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  1. Thank you for the Follow! ❤️

  2. WHY??????


    Since I left TMP both as official streamer and staff member, there have been rumours flying around as why I left.  It would of course be inappropriate for me to go into the reason(s) for my departure, however I will say that I gave it considerable thought before making the final decision.


    I could have done it a number of ways, including live on stream, but that would have been unprofessional and some would even go as far as saying - "sensationalist".  Sometimes, it is best to leave quietly and unobtrusively, rather than with a loud BANG!!!!!

    I am acutely aware that my decision has disappointed the vast majority of those who watched me on the TMP Official twitch channel, however it was for the best and I am sure managers within TMP will not mind me saying, that a door has been left ajar should I wish to return.  

    I also gave some time before I decided in writing this on my forum profile as I wanted to let the dust settle and an objective and constructive statement from me personally be given & seen by those who wish to view it.  The TMP is a community that I am still in touch with be it on the roads of TMP, via their partners like TFM and events such as the Rescue Run I am organising in October.  That all being said, I am giving TMP a bit of a break at the moment and exploring other & concentrating on others.  


    Wishing you all well and I look forward to seeing you on the TMP roads and in my twitch channel.

  3. Gonna miss your streams Rescue 😭

  4. Take care ❤️


  5. Is sad to see you leave you will be miss. I will miss all the fun time and funny time on the stream I hope for the best for your future!

  6. We will miss you very much Rescue 😭

  7. I will miss you bruv! 794500175707504641.gif?v=1

    You and Nightmare were TMP's best streamers. It was always nice to see you live, like you have always made me laugh and more. Will never forget the Tournament Stream with you and all the other streams. I hope you come back sometime ❤️ 😭

  8. We will miss you ❤️ 

  9. Thank you for the follow

  10. Thank you for the follow

  11. Thank you for the follow


  12. 😻Before I begin this post I need to thank @Bastet.for giving me permission to post a charity link within this status update.😻


    You of course are aware that I am one of the two Official Streamers for TruckersMP, however most of you may not be aware that I am also an official streamer for my chosen charity Santerpaws Bulgarian Rescue registered with the English Charity Commission - number 1183401.


    I am also an active member of Barking Mad Fundraisers along with @Sharkie2405 and others and I have been chosen to organise a charity convoy event on TruckersMP to raise awareness and funds for the dogs  & cats looking for their forever homes.  This year I have pushed myself and challenged myself to organise - The Rescue Run 2021

    I have already approached a number of VTCs and had positive responses.  If you are interested in finding out more about the event and signing up to join us in October 2021,  you can head over to  the event page.  We also have our very own discord for you to join as well.  



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      Looks interesting 🙂

    2. raffaeloo


      Sounds Awesome Rescue! 

    3. .Pedro.


      Looks interesting🤔

  13. Thank you for the follow 🙂


    1. eireluke


      No problem , Thank you for the follow back 👍

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