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  1. There is no traffic in Multiplayer, real players only.
  2. We do not have legal rights to distribute DLC. Therefore you can't see DLC stuff if you don't have one.
  3. @Finist62rus, отпишись в техподдержку, мы проверим и пофиксим.
  4. I am sorry for this loss. I hope you're better now. Honestly, my mindset isn't so stable for now and I am struggling to choose the right step for myself. Only the TruckersMP community and their dedication to what we've built is what keeping me on rails. Thank you for sharing this story.
  5. @Finist62rus, а если купить новый грузовик и попробовать накинуть на него?
  6. I'd say small changes. SCS' legacy shouldn't be touched.
  7. Какая конкретно раскраска стоит?
  8. You don't need to check the cache entry in that closure, `remember` will do it for you. Also, timeout is in seconds, not in minutes.
  9. WoTr plates are back! Check your profile bio!

    1. Snorlax.


      Awesome work! :D

    2. Wolf_TMP


      thank youu 

  10. Контракты World of Trucks не работают со сторонними картами - только с оригинальной.
  11. If you really want to support charity, you can do that right away. I don't see any reason to do that via third party.
  12. We have a plans to do that, but no ETA sadly.
  13. Use F7 for that instances, it is a built-in feature.
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