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  1. Banned @Unnamed88008 for not being original
  2. Idk if you know but there is free software to make hours for you, i used for a game and i have more than 1k hours in that game. Besides reporting, there is no way to stop trollers.
  3. Banned @Granite for banning Permanently someone
  4. I agree with you that adding a speed limit will not stop people from trolling, but if we all work together to report them in the game or website, this will be a better game with less trollers. We don't have to tighten the rules or give total freedom (because giving the possibility to drive a truck at 165KM/H like it was possible some years ago, it will take away the realism of the game), but rather reach a consensus where everyone can have fun. In my opinion, I think the 110 limit it's fine, and already saw some players asking to reduce the limit to 90Km/h and I also
  5. This is supposed to be a simulation game, not a truck racing game, if you don't want to have a speed limit go play in the arcade server
  6. I will be driving around... alone .. xD (And also studying )
  7. Banned @Sbinotto07 for being too excited
  8. Post a funny picture and the next person will quote it and caption it. I will start:
  9. Banned @Sbinotto07 for not welcoming ForeverStrong.
  10. Basically you can ban the user above you for whatever reason... e.g: Banned Sbinotto07 for playing to many forum games
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