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  1. Hello @kadaffy1 To create a VTC you don't need a website, you just need to go to : https://truckersmp.com/vtc and create your VTC there. If you having trouble creating one, take a look here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/327 Thanks SOUSA
  2. I uploaded your photo to my profile and worked fine for me, try to use this one: if this above doesn't work, try this one: Quick tip: when making those cover photos, try to make it bigger like 1920x1080 for example, this way you will never get trouble with your cover photo. Quick tip 2: when uploading images, make sure it's a JPEG, because they lighter than PNG'S, the only thing is that JPEG don't support transparent background P.s if you want you can remove the white part, but make sure to save as JPEG Hope this helped SOUSA
  3. Hello there @Candimane In the top right corner of your cover photo, press in the "Cover Photo" button and then click where it says "Reposition Photo" and see if that works and then tell your feedback here P.s: I also see the grey bar, if the suggestion i gave above dosen't work, try to make a bigger image and that will solve Thanks SOUSA
  4. I am excited with the DLC but a bit sad, I was expecting a different expansion, with more zones to explore in a city, and from what was shown to us on the live, everything looks the same, where there is a road and right there on that road are the companies / workshops, there are many roads that they are blocked, meaning that the game does not let you access it, and that I think that adding it would give another realism to the game because the feeling that this game has been experiencing now is that it gives us limited freedom of exploration. I know that might not be possible because the game would be very heavy, but in some cities, in the most important ones for example, that would be nice to exist. For example, this place is really beautiful but we are limited to this roundabout.
  5. VSOUSA14

    More cars

    Well, if they want to be undercover, they pick a truck, and if they want to live moderating or managing and convoy/event they can pick the car. For me that's the only purpose of cars, they meant to be used by admins to manage convoys/events/traffic
  6. VSOUSA14

    More cars

    Instead of adding, they could block cars only for staff members 9/10 cars are reckless drivers
  7. I am more convinced that it is a bus, but it can also be that
  8. @Titanic4 hmm... I gotcha Edit: Thanks for your advice btw, i was having trouble with my steering wheel.
  9. Lol, why players hate that? just bacause when raining the physics changes and you need to drive slowly? At least they could add synchronization of road events xd
  10. Thanks for the updates. "Synchronization of gates between players" Next update: Synchronization of weather between players
  11. @Penguin it's Police academy This is an old movie , who knows?
  12. I'd like to see a system where VTC's could create their own painjobs for trucks and trailers and use it on MP so that everyone can see them. I also like to see server-side currency/level and AI driving arround.
  13. Correct, but you forget to send a new image of a movie for the next person to guess.
  14. Hello @DeskPilot See if this topic helps you: Summary of the above topic: The issue you're having is most likely being caused by DirectX 11. You can try to launch the game via OpenGL: Steps: > Launch the game in single-player via OpenGL - https://i.gyazo.com/0ec83a25da6e8275233272dd36a7432b.png > Load your profile fully, create a save and then exit the game. > Launch TruckersMP. If those steps don't work, try and see if there is anything else that may help you in the original post Thanks. SOUSA
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