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  1. Good luck mate, hope to see you on the team again soon. :)


  2. Err... GG?


    1. [NDT Owner] DRAGON

      [NDT Owner] DRAGON

      Buggy if I must say so myself. Restart the game maybe?? :thinking:

    2. [RG] London
    3. S p a r k i e

      S p a r k i e

      Yep..its very broken...how does this even happen? I don't see any reason why they'd be trying to implement something into the GPS, but it also could've been a small little error anywhere I suppose lol

  3. SgtBreadStick

    YouTube outage - Effect on reports.

    All the videos went down as 404 missing or not existing. it was too late when people realised yt was dead.
  4. You guys banned local only mods... You have just shot yourselves in the foot and killed the entire future of TMP.

    You are limiting users to basically nothing and it ruins the community.


    I'm not going to put up with this, TMP can go and die for all i care now.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vampire


      That's why they removed the rule :lol:

      They will loose lots of people with this, GG :)

    3. -Lotus-


      They have really done it this time, no one can be different. TMP bunch of petty people. They will lose a LOT of people who have been playing with TMP for years now. So sad so sad.

    4. -jos


      i'm not one to moan about bad updates, but this is actually one of, if not the worst one they've pushed out yet.

  5. SgtBreadStick

    Who wants vans?

    Trucks do just fine :kappa:
  6. SgtBreadStick

    Who wants vans?

    We're still getting used to the fact cars exist...
  7. Welcome back to TMP Team! :D

    1. XinBao^


      welcome back

  8. woof, meow, idk... anyway happy birthday

  9. Apparently my latest profile pic looks great... You might know why i changed it to have the Union Jack in it ;)

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      It does look very good :)

  10. I like how they out C-D road and Duisburg as red zone for doubles, but not calais... 



    1. [LKW Tr.] Kap

      [LKW Tr.] Kap

      If you think about it, someone who doesn't have Scandinavia DLC can't get to Europe from the UK, because Europort and Amsterdam ports are both blocked, so they can only get back via Calais port / train;)


    2. Avgerho


      rip calais

  11. Kanye West changed his name to Ye, and you wonder why i hate rappers (even though their music is awful to begin with)

    1. [NDT Owner] DRAGON

      [NDT Owner] DRAGON

      "Even though their music is awful to begin with", made my day :lol:

    2. antrax737


      You consider Kanye a rapper? He is disgrace to rap, if 2pac would wake up from the dead he would shot himself because of wannabe rappers like Kanye, posers...

  12. SgtBreadStick

    The Last Post Wins!

    The worst part about this is, the fact a community moderator or manager will win this cos they have to finish it by locking it... Smh
  13. SgtBreadStick

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

    Economy Why am i always the one that has to reply with a word starting with E...
  14. SgtBreadStick Released

    Hey, just saying but you could just link them to the downgrading/upgrading topic as it looks like they are still using the beta.
  15. lol everyone is saying goodnight TMP yet it's only just 7pm. I love timezones... xd