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  2. We already support the latest release version - 1.37. FMOD (new sound engine) is quite a new thing in our development workflow, so it might be several updates before we will fully support that.
  3. 2.9.38 (13th June 2020) Fixed intended redirect for non-login forms Updated UI for player position history Updated wording and visuals for 2FA pages Updated former Patron UI box on profile Added unsubscribe link to the bottom of most emails Added groupColor to the /v2/player player API endpoint
  4. API Changelog 13/06/20: - New property to /v2/player/ API end-point - groupColor. You can read the full description in our API documentation: https://stats.truckersmp.com/api#players_lookup
  5. API Changelog 17/05/20: - New property to /v2/player/ API end-point - discordSnowflake. You can read the full description in our API documentation: https://stats.truckersmp.com/api#players_lookup
  6. PSA: "New generation Helper.mp" project is not affiliated with TruckersMP Helper, not developed and not supported by me.

    All the rights to the TruckersMP Helper project, identity and source code belongs to me.

  7. Mac OS market share in Steam is less than 4%. Doing double/triple job for the playerbase less than the smallest server in the game seems unreasonable. It also means more than 96% of players will wait TMP updates for double/triple amount of time.
  8. Ну так спросите у того, кто данный скриншот делал.
  9. Вам не давали права регулировать движение. Pilot - не полицейская машина, она несет чисто утилитарную функцию. Игроку достаточно нажать F7 и сделать все самому. Подавайте репорты.
  10. Вы хотите, чтобы как в жизни? Тогда давайте каждое ДТП будет сопровождаться жертвами. Скажем, после ДТП вы месяц-полтора не сможете играть. Как вам идея? P.S. Это вдобавок к бану, если вы нарушили.
  11. Can be abused pretty easily.
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