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  1. Нет. Более того, после регистрации с тем же аккаунтом Steam баны снова появятся.
  2. Если имеется в виду TruckersMP ID - то только удалить аккаунт и создать новый. Это займет 14 дней.
  3. 1) It doesn't mean updates would come quickly 2) With reverse engineering as a core development process, you need to be aware of the whole operation before you even touch the code. 3) I guess, we can open-source the network code, but it won't help us to make core code updates quicker. 4) Open-source code can open many ways to cheat, since the code is visible, including its weak points. 5) mwl4 is still a maintainer of the project, so he would need to review and approve every single merge request from open-source project. It is still time-consuming.
  4. Please check out the latest comments (pinned as recommended here).
  5. Hello, thank you for your question. If we don't have a public recruitment campaign for the Development team (core, network, or web), it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We do recruit people via Feedback, should they choose to participate in the project. The reason we don't have it public because we will instantly get hundreds of applications from those who are not experienced in any development ("wannabe developers") or claiming to have an experience with no evidence of it (like CV or resume). The perfect example is our new web developer, Ratcho. He reached us with CV and expressed his interest. Eventually, he came onboard. Our requirements for a Core/Client Developer (not included the basic ones): - Strong knowledge of C++ and Assembly - Robust skills in disassembly process, including a good knowledge of disassembly software, like IDA Pro - Experience in a multiplayer game (or MMO) development - Experience with RakNet networking engine and/or ETS2/ATS modding is a huge plus All the Developers must sign a non-disclosure agreement, so we aren't scared to have new people in the team. It will be hard to come onboard though. Kind regards.
  6. Guest

    Hello there. I need to ask something, how can I reach?

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    2. Guest


      There is a ban that lasted for about 1 year. I withdrew the copyright. There is also the correspondence on the objection. but the ban is still active, even though there is no copyright.

    3. Guest


      Repeatedly given feedback but not accepted

    4. CJMAXiK


      You have only one feedback ticket from yesterday. I suggest you to wait. "Copyright withdrew" won't make your ban disappear. 

  7. Like I said, you can't say "we're getting closer" for sure. The reason why we don't share any ETA or updating your on a progress more frequently - you can't be too sure and we can not set high expectations just for them to be ruined when reality doesn't meet them.
  8. Sorry, but it is your own decision. Why should you make that decision if it hurts you financially? There is no obligation of you to support us financially at all. This is for the loyal players, who are willing to spend their spare money towards securing the near future for TruckersMP. Of course, we want to give you more information, we just can not find ways to wrap the boring and obscure part of our development in something that you all can easily comprehend. Also, there is a time aspect - mwl4 (as one and only source of core development news) has a limited time to work with updates, let alone writing a periodic newsletter with all the changes done in code. "We can decode his boring and obscure stuff", you say? Okay, but what "305 of 507 functions are ported" information can give you? This is not even an estimate. Like I said earlier with the progress percentage example, you can not expect that 202 remaining functions will be done in the exact time that first 305. You can brainstorming one and only thing for months with no huge success or just find a way to do it in seconds thanks to experience and a little bit of luck. This is a reverse engineering nature, you can't be sure how much time will be spent on the development. As you can see with mwl4's recent comment, there is also a network code that can be improved, but you can't spend much time on it when you have nothing to synchronize - you need to make all the changes to the core engine to support the latest game version. We appreciate your support, it is really valuable. It is mind-blowing to see that huge support over a fan project, moral and financial. There is so much we can and want to do. If only we can have more spare time without hurting real-life experience...
  9. Please check this very article once again, especially "Why do these updates take so long?" part. We don't want to reiterate everything when no updates can be given. Information updates are given when there are any new information. We don't "roar" for money, it is up to you should you choose to support our endeavor or not. For you to know, mwl4 is currently working in CD Projekt RED in order to give you a taste of a future in upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game.
  10. I don't think percentage can give you any estimate on things, because you can do 95% quickly, then realize that the last 5% are really hard and require an extra time. That's why we don't have percent system implemented for the announcements.
  11. 03.09.2020 "Unofficial Tools" forum is opened for everybody! We welcome any TruckersMP-related projects, either proprietary or open-sourced!
  12. Hello, thank you for your questions. I am not sure why this is a Developer question. If we are talking about the game, we are using word "Ramming" as an action word, that means "to hit or push something with force". In terms of software, word "Crash" means "stops functioning properly and exits". Many changes have been made in recent days, such as publicly visible load, edit function, and improvements in a report creation form. Much more changes were made under the hood for our staff for making their life easier. I'd say the skeleton of web report system is the same and proven functional over the years. This is not a question for a Developers. However, we were recruiting the staff since Day 1. Actually, I was recruited back in 2015 via Google Forms and was interviewed via Skype. Kind regards.
  13. Hello, thank you for your questions. While we don't share our procedures for ban evasion check, rest assured, they are robust and trustworthy. Also, you can always prove your point by sending an appeal or feedback ticket with evidence. As for the "stolen account" - you are responsible for your own account (rule 1.1), we're (as well as Steam) giving you an opportunity to make your account secure (strong password, two-factor authentication, different passwords for each of your platform accounts). In order to be able to delete your account, you must: Log in to your account, using E-mail and password Verify your login via 2FA (if enabled) Type your password again to be able to see a deletion form. Do the confirmation steps for the actual deletion. As said in previous answer, you are responsible for your own account. You need to make sure that your account is safe. Kind regards.
  14. 5 years in TruckersMP Team, 2 years as a Developer. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn, meet awesome people, and be useful to this great community!

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    2. Herr Müller [GER]

      Herr Müller [GER]

      Thank you and congrats for 5years ❤️❤️❤️

    3. Mikesam


      Thank you for your contribution

    4. [L-LATAM](30) El Reja

      [L-LATAM](30) El Reja

      Thank you for all the work you've done, CJ. The community thanks you! ❤️ 

  15. Hello, thank you for your question. First versions of ETS2MP (former TruckersMP name) has been developed by RootKiller. You can read his article about it here:
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