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  1. @The King'S Works Just because you and your fans want to use said mod, which I'm pretty sure is not even yours in the first place and avoid using SCS MP, it doesn't make sense to generalize. Most people just enjoy the platform as it is, even without mods. TMP is a mod too, remember? It's crazy to see what they've achieved in the last 7 years, yet you're here to complain about some little unofficial addition to the game.. The optimization topic has been discussed a lot before, it's not TMP's fault as far as I know. Players leaving TMP, is not caused by this, but by life slowly returning to normal after the pandemic. I'll end this nonsense of complaint of yours, by saying that if TMP blocks something because they think it can cause issues, beat it.
  2. As CJ stated, you can still use local mods on TMP.. do you really need that "precious" vabis wheel to enjoy the game? I like it too but.. I found it ridiculous, to be honest. There are A LOT of other cool mods you can use, the regular way.. in the end, this new way of modding is not that useful, since it's not easy to do, possibly not even legal and the only "animated" mod known, is the wheel itself. So if you want that one at all costs, you can play SCS MP where you can easily put all mods you want.
  3. Happy Birthday Falcooo!!! :love: 🎉 823470212183359489.png?size=40

  4. Buon compleanno Falco!

  5. Happy Birthday 🎉 bigfaan

  6. I can confirm the auto-kick when trying to use the new rims. I've tried removing the old one, since the new rims are connected to the tires, via save editing but you still get kicked. Hopefully this would be fixed in the future, even though the majority of players use trucks.
  7. I still don't understand why it's that complicated, those addons are pretty small in size so they don't even take up much space on the drives. Also, older mods, like last year's winter mod was still in mine and in mostly every player's mod folder and we all played fine with that in there, despite the lack of support. So, if staff will remove the support for said addons, the client won't check for them anymore and we can leave them in the folder. That is why I think you should enable some addons, like the frosty wheels and maybe the dimmed headlights one as well which increases the realism. No darker skies support, I get it and it's fine.
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  9. Happy bday Stefa! 😄 🎉

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