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  1. Europoort used to be 300-500 players in a traffic jam daily, that was good fun! Unfortunately, with all the new accessories and a LOT of people having save editing knowledge, a jam like that would be way too much for anyone's computer to handle!
  2. To my knowledge (except for the couple weeks after a DLC is released), Interstate 5 is usually the most driven road in ATS. It comes nowhere near Calais - Duisburg, but there's just not that many players in one place because everyone stays fairly spread out on ATS. As for cities, Sacramento, CA and Phoenix, AR are the two most populated. Las Vegas also can become populated, at times.
  3. If you are using a workshop mod or a mod from a website which creates those trailers, that may be the issue as those tend to use parts/accessories which will (currently) make it impossible to use them on TruckersMP. The only "guaranteed" way to get triple trailers or anything similar would be through save editing.
  4. This topic should answer your question (More info below the first post, on this topic) Roughly, 6 to 1 ratio on time. (1 hour in real time is equal to 6 hours in game time, or 4 hours in real time for 24 hours in game time)
  5. @Granite He wasn't auto-kicked because the ping is based on an average, so he probalby only had that ping for a few seconds. Internet is unpredictable, and you'd be here complaining for constantly being kicked for high ping if they didn't take an average. That happens from ANY spike of lag though, not just internet. Its either let anyone join the server from anywhere, or have hardly anyone on the server. I can guarantee you if TMP shared the actual statistics of who plays on the EU servers, at least 80% of the players live nowhere near the server (EU Sim 1 is located in France
  6. This also happens with double trailers and HCT's, I hope they can fix it so that it won't be an issue in the future.
  7. "sorry bro i sleep" That was a year ago though, I wish I still had the recording
  8. I notice a lot on ATS, 90% of the players essentially say "because the rules say you don't need to". Its unfortunate in my opinion, since ATS used to have players who cared for at least some level of simulation and not just keeping the gas pedal down 24/7 with no regard to whats going on. Now in regards to stop signs, I can understand why people don't fully stop at them in ATS. They're a nuisance, and most of the stop signs across the US would make more sense being yield signs, hence why most people treat them like yield signs in real life too. But, it it what it is.
  9. The best economy I seem to be able to get is with the previous generation Scania trucks, 440hp motor plus the overdrive 12 speed gearbox, giving me generally 30l/100km or less with careful driving and not using cruise control. (On fairly hilly routes, at 80km/h) The volume (size) of an engine is a big factor for both ETS2 and ATS when it comes to fuel economy, the v8 Scania engines are all 16.4 liter while for example, the 440hp engine is 12.7 liter. If you take hilly routes mostly, a more powerful engine can theoretically get you better fuel economy than a less powerfu
  10. @Carolina_Trucking It should save it after the first time you type it in, it might be profile specific so you should probably load a profile before typing it. If it doesn't save...thats a whole big issue entirely.
  11. @Carolina_Trucking It was a spelling mistake on my part, the command is g_hshifter_synchronized, not g_hshifter_synchronous
  12. @Carolina_Trucking Advanced shifting acts like a synchronous shifter g_hshifter_synchronous 0 makes it act like its non-synchronous The difference between a synchronous gearbox/non-synchronous gearbox is not an easy task to explain without imagery or video, so I recommend looking up how various synchronous/non-synchronous gearboxes work on YouTube.
  13. No - g_hshifter_synchronous and "Advanced shifting" are different. Advanced shifting by itself simulates a synchronous shifter. Simple shifting (+ simple shifting with warning sounds) is pretty much just unrealistic.
  14. This tachograph model is still in the TMP files (can be found at "%programdata%/TruckersMP/data/ets2/mods/tachograph.ets2mp", just extract it like any normal archive) but not loaded with the game...local accessory editing of course makes it possible to load it once you've got all the files set up...qj7xDkz.jpg
    I'm not entirely sure why they haven't implemented a feature with it or removed it from the files after all this time, it looks to have been at least partially functioning at some point.


    The file isn't even "within TMP standards" anymore, its a .ets2mp named file extension unlike the .mp file extension they've been using for years and years now. (Of course, it makes no difference as they're all archives..but that does in fact show how long its been there.)


    There's also an old dolly model, presumably from when TMP was messing around with the idea of making their own double trailers before SCS had came out with their own. Used to be able to partially use it in-game but you wouldn't be able to enter the menus without crashing, and now its no longer possible to use it (autokick by server).

    1. Paddy.


      I think that one of the interesting things with the tacograph is that is ended up being amalgamated with the Route Advisor (ie, when you had a rest penalty, it'd show up there in real time, versus you being inspected).


      With other projects like FMOD and modelling other trucks like the Mack Anthem, it's possible that this is just on the perpetual backburner. A shame, because I imagine it would have been fun to play around with, from seeing how it actually functioned, to finding out how the game would penalize you for malicious misuse.


      Thanks for showing us this. Interesting little venture.

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