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  1. hi and thanks for the reply - found the way to the edit profile, but within that there is no dialogue box to update the VTC. Everything else is the same just no vtc box I have added a snip of the profile edit to show there is no box for vtc - should i raise a ticket? Txs Rescue
  2. Hey all, My profile in the forums currently shows my former VTC and i would like to update it to my current VTC. I am unable to find out where to do this, has anyone any idea how to do this in forums? thanks Rescue
  3. From what I am hearing so far - you guys are doing a fantastic job! I am loving the music variety - I think you may have also guessed with all the tweets and requests I have put forward. Keep up the great work
  4. So Im Rescue193uk.  The helicopter in my banner is where I take my name from.  It was the Search and Rescue helicopter in Cornwall where i use to live.  Look around the internet and you may find more about me as I use this name a fair bit.  The picture on my profile is me however it was taken a few years ago now. 


    I enjoy playing ETS2 on both Truckers MP and base game - although I have recently begun to play around with mods and Promods, which I think really adds another dimension to the game.


    Feel free to join me on my Twitter account for my ETS2 & TruckersMP exploits.  I also follow all the IRL truck and some hauliers.



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