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  2. The future sounds very promising. Excited to see these things come to life.
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  7. Our trip from Honningsvåg to Kirkenes




    Enjoying the view along with @abhi055 and @Winter~ who are parked up together at the front.


    Image Courtesy: @Winter~

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  8. I have been playing the game for around 7 years now, used to play alone and got my friend to purchase it too. He also enjoyed the game and we looked for ways to play together. That is when we discovered about TMP back in 2017 and we played together a lot. The thing that got us coming back everyday was when we discovered C-D road for the first time; didn't know it was called C-D road back then. That traffic used to feel so much realistic considering the traffic conditions here in Nepal, so we enjoyed it a lot. Later he stopped playing ETS and it was very difficult to convince him to play the game, even I stopped getting on TMP and got back on single player again. I came back to TMP when I bought the G29 back in November 2019. This time I discovered about VTCs and met so many wonderful people along the way. So, now I have many reasons to come back to TMP everyday and be a part of this amazing community of TMP. You guys are awesome!!
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  10. I have been playing ETS 2 for more than 7 years now, but I only joined TMP back in 2017. I used to prefer single player more until I discovered about VTCs and started driving along with other players regularly. That is when I started getting on TMP more frequently and have almost never missed a single day to get on it. I find it fun and interesting to drive around with a group of friends exploring the beautiful roads of Europe. At this point, TMP is more important to me because of the wonderful people I have met along the way and this amazing community.
  11. Brighter Futures 2020




    Event staffs for the 2020 edition of Brighter Futures.

    See you all at the next one!

    Photo Courtesy: @Slinkyshark

  12. I am using the Logitech G29 with H-Shifter, it does the job and I personally feel like it is more than enough for this game. Since, we're talking about wheels here ... Does anyone face a problem where your wheel randomly re-calibrates on its own? I am facing this issue for a while now, cannot seem to find a solution.
  13. I usually only stop if the light affects any other player besides myself.
  14. Old or new, Scania all the way! No matter what other trucks I go to, I somehow end up back with my Scania.
  15. Haven't tested out the exact fuel efficiency of trucks, but I can say that switching gears at optimum RPM can help you get a good economy. You can do this even while using automatic transmission by simply stepping in to manually switch the gears when you feel like the truck is at an optimum RPM for a gear change. Additionally, if you're using automatic transmission, have your transmission mode game settings to Economy Mode instead of High Power Mode.
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