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  1. China [D.S] Team Large-scale Friendship Event on May 15 ============================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================= D.S Team V.T.C =======through =======Contact information: QQ:1015480795 write to me or through QQ activity =======Route: https://share.weiyun.com/LFTgMKjF =======EVENTDESCRIP TION LOCATION: Salzburg Mine ======DESTINATION: Mannheim City Mine =======LANGUAGE: Chinese =======Information time:----Truck Festival time UTC 10:00AM---19:00 PM 如需预定停车位 请随时在discord联系我 【DS/GL002】-nancheng#9274
  2. Hi Event Manager,I am the chief manager of DS team from China,Thank you very much for your team's efforts. You have worked hard. Please take care of me. Thank you

  3. 你好,新年快乐。我是 DS 团队的总经理。我被线路上的雪困扰,因为它使我的电脑堵塞。请问如何解决。谢谢!你工作很努力。
  4. 大家好新年快乐我是中国 DS 团队的总经理南城,我们的 DS 团队创造了一个多月,参加了很多活动,但我不知道怎么做 VTC 认证,你能告诉我吗?谢谢
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