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  1. Did you know that you can now reconnect or change the server without restarting TruckersMP? Just exit to the launchpad and you'll be able to choose a server and a profile! 😉

  2. Want a hardcore Simulation experience? Check out VTC.World!



  3. Нет ни одной запятой, в русском языке так не работает. Не нужно переводить в лоб, нужно адаптировать текст.
  4. Stay tuned to our official pages
  5. It only looks that easy. It is way harder to properly implement underneath. You have to be patient.
  6. There was no actual facts in your previous message, so it has been reported due to false claims. You have to show the evidence before making those claims that are close to liability zone. I've just ran Process Monitor and I can't see anything suspicious about VTCW. We are looking at your ETS2/ATS folder to write/read our save file, our own dll in plugins and our own VTC.World folder. Are you 100% sure you're not misinterpreting your tools output? If you were to find any suspicious activity, either let me know with evidence or create a public forum post with them. I guess we have a different VTC.Worlds, since Virustotal reports 1/67 in worse case. Even Kaspersky is completely chill. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3f22e6864d283ef163e412c3a9e37243aea366342c7ba093b460c6ba608029f4 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/45b9f6d4fc31c55eb374c53228f56e66444d2105d7a1d44c852475cab004ce09 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a5fb868d3bf963c0213911dca0e3d6d61324cb065fae51f2a43eac2a0ad0cd03 (worse case, 99% a false positive) Full disclosure: I am a part of VTC.World development team, however, I am not involved in the client/server delelopment.
  7. Previous information has nothing to do with reality. VTC.World cares only about its profile, because we don't want to have cheaters in our economy. You're welcome to join our service.
  8. CJMAXiK

    What's this? 👀

    I mean, 3rd party dispatchers already exists. I don't see an outcry about their influence over a market.
  9. It says right in the post now
  10. We don't build them from scratch - these are AI models from the game base, we are adding a possibility to drive on them. You don't buy the vehicle. You donate for the project and we are giving you a privilege to use certain in-game features, like alternating vehicles.
  11. Supporting several operating systems deems a very big challenge. Basically, we have to post the game one time for each OS for every update. This is a big deal even with smaller updates. Steam Deck is suggested to be an open platform (just a small form-factor PC), so you can do whatever you want. With that, you can probably play TruckersMP via Proton (Wine) layer, like some of our community members do for years. UPD: Point about "slower Linux updates" doesn't make much sense, since you won't be able to play without latest update anyway.
  12. Please consider reactions as a valuable community feature, not just a way to thank people for random stuff. Reactions is what pushes the reputation forward, what makes people recognizable and trustworthy. Save your reactions for really valuable stuff.
  13. Limit is there to prevent abuse and reputation boost.
  14. This is not related to the website update
  15. New major website update! 


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      Scanva Diesel A/S

      Good Job CJ 💖 :catjam:

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      Time to see what I can go and break :troll:

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