about age). You can speak and understand English, also you need to be in Discord Channel. You have played more then 60 hours of Euro Truck Simulator 2 or ATS. You have participated in at least 2 World Trade Logistic Convoys. You have to follow TruckersMP rules in every aspects of the Community. You shouldn't have more than 3 bans in TruckersMP and no bans in last 3 months. Links Website:- https://wtlogistics.weebly.com/ TB:- https://trucksbook.eu/company/33970
  2. I know that Tmp Supports. But Sometimes Tmp Kicks out for using other unusual stuffs.
  3. Is Christmas 2018-19 Rewards Are Useable in TMP? Includes :- Truck and Trailer Skins Cabin items Games :- ETS2 & ATS
  4. 4 Million Mass transferred of WOT cargos with 200k driven distance. Big achievement for me. 

  5. It is really disappointing because I stay in Asia, whish I could participate.
  6. Not really, I just wanted to be improve the ETS2 & ATS, as allredy said... And I just wan a stick with ETS2 it have been a good work. But if they stop remaking new things, then I think Truckersmp will loose players and scs software need to create a new series of game over the trucking world. As per it not gon a happen becase SCS software are working and making new changes which is definitely awesome for me. And as usual Trucking will be a great part of our life. Happy Trucking
  7. Happy Birthday 

  8. Happy Birthday, Many Many Happy Returns of the day. 

  9. Now a days I use Brandicam free and can be used in low spec computer.. But it will have water mark
  10. My Last Waiting time was 1hr from South lol And for those who don't have time to wait then go for single player. Happy Trucking #OperationBigSur
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