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  1. Steering wheel accessories causing a game client fatal error - HOTFIX PUSHED | RESOLVED CB Radio missing in Skoda and Cabins - HOTFIX PUSHED | RESOLVED
  2. UPD: Add Late Autumn/Mild Winter v3.8 for Euro Truck Simulator and v2.7 for American Truck Simulator
  3. We are working on TruckersMP in part time already. What should it change? It is more complicated than just a list of changes. First, we need to dig through a disassembled code to find those changes. It is more than a task. Also, I don't think we can communicate most of the changes with users since they are too technical and specific to the enginlockquote widget
  4. @HAR_Sabre, your phrases "hiring a full-time developer" and "then I will absolutely become a patron" contradict to each other. How we should pay a full-time developer when we don't have a stable source of income (including Patreon). As of now, Patreon income can't cover even a single full-time C++ developer. Nobody will work full day at a loss. That's an exaggeration. We support the latest versions for a most of their lifespan, including the time after a new version release.
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