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  1. Earlier this month, I closed 5 years in TruckersMP and today i counted up to 3000 hours in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Spending my time through the servers, I was able to have pleasant memories and enjoying playing, even though having difficult times, because of health issues. 

    I want to thank TruckersMP for the memories it has provided me.

    :tmp:Keep it up guys ! :tmp:


    TruckersMP memories:



  2.  I just made a special truck for Christmas ! 🎅🎄

    MAN TGX 12.480 EURO 6


  3. My new Scania R500 ! ❤️

    After a small test run, the truck is ready to roll. It cost me a lot of money, but it worthed it 





    Don't tell it to anyone, but the truck it is tuned up and has over 560 horsepower.#ROLEPLAY


  4. Οδηγός εγκατάστασης του χάρτη ProMods για το TruckersMP. Ακολουθήστε αυτόν τον οδηγό βήμα προς βήμα για να καταφέρεται να εγκαταστήσετε με απόλυτη ασφάλεια και χωρίς προβλήματα τον χάρτη ProMods για να μπορέσετε να παίξετε στον διακομιστή ProMods της TruckersMP. Εάν παίζατε ProMods στο singleplayer πριν, δεν χρειάζεται να κάνετε τίποτα με μοναδική εξαίρεση να βεβαιωθείτε ότι έχετε την πιο πρόσφατη έκδοση (2.42). Διαφορετικά θα λάβετε ένα μήνυμα σφάλματος ότι τα αρχεία τροποποίησης λείπουν όταν προσπαθείτε να συνδεθείτε σε ένα διακομιστή ProMods. Σημειώσεις:
  5. VTC Aegean FreightWays eating Big Macs in location Söderhamn Mc Donald's !



  6. I would like to thank TruckersMP for the gift she has made to her community and through her collaboration with ProMods we can enjoy this wonderful map. Τhe experience of playing with friends on such a unique map is unique. Thank you again TruckersMp, you made a dream come true !
  7. 🇬🇷Welcome to Greece my friends !🇬🇷

    ProMods Greek borders ! Location: Evzoni





  8. Good morning mister @Zibitx, If you disable the Special Tranport you lose that incredible beacons and strobes from the dlc. Υou can have it activated but not get these freight. Αs mentioned above by [IMPERIAL] ScR1oN if you get them the server will kick you. Have a nice and safe road trips !
  9. Photo from my morning visit to Kaliningrad ! #Aegean_FreightWays_VTC


  10. Night convoy with friends !#Aegean_FreightWays_VTC


  11. 🚚490.823 km more to 2 million kilometers in World of Trucks ! #ROAD_TO_2_MILLION🚚


    1. KrhtikosV8


      Thank you mister Q !

  12. I find you mister undercover admin with the ump ump car ! @DesertEagle26🚔OFun3ZJ.png

    1. DesertEagle26


      nice shot, dude cay.gif

    2. KrhtikosV8


      Thank you mister admin !

    3. ZakYeen


      Awesome shot! Quick tip, if you press F9 and F11, it will hide the nametags and the TMP UI from the photos! :D

  13. Thank you for the follow @Andreas A.H. Have an nice and safe road trips !

    1. Andreas.


      No problem and likewise! ;)

  14. New truck to discover new roads!




  15. Best update ever !!! I love you !!!
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