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  1. Nice guide! Are you planning to update it to universal one (to not use any fixed game versions in text)? Also, you're saying about steam_profiles folder, but you have profiles folder on the screenshot, that's a bit confusing.
  2. TruckersMP Steam Helper update, v21.6.20: Fix the issues with underlying requests Added information on how to install extension in Opera, Vivaldi and Egde.
  3. While I understand the call, I don't think it is viable. It will split the community to paid and unpaid players, which is not something we're striving to. Just like with suggestions to have a hardcore server with all the traffic code enforced (although I would like to see that in action). For first one, it is basically a paid cheat. I don't think we want to bring money in the project with that dirty thing. For second one, it reduces client/server load and your Internet consumption, so a proper view distance is reserved for staff that are required to have more view (GM/Event/Media). For the third one, it might lead to abuses. Since 1.41 will support a quick travel to an opened dealer, this suggestion is already fulfilled. Unfortunately, the cost of space and maintenance is exponentially increasing with each uploaded file. IMO we have more valuable things to spend money to. Not to mention any possible legal and security abuse. IMO I don't see the need for it. We have an overwhelming support from the community, and even if we were to use a list from a highest tier, our videos will be way much shorter that the actual Patron list. We already have the Patreon Wall of Fame, maybe we can do something more useful out of it. Your feedback is valuable! While these particular points are in question, I am supporting other ones.
  4. Thank you for you suggestion. Unfortunately, this is not possible as of now. "Who's Online" widget at the bottom doesn't allow us to change the way it is sorted. We also do not want to change it programmatically as the forum software is not build by us. // Rejected for now, might be revisited after forum software update.

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    2. ReacherK
    3. [SCINT] MaxIMate_NL

      [SCINT] MaxIMate_NL

      The background makes me think of Minecraft for some reason xD

      Epic tune man!

    4. Jаmes
  6. TruckersMP Steam Helper update, v21.5.31: Added online status (from map.truckersmp.com) Permanent ban info Various fixes
  7. We do have plans to do so, but there are no ETA on that.
  8. Website Update v2.12.15.0 - Improved user search: proper search results ranking - Support system load: similar to Report system - Report system cap: 20 opened reports max., max report score is 30 - Other fixes and improvements
  9. Some nighttime hardbass session v2


    1. Scanva Diesel A/S
    2. Stormraider-_-


      my headset bout to blow

  10. Some nighttime hardbass session


  11. Hey! TruckersMP Steam Helper extension is now feature-complete! No further updates other than a security ones will be performed. If you have a functionality request, don't hesitate to contact me here.
  12. There is nothing new for end users in current patch. We have GWEN as our UI library for years now.
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