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  1. Sorry, but I am not going to support another languages in a near future. It is time consuming and relies on a volunteers.
  2. This topic will provide you an information about "Unofficial Tools" topic. "Unofficial Tools" topic is premoderated. Tool availability Tool can be in form of executable and/or website. Using both server and client in your project is allowed. Tool must be available to all users when they are posted. This means it have to be in a public alpha, public beta or publicly released. Tool should not use Shareware/Freemium or any other paywall model. Donations are allowed. Tool topic should not have any referral or paid links (like adf.ly). Link shorteners can be used (obfuscating referral of paid links with them might result a punishment). Source code availability Any tool the user can or must download must be open source. Tools that also use non-downloadable components (i.e. loads data from a server owned by the developer) does not need to release the server code as open source, but the downloadable component must still be open source. Open source code should be available at one of a publicly available code hosting, including (but not limited) github.com, gitlab.com, bitbucket.org. Licensing All tools must be licensed using a Free Software Foundation (FSF) approved license. A list can be found here. This rule doesn't apply to websites without published source code. Presentation Topic should be a professional presentation of the tool. Minimal information required in your topic are: Name, Tool URL, Tool Focus, Description, Screenshots, Repository URL (if applicable) We've not providing a template for you to follow, so please feel free to express yourself and your project. Tool updates Your tool should get reasonable amount of updates. Developers are welcome to post updates in tool topic. (for open source projects) Use Releases feature of your repository. Download link should be from the same repository as code base (i.e. Github-hosted project have Releases feature). Tools which is not available and/or isn't updated in 3 months will be archived. If your project is in final state (read: no more updates required or planned), please notify us and your users by posting update in tool topic. For questions or inquiries, contact @CJMAXiK TruckersMP Staff may grant exceptions from these guidelines in special cases. TruckersMP Staff may also hide tools following these guidelines in special cases.
  3. Thank you. Please keep changes syncronized with repo and releases.
  4. Tool has been updated to support all the latest features of TruckersMP API. Please enjoy!
  5. Hello, @H4RRY_09! Your last release was in year 2018, however you did changes in the repo in May. Please make a new release and update the links in this topic asap.
  6. Wrong tip. F1 just deletes TruckersMP files from your computer, not updating.
  7. Это всего лишь изменение стандартной темы (которую, кстати, можно поменять внизу страницы). Он не упал, он "сгладился". Раньше было 8К в пике, 5-6к в покое. Сейчас стабильно 7,5К практически в любой день. Справедливости ради, всего три недели прошло, и за них много что изменилось, так что статистика пока "прыгает".
  8. Онлайн упал потому, что вчера было проблемное обновление. Я приготовился А форум мы не трогали, так что ваша информация ложна.
  9. Нет, сервера TruckersMP невозможно взять в аренду. Если вы планируете большой эвент, то у Вас есть возможность подать заявку на предоставление временного сервера: https://truckersmp.com/event-request/create
  10. We have tried those filters in many cases, however, it can lead to unexpected results and false positives almost 90% of the time. Also, you can easily bypass those filters. All you need to do is change one or two letters.
  11. @Swagger, TruckersMP не имеет к этому аккаунту никакого отношения.
  12. We have no plans to remove speed limiter in a near future.
  13. Welcome to Unofficial Tools topic! Good luck with your creation!
  14. This feature requires a lot of space and computing resources, which costs a lot of money, so it is not going to happen.
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