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  1. Spotify and Apple music more convenience and clear audio quality
  2. Maybe a simple being responsible for your own driving and follow like a real driver of the roads, traffic signs and all the event staff follow the announcements and a humble respect to other drivers
  3. My preferred trucks are Scania Streamline at Mercedes way back old school days the simple set up and lowered that you can set save edits.
  4. Nice and Friendly game that you can easily adapt the circulation of being a real trucking driver or a real driver in life that you can learn from the reality someday.
  5. We follow speeds limits to make our Drivers being responsible and in out logs and as a reality of being a Truck Driver and follow a simple rules and regulations.
  6. Scania make difference because of the face lift and make new features to put mods and other accessories
  7. The DLC i think its really cool and as new for the Driver to make comfortable and making easily access new features and try the different.
  8. I'm from Truckers Philippines. "Where the best Filipino truckers belong to" and The first Philippine-based virtual trucking company ever made.
  9. Thanks for making this new features TruckersMP! Great news and ideas.
  10. Thanks for Sharing your knowledge and ideas
  11. Virtual Trucking Manage, Trucky, Trucksbook and Vtlog
  12. I hope you can take your partner to our activity and leave at 12:00 on April 23

  13. hi

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    2. S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      Our two teams then transport the goods with your team and take photos

    3. [TPH] Nicz

      [TPH] Nicz

      Can you send me a private message?

    4. S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*
  14. Suggestion Name: Filipino Discussion Suggestion Description: Other Languages like us from Philippine Community TMP players for Filipino/Tagalog Discussions Any example images: Why should it be added?: We are requesting this because of the influx of Filipino players who can better communicate their messages in our native language. Thanks for accepting Best Regards Nicz
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