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  1. [PLAYER] @GeorgeFromTFMjoins the Event Team.
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  4. Type of event: Convoy Server name: Brighter Futures 2023 URL to thread: https://truckersmp.com/event-request/3151 Organiser: @Purrie Date and hour of the event: 18 Feb 12:00 UTC - 18 Feb 22:00 UTC Participants: https://truckersmp.com/events/11554 Event Rules: Event Rules for Participants: Only approved Event Staff are able to use the following words or phrases in their player tag; 'BF23 | ' - 'Manager', 'Supervisor', 'CC', 'Media', 'Lead' and 'Tail' which will be found in their tag. Impersonating Event Staff using the aforementioned tags is prohibited. Advertising is prohibited Participants must haul a trailer. (Except Event Staff) Buses are prohibited. You must follow the Event Staff instructions. If you, or your VTC have not booked a slot, you are required to park at the "Public Parking" which is at F7 and/or Garage at any of the starting locations Convoy participants must only leave the starting location when instructed to do so in an orderly (one by one) manner. Triple trailer configurations are prohibited. (Except Event Staff) Overtaking is prohibited. Free roaming on the server is prohibited. All other TruckersMP rules apply Event Rules for Event Staff: Event Staff can block junctions and roads approaching junctions in order to direct the convoy. Event Staff overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 members at a time. Event Staff can drive the incorrect way where roads have a central reservation barrier ONLY. In accordance with the rule above. Event Staff can park out of bounds. Providing this is on the ground and not on top of buildings or other inappropriate places deemed unsuitable by TruckersMP Staff. All other TruckersMP rules apply.
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  6. Thank you for the amazing event , and most of all the surprise . 

    1. Whitelodge


      Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Type of event: FreeRoam Server name: TruckersMP Christmas Special URL to thread: Organiser: TruckersMP Date and hour of the event: Sunday 18th December - Friday 6th January Participants: N/A Event Rules: Users will be exempt from Reckless Driving and collisions due to the server being No Collisions. Racing is permitted due to the nature of the map edit and being non collision. All other TruckersMP rules apply.
  8. [OFFICIAL STREAMER] @jamesdgaming additionally joins the Event Team.
  9. Greetings! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Every year the TruckersMP community comes together to celebrate an important holiday...Christmas! Throughout the year TruckersMP has seen many exciting events, which thousands of you have participated in. As a well-known 6 year long tradition within the community, hundreds of players and staff gather together to attend a massive 12-hour convoy. This is an event that allows us to properly celebrate our success in 2022, and go out with a bang. I hope you're starting to feel festive truckers, as we are proud to announce that the TruckersMP tradition of a 12-hour Christmas Convoy will be returning, taking place on Saturday 17th December 2022, starting from 09:00 UTC, and finishing 12 hours later at 21:00 UTC! That's right, this Saturday we will not be hosting a 90-minute convoy, but 12-hours, consisting of 4 convoy routes and a surprise activity in the middle! Each route is scheduled to run for 2 hours, with 30 minute breaks in-between. The full convoy will be a massive 2590 miles, or 4,169 kilometres - so make sure to have a full tank of diesel! Convoy control will be present to guide you throughout this massive convoy, to ensure you do not get lost. Take a look at all of the routes we have planned below! To see when each route starts in your timezone, check out our alternate timezones link. From everyone at TruckersMP, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope to see you on the convoy with us! Additional Event Details: Event Rules Server: Official Christmas Convoy -TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
  10. [RETIRED LEGEND] @Forerunner Rejoins the TruckersMP Team as Event Team.
  11. Greetings! It’s back for the second time this year! If you attended our 13th Real Operations in June, you will have seen many operations, traffic jams and one of the most immersive experiences Euro Truck Simulator 2 has ever seen. So… are you ready for another one? Our upcoming Real Operations will be on Euro Truck Simulator 2! This event will feature lots of vehicles and many operations. During our last event, we hit well over 2000+ players, creating the most thrilling adventure European roads have ever seen. As this is one of TruckersMP’s biggest events of the year, everything will be happening in real-time for you and your fellow truckers to witness! From emergency vehicles responding to incidents, including; fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, to dynamic custom roadworks, rescue missions, and even police chases! To create a more immersive experience, during the event you may find that an operation could occur right in front of your eyes. Real Operations V14 Remember to put the date in your calendar as there’s not long to wait to experience TruckersMP’s biggest and most immersive event. We're very excited to confirm the event will be live on Saturday 19th November 2022, between the hours of 16:00 - 20:00 UTC. That's four hours to experience the Real Ops. To join, you simply have to select the “Real Ops V14” server! If you're not sure when you can play in your timezone, please refer to our Alternative Timezones. Real Ops V14 will be held around eight different cities, including Munich, Milan, and Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. All of the cities and roads where the operations take place are shown in the event zone map below. During Real Operations, you can choose which city you start in, and where you want to end. You can take a trailer with any destination or use your own trailer if you've purchased one. You don't need to set a destination either! Participants are welcome to freely roam the highlighted area above to experience any route you choose. Want to check out that awesome operation again? You can always return to the operation by turning around safely such as using a junction or simply going around in a circle! Just don't stop in a live lane! This is going to be a unique event and as such the temporary rules have been adjusted to ensure it goes smoothly. It is strongly suggested that you read them before attending the event, to ensure that you fall within them! It is also recommended that you read our Smart Sign knowledge base article as this event will make heavy use of these custom assets! We’re excited to bring this event back for the second time this year, and we hope to see you there! -TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
  12. Greetings, truckers! Have you ever been driving down an empty, dim road and felt like you're being watched? Unsure if that figure in your mirror was just your imagination? Was that scraping noise a bush or something more sinister? If you're looking for a surreal trucking experience for Halloween this year, we're hosting a convoy to push your bravery to the limit! Complete with custom modifications to push the scare factor to the max! Join us this Sunday 30th October 2022 at 18:00 UTC (Alternative Timezones)! Our spooky convoy will begin in the city of Bakersfield, California. Unfortunately, truckers that are frightened of the dark should not expect to see much light throughout the experience... To add to the terror, the destination will not be announced! Try to stay together, and always follow the Event team directions/instructions. You don't want to get lost alone out there, do you? The convoy duration is estimated to be 150 minutes. It may be longer if you are towards the rear of the convoy. No breaks are scheduled, but you are welcome to pull into a safe place should you require a rest (If you aren't too scared). Departure: City Bakersfield, California Additional Event Info: Event Rules | DLC: None required | Server: Official Halloween Convoy Happy trucking! -TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
  13. Huge fan of yours!

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