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  1. CJMAXiK

    The inaccuracy of public API data

    We're just updated API, you can use "steamID" field, it will have SteamID64 in a form of string.
  2. CJMAXiK

    The inaccuracy of public API data

    It's known issue. If you're using Javascript, use json-bigint for now.
  3. First link has a proper 301 redirect to second URL. It is not a bug.
  4. CJMAXiK

    Trucker Log Bag

    Hello, @Ganymede! Please update your source code with new version of the tool.
  5. CJMAXiK

    Removing Gravatar support

    We're never used TMP profile avatars in-game.
  6. Hello truckers, As you may know, we're using Gravatar as well as other methods in order to let you handle website and forum avatars. Unfortunately, we will remove Gravatar support due to privacy concerns. Since many of fellow truckers are using Gravatar, we will make the shutdown in several steps: Public service announcement about future changes - May 1st Removing Gravatar support from Website - May 7th Removing Gravatar support from Forum - May 14th You'll still be able to upload your avatar as usual, please proceed the following steps: Forum: Click on your nickname in a top right corner to open your profile Click on next to your avatar Select "Upload photo" and choose a file from your computer (or "No photo" in order to use a default one) Click "Save" Website: Hover onto your nickname in a top right corner and click "Settings" Click "Edit profile" tab Select "Upload" and choose a file from your computer (or "None" in order to use a default one) Scroll down and click "Save changes". Please note: In-game avatars comes from your Steam profile avatar. View post on homepage
  7. CJMAXiK

    API Suggestion: Bans isPrivate

    Feature has been implemented. See displayBans field in player API endpoint.

    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Music 10+^_^

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      [RLC] Dark_Owl_

      Really great !! 10/10:thisisfine:

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  9. Topic has been archived by user request.
  10. CJMAXiK

    TruckersMP - Change Font

    It is actually easier. - Create a folder "C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data\shared_mod\fonts" - Copy your font in .ttf format then called it "OpenSans.ttf" - Launch TruckersMP Since default font is thin, there are my suggestions for the fonts: - Roboto Bold (or even Roboto Black) - Noto Sans Display Bold - PT Root UI Bold
  11. CJMAXiK

    New reporting model

    -1, can be easily abused.
  12. I think this is not an appropriate topic to ask.
  13. greetings good days :)

  14. Исправим, спасибо.