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  1. I don't want my language because I don't understand the english language. I want from SCS more support to my community.
  2. First i don't use that future because don't support my main language and second because the phrases its "a joke" as we said were to Greece. But is very good choice for people with vision problems. SCS need to fix the phrases and support all game language.
  3. New truck to discover new roads!




  4. Best update ever !!! I love you !!!

    @-XCE- and @Axorell they took a ride with the tamed ponies !



  6. I am really in love with those small roads in Italy and the south France ! They have something special on the air, maybe is the smell of the pizza or the focaccia. I don't really know but is special, i want to drive again and again in those roads !

    Today @-XCE- tamed two wild ponies me and @Doxxyz on @courtzz49 's vtc daily convoy ! :mlg_doge:



    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photos :wub:

    3. -XCE-


      Aha! Thanks for the support.

  8. The normal players don't have to deal with trolls ,because trolls don't have any reason to search them. Only those who are exposed to public like Community Contributor, TMP Staff and their friends have reasons to hide. For the end i have something special. I searched a bit to see what variables have the TMP API and how that works with ets2map. If i understand correcty maybe TMP Devs can't do anything for the names. Α better option here is to take an answer from TMP Dev's about that if that is something attainable. The ets2map isn't the only MP map in the internet !
  9. Maybe you didn't read my paragraph, because i don't agree with you and Petrova. I wrote two ideas for /hide command and the remove name and tmp id from search. I don't see anything of that in your posts. And sorry that you did not understand the point of my paragraph, but streamers can't hide from trolls anyway. Something I forgot to write before it's the choice of a name change in the server only the time you're on the server. Is something we use in other games for the Community Contributor. . /hide = hide from tab in game like the admins do if login
  10. That is something useful for many reasons, but i want the choice to close the timestamps if i want !
  11. That is something we need to have to catch the trolls in the nets ! If i remember correct admins have that feature ?
  12. For me that idea is useless. The problem it isn't the name, but the search. If you can't search with name and tmp id you can't discover anyone in tmp, if they dont give you their server id or streamers give you from their streams that's info generously. For the streamers(Community Contributor) unfortunately if tmp don't give the hide permission in server like on admins nothing will change. Unfortunately the streamers can't hide from trolls. Also the map is the good tool for your friends or your vtc members to see where you/they are to pick the nearest location to spawn. Something else that no one has ever thought is for (ex. If you have hide your name, but someone random player no. Then ? ).You are hostage of trolls and you need to play all time with close f11 and tab. Finally for me the streamers can't hide from trolls and all other players don't lose their privacy. +1 to /hide command to Community Contributor +1 to remove search with name and tmp id -1 to remove the name from the dot on tmp map Press +1 if you want tmp to make streamers polish role !
  13. Ty για το follow :-)

    1. KrhtikosV8


      Τίποτα φίλος απλά προσπαθώ να ακολουθώ όσους Έλληνες βρίσκω και γράφουν στο φόρουμ !  

  14. Service time ! :D

    1) Oil change :check:

    2) Oil filter change :check:

    3) Valvolines change :check:

    4) Lubrication :check:


    Now my Scania need a good wash and is ready for the Sunday !


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