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  1. I have been both solo and in a VTC. Currently in Courtz Carriers VTC & loving it. Having been both solo and in a VTC there are positives and not so positives in both. Different VTC's have different requirements so it would be incorrect of me to say which is wrong or right. It comes down to personal preference, finding the VTC for you and so on. That being said, since joining Courtz Carriers VTC, I have felt more of the community love and made more friends than if I was trucking solo.
  2. Set up pic Wheel TMX Pro - H-shifter Thrustmaster TH8 Special - real Scania AMAR SKARS shifter - Saitek (Logitech) button controller
  3. I listen to TFM all the time - the only real time i dont listen is when Auto DJ is on. I then go and put song request on where i have a number of play lists and of course, my community can add their favorite tunes as well.
  4. hi and thanks for the reply - found the way to the edit profile, but within that there is no dialogue box to update the VTC. Everything else is the same just no vtc box I have added a snip of the profile edit to show there is no box for vtc - should i raise a ticket? Txs Rescue
  5. Hey all, My profile in the forums currently shows my former VTC and i would like to update it to my current VTC. I am unable to find out where to do this, has anyone any idea how to do this in forums? thanks Rescue
  6. So Im Rescue193uk.  The helicopter in my banner is where I take my name from.  It was the Search and Rescue helicopter in Cornwall where i use to live.  Look around the internet and you may find more about me as I use this name a fair bit.  The picture on my profile is me however it was taken a few years ago now. 


    I enjoy playing ETS2 on both Truckers MP and base game - although I have recently begun to play around with mods and Promods, which I think really adds another dimension to the game.


    Feel free to join me on my Twitter account for my ETS2 & TruckersMP exploits.  I also follow all the IRL truck and some hauliers.



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