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  1. lets get trucking, kids back at school and off work till wednesday

  2. just renewed patreon memebrship as been busy in life, love this community

  3. truckfest is banging come check me out d k harris, brought my own lorry this year


  4. good day all, drive safe, keep on trucking you sexy people

    1. Brady.


      Have a great day 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  5. freeroam server, what a cluster ..... cant we have ai in game on a server instead

    1. Titanic4


      There's an issue with that: When there's new version of the game, the AI code may change. This in term will cause longer delay before the new version gets supported. Once SCS stops updating ETS2, AI could be added without any issues.

    2. RussellakaBigTruckerUk1


      its fine for an event like tmp6 though bud instead of crap freeroam

  6. happy 6 years ets2mp/tmp i have been apart of this community since almost day one and not many of us left and now but im here stronger than ever supporting this amazing community and it has been a privilege to see its ups and downs over the years.

  7. help anyone i has submitted support but i have pro mods fully installed and works perfectly in singleplayer but upon trying mp it states missing mod

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