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  1. Happy birthday QF!!! 🥳 🎉 ❤️

    1. QF_Giulia


      Thanks Felko 💙

  2. Thank you for this great change!
  3. Very nice and modern UI! A GREEN one (#008000) would be nice to have as well. Keep up the good work man
  4. Thanks for the very quick answers, I still don't know why sound mods can't work in TMP. They are a local thing, other people should not be affected by this, unless it has been save edited badly, in my opinion. But still, I'm very interested in how to convert aforementioned mods because I still have a few mods from 2018 and I'd like to use them, like the Vabis wheel and the windshield stickers
  5. Sure, local only mods like we all know and loved are not supported anymore. They can be used as hookups and that's harder to do, imo, so my question is this: will there be a guide on "how to adapt SP mods to MP" in the future or not? Thanks
  6. I strongly disagree with the decision taken about basically removing save editing. Trucks are basically our mobile home on wheels, it conveys our style, our persona. You can build realistic trucks via save editing... but not anymore. Restricting what is already very limited by the game itself, is plain ridiculous. People save edited parts already in the game and not external, so that shouldn't be a problem at all. I'd suggest reverting these changes and bring back the save edit we all loved and I'm not referring to local mods, because "they caused crashes and lag".
  7. Hello, I really appreciate your answers. I already do this, by saving said clips in a separate folder called "risks", for 1+ months, as I don't like recording entire gameplay sessions, because of higher disk usage and possible corruption. Keep up the great work
  8. Thanks for this new "report against you" system. It would be nice to have the evidence from the reporter as well. How can you get your counter-evidence ready, if you don't know exactly what you've been reported for? This could breach internal rules but I may be wrong here.
  9. Thanks for the update and for the skybox command being available again. I hope you will re-enable the climate one as well soon, only if it's not causing servers to malfunction. Best wishes -Falco
  10. Suggestion Name: Ability to see what's new in the latest TMP release. Suggestion Description: As of right now, you can only see what's new by going on the forums, most players don't bother going there so this could be helpful. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think it should be added to show players what has been recently added/changed/removed in the latest TMP release upon launching the platform, on both games, so the update section on the forums can be removed and further comments/complaints should be carried out only in the feedback section. This panel should be a permanent, non-movable object, next to the server selection and login ones, or as a popup window, where you can close it like on Discord start-up so I included that version with the "X" to close it as well.
  11. Congrats man! 😎

    1. Yoyo_ManSg


      Thanks a lot ;) 

  12. I don't agree with this change at all, it's very useful to media and everyone who wants to take nice pictures with friends, without hoping for a good skybox and maybe not night time. Surely, this can't harm the MP in any way.. I see plenty of people who are on my side as well, expect more to come in the following days. Greetings #bringbackclimateandskyboxintmp
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