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  1. So I tried the new Special Cargo DLC for ATS and I honestly don't know what to think of it yet, both routes I've found and taken have been super long and driving at 40mph feels like it takes ages to get from A to B, however this thingy here sweet jibbery jesus it was a long trailer and rather wide too...





    1. TurkishCrew l Vurgun

      TurkishCrew l Vurgun

      Noxii Nıce Photo <3 :)

    2. iHobbit


      Yeah that trailer is a tonne of fun tbh, I had my problems with it as well :lol:

    3. Noxii


      Yeah it's really long and turns really weird... :blink:

  2. You did your worst, you tried your best, now it’s time to rest.

  3. Detroit: Become Human, that game is one hugeeee emotional rollercoaster, sadness, anger, joy. Everything is there, certainly one of the most beautiful and touching stories ever done with a nice meaning in that game where your decisions is the difference between life and death.


    I'm rather destroyed by the ending I got tho... :(

  4. So took me almost a week but I have now finished Red Dead Redemption 2, the campaign that is. And all I got is to say OMFG, Rockstar never fails to amaze. Seriously the best freaking game I have played in ages, so many emotions felt all through the game. Such a beautiful scenery and fauna everywhere and just everything is perfect, Rockstar deserves every penny they charge for that game.


    For anyone looking for an amazing game I can STRONGLY recommend it!


    One of the most beautiful soundtracks in a game that I've heard as well. It's just OMFG WHAT A GAME!!! :love:



  5. The new album by Bullet For My Valentine is just gooashdsdgh LOOOOVE! :love:




  6. That feeling you get when you're doing a long haul for the event and just a little bit from your destination gets rammed and rolls over so you have to F7 to a service station and SCS goes "Oh no you cheated on the event, better ditch this load for you so you have to start over"....



  7. That feeling when you wake up at 5am on a saturday with the cough from hell still sick in flu...



  8. Sooooooo I've been trying all day long to get my PS4 to recognize my internet cable so that I could buy and download Red Dead Redemption 2 quickly but nah nah it didn't wanna work at all and I literally went like this.




    I totally gave up on it and suddenly a mate sent me a snap of him waiting for it to become available at midnight, of course I couldn't keep myself from it anymore then and I tried again, I even removed the wireless so that it's now next to my PS4 and I managed to connect it to my PS4 via wireless internet connection and so I made it onto the PS4 store and managed to buy the game. They even let you pre-download it and I thought I have little under 2 hours left until the stroke of midnight I should be fine and I hope the game size would be like this, or like this.




    But more to my surprise the game size was not anywhere near that, it was more like this.




    A whopping 92.74gb of a game, I've managed to download almost 8gb so far and I have the feeling that it won't be ready at midnight at all and here I am like this now stupid slow wireless connection...



  9. I got the flu or something, I cough like crazy atm and it hurts by doing so, my nose is clogged up, my whole body hurts and it feels like I've run a marathon or something and I literally sound like Venom and this is totally me atm...



    1. TimeTimes



      Hope you get well soon

  10. This here is soooo beautiful and relaxing.



    1. Paige



      Noxii, come back to the team:rolleyes:


  11. Amaranthe released a new album now and this song here is just ASOHGADKHLFSA :wub:



  12. Almost midnight and time to rush back to another work week...



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    2. HerrSwizz


      Which one is yours?

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. Noxii


      Thank you so much Jeff. :) Haven't seen you on Instagram in a while tho. :thinking:


      And it's the one furthest away in the pic (to the left) Swizz.

  13. Loaded with some wood from Coos Bay to Bend. :)





  14. Some pretty sweet northern lights yesterday night. :)



  15. This bridge opening takes ages...




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    2. Rev.


      Will check it out.


      Great screenshot(s) though!

    3. Noxii


      Thanks, just noticed that bloody chat ruined it all. Didn't see it at first... :(

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Beautiful photos with that sky :wub: