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  1. @SEDOY 555554 I hope that helps you
  2. @SEDOY 555554 Are u linked in with the truckersmp social media account's? it will tell u when 1.37 is available to truckersmp if you have the truckersmp app on your pc it will tell u to update to the newest update
  3. @smackywacky_ I think the Fmod will be great to have in this update as it's has been a long time coming aswell as having the ability to open/close the windows i missed having not the ability not able to open the windows before untill now. The walk a round button in the workshop will be great as i personally like to get right up and close the truck/trailer when i was painting but i was limited to how far i can go it made it bit difficult now i will be able to.
  4. Hi Everyone Has anyone else had a chance to test out 1.37 open beta for ets2 yet if you have tell me what's your thoughts on the open beta as i can't wait untill Scs Software officially release the update. Cheers Australian Stig
  5. @Rainguy so do i like Washington for the same reason as you
  6. Hi there What state/road do you like to drive so far in American truck simulator including Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and why?
  7. Hi there who else here is looking forward to the release of Idaho the next new going to be added to american truck simulator i surely can't wait to hit the open road and visit all the city's and though's famous landmark's
  8. @Midnight Trucker im favourite place is Bergen Norway and my favourite road to drive is the road leading to Oslo Norway
  9. Hi there What is your favourite country/place to visit in the standard map of ets2 and why?
  10. Hi there who here is looking forward to the release date of Iberia and drive around on Spanish roads & Portuguese roads that surely should be fun to drive on
  11. Hi there who here is looking forward to the volvo tuning pack coming when SCS Software say the date for the release?
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