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  1. OOFFFF not the way to keep members or drivers. Its supposed to be an enjoyable experience being part of a VTC - not a chore
  2. Our VTC is one that has its emphases on FUN Outcast Transport VTC
  3. Well its a big "F" in chat for Rescue193uk.  


    Got things ready to stream as planned at 1pm today - with 10 minutes to go, I hit the TMP launcher icon an meh!  Had an error come up, so attempted to start as administrator.  Cut a long explanation short - I have had to reinstall steam, TMP launcher and all my games.  


    This is most defiantly not the afternoon i was looking forward to.  


    I know the lack of an anticipated Promods TMP stream will be a disappointment, however, I will be back next week.

    1. povgamer


      That stinks. Hopefully everything gets back to normal for you.

    2. WarSniperr


      Do not worry about it Rescue, Everyone has issues with there PC at some point.

  4. Hello again friends - I will be streaming from 1:00pm UTC on Tuesday 23rd February on the official  TruckersMP twitch channel playing some PROMODS  Anyone is welcome to join me on the day in-game.  As always, please remember that if you do join me you will possibly be in the eyes of TMP GMs & admeens.


    I am confident that those who do join me in-game will indeed be sensible.  I will be using my new profile on the day, so will be looking for truck dealerships, garages, and recruitment agencies.


    If you cannot join in game, certainly look forward to seeing you in chat.  

  5. A  brief synopsis of the TMP staff convoy from the Streamers perspective. The stream went live on time at 5.30pm and I took a brief dev cam look around Bern and the staff in their amazing liveried trucks.


    We set off just about on time and I was full of trepidation and gentle excitement as I set off out of Eurogoodies.   I negotiated the left hand turn and moseyed on down the straight road to the next T-junction, talking and entertaining chat before turning RIGHT.   It was at this point I looked at my sat nav (I had 2) & to my horror realised I had just gone the wrong way.  To make things worse, I was being followed by Krewlex lol.


    Fortunately I noticed a break in the central reservation barrier so I did a quick U-ie, followed by the others.  I was really embarrassed but I managed to eventually catch up to the front of the pack.  

    The rest of the convoy was very enjoyable and as it was my 1st staff convoy I really enjoyed it.



  6. Just a reminder that 5.30pm UTC on Saturday 20th February I will be streaming LIVE on twitch for the TruckersMP staff convoy.  Come and watch admeens, support staff and others come together and enjoy the open TMP roads.


    Note this will be on a white listed server.

    1. Wokosta


      cool thanks for letting people know mate.

    2. AllstarDK


      Thanks for the reminder Rescue :) hope i can be there 😁

  7. Thank you very much for your follow-up❤️

  8. I agree, the Promods in general is so chilled. It would be nice to have a few more drivers around, however it does mean that you can appreciate the work that PROMODS have put into the mod. The buildings and terrain is awesome. PROMODS Canada is amazing and i am looking forward to them expanding further around Canada.
  9. Today's TMP stream was brilliant.  Starting in Oslo and the first journey was up to Trondheim and then on up to Kirkenes.  @speedy_tmp

     very kindly followed my up to Kirkenes and then we met up at F7.


    From there I changed trucks from a MAN to a VOLVO.  We then headed towards the quarry.


    @Phon joined us as well and we got down to the quarry relatively unscathed.  We were joined by @Sharkie2405 and @TFM_Mikey  

    tmp mods.png

    1. Scanva Diesel A/S
    2. Dalechall


      Really enjoyed the stream. Can't wait for the next one

    3. .James


      Was fun to watch 😄

  10. muchas gracias por seguirme

  11. one follow buddy


    1. Phoenix_TMP


      Follow = Follow 

      Im your friendly neigbourhood Notmeen *gets banned*

  12. thank you for the follow 😁


    1. Bolts


      You're welcome, you too 💙

  13. Thank you for the follow

  14. Oi thanks for the follow 😘

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