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  1. I have enjoyed participating in the Real Ops in the past and I am sure that this years event will be as equally enjoyable. Really looking forward to.
  2. Rescue Run 2022


    Some of you will know that I am the official streamer for my twitch channels chosen charity - Santerpaws Bulgarian Rescue.  I am in the planning process of devising a route for this years Rescue Run which will take part in December 2022.  The exact date and time is still to be decided and as soon as I have that in the plans, I will put forward the event details on the TMP event page.



  3. Wonder if this will give me the willies
  4. 1309131599_CuteArrow.jpg.0a94feb60ffc11b729df27ed0a6c461b.jpg


    Arrow was 17 months old and had been with me since February 2022.  He was a rescue cat that I had from the charity I volunteer for, Santerpaws Bulgarian Rescue, Pleven, Bulgaria.  He was one of the most friendly and loving cats I have known, of course with his cheeky mischievous ways too.  We bonded very quickly and he was full of life and activity.  He gave me much enjoyment and routine, which is one of the things I need for my mental health issues. 


    Arrow went missing on Monday 10th October 2022 and I was very concerned, but kept trying to tell myself that he was exploring the area more and was possibly with another person who was feeding him, or similar.  On the 15th October 2022, I went for my Covid19 & Flu jabs and I decided to ring around my local vets.  They asked for some images of Arrow and asked me to describe him.

    I decided that I would drop into the vets just to double check.  They confirmed that a cat matching Arrows description had been bought in on Monday 10th at about 8.50AM after being hit by a car.  I saw the vet who told me that Arrow had suffered a serious pelvis injury and possible internal injuries too.  The vets had been giving him pain relief and keeping him as comfy as possible.  

    Because of my situation, I am only receiving welfare benefits so I am eligible to have one pet treated free by the PDSA  The vet said that if I was able to confirm that the PDSA would take over treating Arrow, then they would not ask for any money for the treatment they had given Arrow - which I thought was very generous of them.

    I got onto the PDSA immediately and managed to get him over to the local PDSA Pet Hospital.  The vet there said they would take further X-rays, and keep him comfortable.  I should expect a phone call later on in the day.  At around 8:45pm I had a call letting me know that Arrows pelvis had been shattered and it was not going to be possible to repair it.  He also had some complications with his bladder.  

    Sadly I had to make the heart wrenching decision to have Arrow put to sleep.😭

  5. Remembrance.jpg.737d03ae553bc4569b68b7f8917c339e.jpg

    With sadness and respect


    It has taken me a few days to actually comprehend the enormity of the loss the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has had on me.  As I grew up in the UK Military ( RAF), I am fully aware of the importance of the monarchy of the United Kingdom And Northern Ireland, and the head of state for the Commonwealth.

    I respect that not everyone will be a supporter of the UK monarchy, I also understand that not everybody is in the United Kingdom or in a Commonwealth country so the passing of our longest reigning monarch will mean very little to them.  That being said, I would appreciate it if those who are non supporters would keep to a civil path and be respectful to my beliefs.

    As we leave the Elizabethan era and enter a new chapter in our royal history, I have to say to His Majesty King Charles III




  6. It is time for another Rescue Roundup lol.  So after a few months of not playing TMP or trucking in general, I have found a new lease of life with Trucking.  After being in @Replay__stream just over a month ago and generally chatting, I took the plunge and applied to BVAR VTC which Replay is CEO.  I have know BVAR and Replay for sometime - I am a twitch mod for his stream and I have had the pleasure of meeting Replay at i65.  I have found BVAR VTC to be a very friendly and fun based vtc and was amazed that after just one month of being with them, that I was jointly awarded ETS Driver of the month!!

    I now have a couple of ambitions/goals for myself, which is something I have never done.  So what are they I hear you cry lol.  I would like to go back to the TMP stream team, not as official streamer, but I would like to help them with their community moderation on the TruckersMP official twitch channel.  The second goal is to eventually become a member of the TMP Event Team.  This is a longer term goal as I need to get some experience on events.  I have a very small amount of experience, however I do intend to get more skills and practice at this.

    I like to be open and honest about me to you the community - sometimes a bit to much, but that is just me.  Some of you maybe aware that in March 2022 I was infected with the dreaded Corona Virus.  I was clear after 10 days, however I went onto have long covid.  This has now, after medical investigations, shown that I have LVH or Left Ventricle Hypertension - or high blood pressure in the lungs.  This in turn, has potentially damaged my heart.  I will know more soon as I am going for a heart scan tomorrow.  I have had lots of blood tests as well and may need to go for further tests, such as stress tests of my heart depending on the results of my heart scan.

    Whatever the outcomes, I am going to have to slow down and may even have to be signed off work permanently, which will give me more time to focus on TMP work if I am taken on when recruitments are open again and I submit applications

    1. .Tony


      I believe you will succeed. Come on, your dream will come true. I will often watch your twich streaming.


      Kind regards,


    2. Replay__


      Appreciate the kind words rescue, it is good to have you as a part of the BVAR Trucking VTC team. In terms of applying for tmp all u can do is try right and u never know you may be accepted so good luck with that.

  7. ? All saved and ready to go ?
  8. Well things have changed so much since the end of lockdown.  I won't say that life has returned to normal as life has a way of throwing curve balls at you - which is exactly what has happened to me.  With all the difficulties with my mental health and contracting Covid 19 as well, I didnt think things could get any worse.  Sadly the Covid 19 developed into long covid, which I am still suffering with.  Plus if that was not enough, I have now been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency.

    As most of you will be aware, I am now part of the "silver surfer#" brigade and I have long associated with the far younger generation.  During lockdown here in the UK that was not a problem however since lockdown ceased and people have gone in different directions, it is very clear to me that I have been forced to rethink my entire situation and also to see in which direction I myself must now go in.

    Streaming and content creation over the last 6 months has been very difficult for me indeed.  Not having the energy and being riddled with fatigue all the time, plus sleeping sometimes up to 16 hours per day, this has put a considerable amount of time between my streams and its schedules.  


    1. Rider.


      hope things resolve, sorry to hear ?

  9. Happy Birthday! 

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Thank you for the follow ?

  12. Thank you for the Follow! ❤️

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