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  1. @ppabli I tried that way but still got black screen so i've put in a support ticket to truckersmp about the black screen just waiting for a response but thanks for the help i appreciate it
  2. @SavageXL i don't use any mods just play it how it is for truckersmp & singleplayer
  3. Hi Everyone Is anyone else having a problem with truckersmp after updating to 1.38 like im having here in this photo after the black appeared in my game it closed my game completely down it did this 5 more times before i gave in and played a different game on my steam library Cheers Australian Stig
  4. thanks for the update i can't wait for 1.38 to come out on truckersmp
  5. Hi there i want to know if there are any new people who have joined truckersmp recently during this pandemic at the moment
  6. Good Afternoon Everyone hope you had a great day today 😀

  7. @Nigthwish I bet u used a lot of fuel for doing that journey
  8. Happy First Day of the Month Everyone !! 😁

  9. @[ĐŤŞ]-αľđŏ_ŧřŭċқ_- nice when i go on long journey i go from Aberdeen to İstanbul using the Volvo FH16
  10. @Herr Müller [GER] it would be ets2 for me as i prefer to drive european trucks
  11. nice @[ĐŤŞ]-αľđŏ_ŧřŭċқ_- what truck did u use to do that job ?
  12. Hi there What's the longest job u ever taken on truckersmp/Promods and where was it from and where was it's place of arrival Thanks
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