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Community Answers

  1. It's possible that TruckersMP has not yet verified that you own one of the DLC. You can follow these steps to make sure that TruckersMP can verify that you own the DLC: Make sure your Steam profile and Steam game details are set to public in Steam's privacy settings Go to https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings and click on the "Linked Games/DLC" tab. Click the blue "Check DLC" button. Wait a couple minutes If you prefer, you can set your Steam profile's privacy settings back how they were, if you made any changes Try again to play on TruckersMP
  2. Unfortunately with normal jobs this usually isn't possible, however, if you take World of Trucks jobs those will expire in real time rather than being based on the in-game time.
  3. I think its always great to see things like this in the game, not only does it further the interest between both SCS and (in this case) Volvo for the future, but it also brings us more content that isn't a generic model
  4. I think that's the fastest i've bought a DLC from it's release so far
  5. Open the normal console with the tilde key (~) and type g_minicon 0, then press enter That will hide the mini console you mention If you ever want to re-enable it, just type g_minicon 1
  6. You aren't doing anything wrong, this is just how the game works. When selecting a truck to drive, you will always be teleported with that truck to what is considered your "Headquarters" garage, which is in your case Calais. If you want to change what garage that is, go into the driver manager and find yourself, then select "relocate" and select a different garage.
  7. You don't have all the files needed, when downloading promods you first generate the def file in a new tab, then on the original tab you click "go to step 2" and download the other necessary file.
  8. I think it might possibly be something related to the fact that's all the same cargo That being said, that's a very nice photo
  9. There are two possibilities: If you are using World of Trucks jobs (external cargo), that will enable a 90km/h limiter. There is no way to disable that limiter while having one of those jobs. The 90km/h limiter might be enabled in the TruckersMP settings, these are the steps to check or disable/enable it: In the game (not paused or in the menu): Press tab Right click Click the settings icon at the bottom of the player list Look for the option "Speed limiter" in the general settings and disable or enable it using the checkbox to the right of it Click apply This can also be done from the login/server selection menu when you first start the game through TruckersMP, at the top right.
  10. I can't say i'd want any other CPU (for the time being) than the one I have already: 9th Gen Intel i5 9600k Of course, for the GPU i'd love to have a ZOTAC RTX 3090 24GB, but I think that's pretty far out of almost everyone's affordability
  11. TruckersMP is a completely separate thing from Convoy - SCS's official multiplayer mode. It can only be started through singleplayer on a profile without mods. There are definitely some key differences between the two, just a few examples being: TruckersMP: Many players in one server Specific mods that are usually guaranteed to work for all players Large-scale events Convoy: Less players (8 now, more in the future) in a player's own hosted server AI Traffic (In the future) Mods of likely any type, but there likely won't be any guarantee on things working and the game not crashing
  12. For ETS2, I would pick the MAN TGX Euro6, 6x2 taglift with any of the 500hp or less engines, with a 12 speed gearbox. Really like the way this truck drives! For ATS, I would have to pick the Kenworth W900 purely because of its sounds, 6x4 300 gallon chassis with a 410-500hp Paccar engine and 18 speed gearbox
  13. The locomotive is not banned from TruckersMP, it just has a low chance to be found on any of the cargo/freight markets. Using a lowbed or lowloader owned trailer may increase your chances of finding one though! Most of the players you see using this cargo have either generated the job using a program to modify their save file, or have manually modified their save file themselves.
  14. I've noticed a lot of lag recently from players who have beacons, you could try disabling/partially disabling the beacons in the console with g_disable_beacons 1/2 in the console
  15. Try sleeping in-game or quick travelling / teleport to service in-game, on TruckersMP, before generating/creating the job. TruckersMP synchronizes game time once you're connected to the server, so the job is likely expiring in game time when you connect to the server.
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