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  1. woop woop promods update with tmp support

  2. not surprised tmp has had ana amazing backing from people pledging on patreon. i have been with tmp since almost day one and i feel at home and love this mod

  3. awesome suggestion

    1. [ETS2MCG] Masunio

      [ETS2MCG] Masunio

      yeah sound great suggestion !

  4. just pledged i am now master trucker the highest currently on patreon

  5. hook me up, u know what

  6. awesome update regarding vtc stuff, keep up the good work tmp you are the best

  7. evening all hope all are well

  8. i have triple in game and run firstly 2 b doubles then full size on rear
  9. @ScaniaFan89god knows how people are able to drive them in game as seen loads of people with them and not getting kicked
  10. we need rules update as no one can take double trailers of any form legitimately in game
  11. woop woop, you do it again. the best ever you are tmp thank you

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