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  1. Had a morning drive w/ @Skazochnik <3



    1. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      nice photo! :wub:

    2. DJ_Sukoi


      Nice shot :)

    3. szykaro23


      Nice ;)

  2. I'll 100% be there to support the convoy, sorry for the loss of such a lovely and amazing person ;(
  3. 60d826bd77f14a8b748e3e9b7545a2d1.png


    Chillin' w/ @Savage. @sanamaria @davidd :wub:

    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Photo :love:

    2. Emirhan  kurt 29

      Emirhan kurt 29

      güzel resim 

    3. Banton


       nice photo

  4. Hope you all had a great weekend <3 




    Had fun driving w/ @Moh_ & @TheGoodGuy1515 :wub:

  5. Finally almost the weekend ^_^




    w/ my favs @Savage. @Olioak :wub:

  6. Ali.

    Game Moderators

    Hello @p3rmodz, Do you have any further questions as discussing this here on the forums will not go anywhere? I will leave this open to other questions.
  7. Ali.

    Game Moderators

    Hello @p3rmodz, We can't keep recruitment open all the time for this position even though it's a highly sought after role in TruckersMP. I know a lot of people would like to be a GM however not everyone meets our requirements. I'd like to first ask you to view this topic that I have linked and read through this - it gives you an overview of what we look for when recruiting new Game Moderators for our team. However, reading through your last two posts - I don't quite understand what you mean. However, in reply to this - all of our GMs have got a personal life too, they cannot be in game 24/7 (which you have mentioned). We don't expect everyone to be able to record however, if one of their reports were to time out in-game, then the other options are reporting a user via our online reporting system. We try our best to moderate and sift through the reports as best as we can however, we're not always able too - which is understandable. There is usually always a few GMs in the game however, as mentioned we aren't able to look everywhere at one time. To recruit loads more GMs would be fantastic however, it takes a lot to become a GM (not just being in the game, looking at reports and banning people). There is a lot of other work that they have to do, which means a lot of training goes into these individuals who are all very good at what they do. I would like to apologise however, is there anything else that we can assist you with here?
  8. Always enjoy driving w/ @Savage. :wub: 





  9. Sunset drive w/ @Savage. :wub: 



    Also had fun driving w/ @sanamaria :wub:



    @Flindix <3

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    2. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      heey Ali These are beautiful photos that are really successful :love:

    3. Flindix



    4. EHHVTC | dangreXF
  10. Ali.

    TruckersMP - Languages supported by the Support Team

    Updated Removed @Prototype because he has left the Support Team Greek language is now unsupported
  11. Goodnight TMP, hope you all had a great weekend :wub: 



    @TheGoodGuy1515 <3




    @Savage. @Olioak <3

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    2. TheGoodGuy1515


      Beautiful photos. Have a good one Ali.

    3. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Photo :wub:

    4. Thurston


      It's a beautiful picture

  12. Fun drive w/ @Savage. & @Olioak :wub:





  13. Sunset in Calais :wub:



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    2. XinBao^


      nice photo 

    3. davidd


      Pretty :love:

    4. Thurston


      The picture is very nice:wub:

  14. Having a great weekend so far, hope everyone is well <3




    @Savage. @Olioak @davidd :wub: 

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    2. Savage.



    3. davidd


      Who owns that beautiful truck on the far left? ;)

    4. Thurston


      Very beautiful pictures:D