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  1. Like what P h o e n i x said, it happens with any trailer that's got 2 or more parts, it's desync and causes a few issues. It's a confirmed bug and as far as I know they're trying to fix it but there's no ETA.
  2. Just a warning to others, don't turn on the built-in music player or radio, this also affects Singleplayer. There's an issue where the game will crash (sometimes not generating a "game.crash.txt" file), but in the 'game.crash.txt' file it shows fmod.dll as the issue, but it only occurs when the music player is on or radio is playing.


    For now, if u wanna listen to music without any issues I'd recommend using Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music or VLC for now, for radio you could use the radio's own player or Tunein Radio as a temporary solution I suppose... Quite annoying but hopefully SCS will fix it.


    My game.crash.txt for those interested on what the issue looks like. Also the game.log.txt will not show anything about the crash as it closes the game before it can generate a log.

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Does this happen if you press R & close the screen, i keep hitting it by accident

    2. SgtBreadStick


      No, it only happens if there is music playing so you should be fine.

  3. Well after a long time of self isolation, I've now no longer got corona/covid-19. Only downside now is I've lost my sense of smell for a few weeks.

    Honestly I'd rather no sense of smell than to go through this again, not fun.

    1. AmiriM#4530


      This is wonderful dude, I hope it doesn't repeat. I'm happy for you. :)

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      That is great to hear you no longer have it ❤️

  4. They're fixing it @THEREALDETONATOR, the guy above was being sarcastic. Nobody knows when it'll be fixed but it will eventually.
  5. So... half the internet is back now?

    1. Zysto


      looks like it. Atleast youtube and steam are working 😝

    2. JamesS014
  6. inb4 people screaming for 1.38 ATS and Idaho support lol

  7. There’s quite a few issues but really good so far. FH Tuning Pack (except paint) doesn’t appear. (Even if u have dlc) Engine keeps making starting sounds randomly Horns stop working after a certain number of people are nearby. Genova bridge paint/accessories kick you from server Genova bridge has zero no collision zones They’re all probably reported by now but it’s a good start tbh
  8. ↓↓ Little suggestion for the TMP Devs ↓↓

    So yano that thing where you can't load saves in ProMods...

    Well removing the Middle-East add-on for ProMods fixes the issue.


    If Middle-East is causing the issue, and TMP can't fix it due to it being a ProMods problem, can't TMP just disable the 2 Middle-East add-on files via an update so people won't have said issue?

    Because it seems only those with Middle-East add-on (including myself) have these issues.

    i already deleted the middle-east files anyway, but it might be better just to globally disable them anyway


  9. I bet y'all gonna be up a 12AM UTC to see if the server will be up xd

  10. Well, I've captured what exactly happened when you were AFK back in Las Vegas on TMP6 ATS convoy... (Look on right lower corner of the video)

    1. SgtBreadStick


      This is what i ended capturing (i had trucky overlay record on collision automatically) quite funny tbh


  11. ModernUI Unify now released! Basically keeps the TMP UI format but, well ModernUI style. ETS2 has the classic gold and ATS has the dark red.
  12. PC can't handle the event? Join me on my stream at the ETS2 TMP6 Anniversary Event! https://twitch.tv/sgtbreadstick04

  13. My favourite TMP Launcher background :kappa:


  14. Something changed on C-D road? 👀 - yes i keep peeking at the file change status

    1. ScaniaFan89


      @SgtBreadStick Speed bumps don't cause damage anymore apparently....

    2. SgtBreadStick


      wait what

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