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  1. It is planned for avatars to come back, however they most likely won't come back using the Steam avatars, and it isn't publicly known when. They were meant to come back after a relatively short period of time, but other things have likely gotten in the way since then.
  2. Which one is better for longer runs? 12 speed is usually better for long distance because you can get a gearbox with lower RPM in 12th gear than you could get in 6th gear, which means you can save fuel and go a longer distance without refueling Which one is better for shorter journeys with multiple stops? Either 12 or 6 speed work well for short journeys with lots of stops, but if its a lot of traffic then the 6 speed is probably better if you aren't doing heavy loads because of the quicker initial acceleration Which one is better for max speed? 12 speeds
  3. Manual shifting with a 12 speed, almost always As far as my research goes, every truck sold now can still be ordered with a manual transmission, even if the company doesn't state it anywhere. (Though I don't know about the new DAF yet, not enough information out about it yet!) Ironically, I drive the Scout with automatic because it just works better automatic for me
  4. About 3-4 hours a day usually, when im not busy its more like 6-7 hours I used to play 9-10 hours a day, which is most of what got me to 3451 hours on ETS
  5. Im not so sure they're aiming to "destroy" TruckersMP with a limit of 8 players. If they raise the player numbers massively/give people the ability to run dedicated servers, then that definitely would be a step towards it. As for what I think about it though? I think that it gives people the option to finally choose what kind of experience they want. TruckersMP will be chaotic, it's how the MMO "style" of multiplayer naturally is, while the official MP can be whatever the people want it to be, albeit limited in player numbers.
  6. P h o e n i x

    Rain Ban?

    No, you won't be banned from just normally driving in the rain, and it is completely allowed. The only time a moderator may take it into account for an accident is if you drive too fast in it and that results in an accident (either from the loss of traction, or low visibility).
  7. I don't quite understand why people have such a big problem with the C-D road...People choose to go there for the chaos, the traffic..etc....it's their choice. If people wanted to go elsewhere, they would. And if you don't want to be on it...then don't. If you need to take that route for whatever reason, there's less populated servers, and singleplayer. Sometimes im on the C-D road, sometimes not. A lot of the time I do a job that can involve the C-D road, to a totally different part of the map, and vice versa. Closing the C-D would just bring an even bigger surge,
  8. You should make two separate reports (one for each player) at truckersmp.com/reports, as posts on the forum cannot be used to ban players. Keep in mind, to report using the report system you must: 1. Report within 14 days of the rules being broken 2. Make sure the evidence stays available for the length of the ban, plus 30 days. (If its a permanent ban, then it must stay available for theoretically forever.) You can see some other specific rules about the reporting system here in section 1.4: https://truckersmp.com/rules#1-service-wide-rules
  9. Good thing that we can either use -nointro as a launch option or mute it in the sound options
  10. No, totally not! But yes, there's people who are totally chill about stuff like that - including me, unless it's something really clearly intentional/stupid or causes a huge accident. (e.g. I don't mind if someone accidentally bumps me, but if they ram me..that's a different story)
  11. Im not so sure that's a good idea...its pretty dangerous to not be paying attention while you're driving, especially in real life. It's illegal in most countries anyways. If you want to have something in the background you're just listening to and not actually watching, you can just have a browser open in the background or use the shift + tab feature that steam has and use the web browser there.
  12. People do legitimately record to make reports, but there are also people who say "rec" just to scare. Also, not every recording is then put to a report, some people will review their recording after and decide if they should make a report from it afterwards. Unfortunately there's no way to tell if someone reports you on the web, unless you end up with a ban. It's easiest to view if you have received a ban on your profile (https://truckersmp.com/profile), or by logging into the TruckersMP client. And keep in mind that if you do get banned, you can make an appea
  13. It's been communicated before that the server provider that TruckersMP are using had a very large server fire (you can find it on Google, search for "OVH server fire"), unfortunately the provider still has some stability issues that are being worked out. Also, there is normally a posted warning in the chat that the server is about to be restarted in the next "x" minutes when there is an update or otherwise needed restart. To add to that, there is usually some communication on upcoming restarts/changes here, if they can't be announced normally: https://truckersmpstatus.com/
  14. A, always! The real problem is that there's probably 10 trucks/cars surrounding the admin, so you really don't have anywhere to go on the side of the road. Normally, it wouldn't be very hard to avoid a single person on the side of the road if you suddenly had to go to it.
  15. You should keep the evidence, because it is still required for you to keep it. Even if they decide to reinstate their account for some reason, the ban will still be there, so you want the evidence to remain. You can see about this in rule 1.4: (https://truckersmp.com/rules#1-service-wide-rules) §1.4 - Reporting users The evidence you provide us must be available for the length of the ban applied, plus thirty days. Evidence for permanent bans must be available forever. You can also read more about reporting users here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge
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