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  1. It is not possible to change the color of the frame via save editing. The only frame that is colored is the red frame for the 100th anniversary addition and it cannot be changed to any other color. (Also doesn't require any save editing since its a normally selectable option)
  2. As has been said, crowds attract crowds. Not only that though, the game really isn't particularly engaging when it comes to the driving. The European trucks, having a much shorter wheelbase, makes them feel more "active" and require more input to keep them going where you want, while the American trucks feel like they are heavy and too large, with a long wheelbase making the handling feel somewhat dull (in comparison) and with the majority of the roads in ATS being interstates/motorways that are fairly straight and plain, especially in a lot of the western "introductory" states being desert, desert, and more desert. Maybe there would be more players if SCS gave some more DLC states for free with the game that aren't mostly just desert. Or, if they had more world of trucks events like the Big Sur event they had which caused chaos on one road there would be at least temporary gains in players. Overall I don't think there's much that TruckersMP can do to get players onto ATS for more than a temporary gain.
  3. The majority of people who are hitting you are too close in the first place. Of course, smoother braking and increasing your distance from a truck in front of you (100+ meters is preferable in any situation above 60kmh) will always prevent a few accidents but there's nothing you can really do to prevent people following too closely and the collision can only be considered their fault.
  4. No, but it's also pretty much empty all over the map (entire states are empty 80% of the time) and 1/2 of the players are either on I-5 or in Las Vegas.
  5. Simply put: No, they wouldn't remove bans and they don't collect any of the information those laws are intended to protect. You can see what they collect here: http://truckersmp.com/policy And it may be worth reading the Terms of Service here: http://truckersmp.com/terms None of the current privacy laws across the few US states that do have them would allow you to specifically delete information such as bans. The information these laws are intended to protect are private information such as name and address, neither of which are collected by TruckersMP. For further advice on the laws and you would probably be better off speaking with a lawyer/attorney for the specifics.
  6. Trolls would absolutely pay for that, they already buy ETS2 on seperate steam accounts to bypass bans. When people get banned for a mistake they made its unfortunate, but there's usually not much of a way to determine intentions from the point of a moderator. It's against the rules for someone to purposely block an overtake by speeding up, but 90% of the time the person attempting the overtake can just slow down a little bit and get back behind them. I'd also point out that the rules really don't change often at all (Most of them haven't been majorly changed in 3 years), and any time they do the game brings them up and forces you to read them before you can connect. End of the day, I don't recommend overtaking in populated areas for nearly any reason, even if the person ahead of you is slow.
  7. IMO, this would just do more to encourage people to overtake down the center rather than fix the problems which would be solved by people driving more respectfully and understanding that doing 110kmh everywhere is a bad idea...causing even more crashes. Having some amount of tight bends or "obstacles" such as narrower areas on a road forces players to slow down and pay more attention (it's pretty normal for modern road design/layout), so really this would only benefit the people who want to do 110kmh the entire time. Plus, the majority of crashes there aren't usually very serious and don't tend to be more than a bump.
  8. Technically speaking, it isn't really a viable thing to do. It's a bit of a gray zone when it comes to the legality of using assets from one game in another game if the player owns both, but what about when a player only owns ETS2 and sees someone driving a truck from ATS? I can't imagine SCS or the companies that own the trademarks to these trucks would be super willing to allow TruckersMP to do that. On the other side, yes its technically possible to do (which is why mods that do this in singleplayer exist) but requires time consuming work if you want the trucks to work properly with every single update SCS may do to the trucks in ATS and theoretically some updates to ETS2 would break them aswell.
  9. If the cars acted like they weighed almost nothing compared to trucks and did not all that much damage as they do IRL, it wouldn't be too terrible to increase the speed in places where the speed limit itself is higher than 110kmh. Unfortunately with the way collisions work ingame (as well as the way some of the players behave ingame) it doesn't make much sense to do anything like that.
  10. If I understand your suggestion correctly, you want a server in the South American continent? Splitting official events onto two separate servers for maybe 5% of the players doesn't seem like a viable option. Adding to that, it wouldn't have much of a benefit for most of North America anyways since the connection from most of North America to Europe is about as good as from North America to South America. I understand it would benefit South America heavily, but I really don't think there's enough people playing from there for it to be really useful. Also, North America is a continent, as is South America
  11. It takes a VERY powerful computer to get more than 30 fps with 90-130 players nearby, that's just how TruckersMP is. You can get higher fps if you lower/disable certain graphics options (such as scaling) but its likely you won't see much of a gain. If you see people saying they're getting in excess of 80 fps in Calais when its busy, they are lying.
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