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  1. Yes!! Finally some great justice for people who intentionally ram and annoy other players. This is so nice! Staff should go faster than us anyway to moderate properly. Thanks Marco for the update Ciao
  2. GM Admeeen ^_^
    Hope you're doing great!

    1. Olioak


      Feeling great as usual :P:wub:

  3. I strongly agree with Petrova here, this feature should be added ASAP. It is annoying to be chased around the map by people, when you just want to chill and do some trucking alone or with friends if in a convoy or other. It is for our privacy. +1
  4. Suggestion Name: Block PMs from a certain player Suggestion Description: An addon to the already existing "/blockpm" command. The idea is that you type "/blockpm" followed by the ID of player in game (e.g /blockpm 1234) and you won't receive PMs from that particular player anymore, in that game session. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I've found myself in this situation multiple times: I report someone, the player spams my PMs with "Sorry man, no report" and if i want to PM a friend, I have to re-enable them to chat with him and I may get spam again, which is annoying. It is basically a written form of blocking like the "mute" on CB radio. This could help to get a more playable game experience. Thank you, have a great day.
  5. Wow, very nice! I will definitely enjoy driving there. Many people would like to see an Iberian DLC (Spain + Portugal) in this game. We'll see what SCS will bring to the community
  6. I met so many nice people thanks to TruckersMP. I made a lot of friends and even joined a VTC, didn't expect this much when I first joined. Thank you so much for creating such a nice platform and I wish you all the best. Greetings -Falco [ITA]
  7. Hello, I think I've found the problem, or at least in my and my friend case worked. Basically we edited the fuel capacity in a truck (just one, for the giggles ) and.... that was the problem all along! When we switched to another truck, without that "modification", the game simply said "economy syncing finished" as it should be without any errors instead of "economy syncing failed". Now, I don't know if the OP had this modification enabled or not but that is what caused problems in my and my friends' side. Greetings, -Falco
  8. Hi, I had this problem for a while then it fixed itself after a day or two then it came back today. A friend of mine has it too. I don't know what's going on, honestly. I just want to finish this event! I got a response back from SCS yesterday and they asked me for my game_log and net.log file. I will let you know when they email me again. Have a good day -Falco
  9. Screenshot taken while doing some deliveries in the Baltics area. No edit. Server: EU2 GTX 970 https://imgur.com/7JWdsxZ
  10. Suggestion Name: New season mods in TMP Suggestion Description: Add Spring, Summer and Autumn weather mods from Grimes as an optional mod Any example images: Why should it be added?: Winter mod is already present in the mp and many people liked it, not all of them because of the physics add-on but nvm, so why not adding the remaining seasons too? It would be cool to see fields covered in flowers and yellow/red leaves on the ground. Greetings -Falco
  11. I've heard on the Discord server that they will remove the support of this mod, probably in late February - mid March, not the mod itself.
  12. You need to put all 3 files in the mod folder, it won't work otherwise
  13. Yeah... i have it but it keeps kicking me from the server
  14. The mod worked for me now, there is a new update in the launcher. The problem is that it kicks you from the server.
  15. I downloaded the mod but it doesn't show up in the tab menu, in game. What should i do?
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