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  1. So apparently there was a major error in the installer causing a few UI pack colours to not install correctly, this has now been fixed as the installer has been updated. Apologies as I should've fixed this sooner. Also there may be less issues with downloading the installer as I did add a digital certificate to it.
  2. So errr, the servers are having a good time... :thisisfine:

  3. Those speed bumps on C-D are deadly, got 7% damage on the Skoda from them haha. Well they sure are effective, that junction is really nicely done though, hats off to the team for that.

  4. Is it me or is it everytime i go to any TMP site it shows DDoS Protection screen... It used to do it every once in a while but now it is every time which is quite strange.

    1. AABattery


      Yeah, I've noticed that too since the other day.

  5. TruckersMP map still down for anyone else?

  6. I've just realised, the TMP launcher still has a "Facebook" button yet the TMP Facebook no longer exists.

    if only the text was a bit easier to read


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ItsHarryUK


      I didn’t even realise they where there xD.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      miss that facebook group :(

    4. SamN


      I imagine they might update the launcher entirely in the future, just to give it a more modern look and maybe features such as reports. 😃

  7. Version of TMP has been released but nothing has been said.

    I wonder what's changed 👀

  8. F in the chat for TMP's website

    Edit: it's back now lol

  9. Unfortunately ETS2/ATS is not designed to be used with dual monitor setups, and because of this, TruckersMP also has issues. There's no fix for this other than not using dual monitor and instead using 3 monitors or 4 (3 wide +1 below setup) as stated in SCS's Multimon configuration for ETS2/ATS. However you can just play TMP as normal with dual monitor while working with the problem.
  10. I used innosetup with inno download plugin (which downloads files from the web). Creating a simple script which makes the installer compress the files and compile so I can send it out to you guys It saves a bit of storage to make it quicker to download and there's a lot of customisation to the installer.
  11. Its to make it easier for people to install the UI, as sometimes people wont know how. It's to make it more accessible.
  12. If u want Winter Physics in ETS2 on MP, the closest thing you can get to it is the standard rain physics in ETS.

    Set your rain probability too 100% so it always rains/snows and the roads will be quite slippy, but you wont be sent into orbit or sent to mach 1 speeds.


    It's not the greatest but it's decent enough

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