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  1. This tachograph model is still in the TMP files (can be found at "%programdata%/TruckersMP/data/ets2/mods/tachograph.ets2mp", just extract it like any normal archive) but not loaded with the game...local accessory editing of course makes it possible to load it once you've got all the files set up...qj7xDkz.jpg
    I'm not entirely sure why they haven't implemented a feature with it or removed it from the files after all this time, it looks to have been at least partially functioning at some point.


    The file isn't even "within TMP standards" anymore, its a .ets2mp named file extension unlike the .mp file extension they've been using for years and years now. (Of course, it makes no difference as they're all archives..but that does in fact show how long its been there.)


    There's also an old dolly model, presumably from when TMP was messing around with the idea of making their own double trailers before SCS had came out with their own. Used to be able to partially use it in-game but you wouldn't be able to enter the menus without crashing, and now its no longer possible to use it (autokick by server).

    1. PaddyJackson


      I think that one of the interesting things with the tacograph is that is ended up being amalgamated with the Route Advisor (ie, when you had a rest penalty, it'd show up there in real time, versus you being inspected).


      With other projects like FMOD and modelling other trucks like the Mack Anthem, it's possible that this is just on the perpetual backburner. A shame, because I imagine it would have been fun to play around with, from seeing how it actually functioned, to finding out how the game would penalize you for malicious misuse.


      Thanks for showing us this. Interesting little venture.

  2. @[S.PLH]WarriorNot in a truck though, those are completely controllable pretty much up to their highest possible speed in ETS2. Obviously still gotta slow down for corners, but that's more of a case of flipping or understeer.
  3. They also didn't enable the ability to /fix at any point. They enabled it on the festival server at the very least, so I don't see why they wouldn't enable that here.
  4. Suggestion Name: Volume slider for police sirens Suggestion Description: Add a volume slider for the police siren Any example images: None needed Why should it be added?: Sometimes whether at events or on normal servers, the siren can be excessively loud and to some users can cause headaches. Adding a slider for this would help immensely, especially coming into 1.37 relatively soon.
  5. Thanks for the update released not very long ago adding the more intelligent city speed limits, this solves the issue of doing 60km/h on a road that has a speed limit that's significantly higher very nicely!
  6. I recommend you look into TruckersMP-cli https://github.com/lhark/truckersmp-cli It requires a fair bit of set up, however it works well in the time that i've used it. However, it does require you have enough space to have a second ETS2/ATS installation, and occasionally some things are just plainly broken.
  7. The problem with this is that, then, trolls will just use this feature to fly through traffic at 110kmh. Then of course, they suddenly become no longer in ghost mode, and trucks go flying, people start swearing, and everyone has to wait half an hour for the troll to be kicked or banned. If you are dealing with trolls, just pull over and press F1. They can't do any damage to you while your game is paused. They'll eventually get bored.
  8. I'll actually add to this with one acronym: HCT Even the absolutely highest skilled of players will struggle to back an HCT straight, let alone into a spot.
  9. ETS2 and ATS have different speed limits also ETS2: 60Km = 37.2Mi <- City 110Km = 68.3Mi <- Out of city ATS: 45Mi = 72.4Km <- City 80.7Mi = 130Km <- Out of city
  10. Good to know you're adding more of a reason to happily abandon TruckersMP on the launch of any other mod. Making the save editing rules regarding duplicates unfortunately limited. I understand banning lots of horns. I understand banning excessive amounts of lights and beacons. But limiting it to one duplicate per vehicle, simply doesn't make sense. The ironic part is, you're just going to have an increase in the amount of reports from this. Reasonable save edits which wouldn't cause any issues, are now going to be a bannable offense.
  11. The CB radio is way too easily abused, so I avoid it entirely 99% of the time I usually keep my CB on channel 16 because its a usually clear channel
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