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  1. @Penguin it's Police academy This is an old movie , who knows?
  2. I'd like to see a system where VTC's could create their own painjobs for trucks and trailers and use it on MP so that everyone can see them. I also like to see server-side currency/level and AI driving arround.
  3. Correct, but you forget to send a new image of a movie for the next person to guess.
  4. Hello @DeskPilot See if this topic helps you: Summary of the above topic: The issue you're having is most likely being caused by DirectX 11. You can try to launch the game via OpenGL: Steps: > Launch the game in single-player via OpenGL - https://i.gyazo.com/0ec83a25da6e8275233272dd36a7432b.png > Load your profile fully, create a save and then exit the game. > Launch TruckersMP. If those steps don't work, try and see if there is anything else that may help you in the original post Thanks. SOUSA
  5. Hello. I never used python, but you can try to create getters and then use an array where you get the getters and the response from server, and then make a loop to print all the servers: Something like this (This code below is in C#) <!--CLASS THAT HANDLES THE HTTP REQUEST--> public void UpdateServerInfo() { svCon = "http://" + ipSRV + "/players.json"; WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(svCon); request.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials; ipServ = isExist(svCon); if (ipServ)
  6. Hey guys, just saying that arcade servers don't have speed limit nor collisions.... isn't that fantastic?
  7. Hello @ClaudyuTM See if this helps you.
  8. The problem is, that the issue is not only server limitations, but also game limitation. The game is not very optimized, and as all we know, there are players with good computers that have 15FPS when they are in locations with 90+ players. Duisburg is already laggy, if you increase the slots, it will be more laggy and unplayable.
  9. I don't think is needed, sim2, rarely get's full , and there is sim3. All have the same rules.
  10. Hello everyone Welcome to the Male vs Female game Counter Starts at: 1000 Males have to take 1 number (-1) Females have to add 1 number (+1) if the counter goes up 2000, Females wins if the counter goes up 0, Males wins Example: Male: takes 1 = 999 Female: adds 1 = 1000 ....
  11. Hello everyone! So, this game is easy to play, just post a picture from a movie, and the next poster needs to guess what movie it his, and also send a new picture. I will start with a easy one
  12. Banned @Unnamed88008for banning alot of members
  13. What I like most about Christmas is the Christmas spirit, I also like to see all the decorations and decorate my house, and what I like most is spending Christmas with my family, this year we cannot celebrate with our families in person, so this year we will have a videoconference so that we can celebrate christmas together in a different way
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