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  1. Lovely drive with @AndreasAH and @davidd this evening :)





  2. Finally got around to exploring some of Washington this evening :D
    > I have to say, the scenery is on a whole other level. 


  3. Congratulations Savage! Well deserved :lol: 

    1. Savage.


      Thank you Jamie! ^_^

  4. Jamie R

    Trailer mods allowed in ats mp

    Hi, Unfortunately, traditional third party mods are not supported by TMP, instead they will be instantly deactivated as soon as you launch your profile. The closest you can get to using any type of modification in MP, including of trailers, is through 'save editing'. However, if you're not familiar with the subject, I suggest you do some reading on it before you try it as it can result in "punishment" if it goes against the rules regarding it. A popular and supported example would be Forerunner's Additional Customisation - https://forerunner-mods.weebly.com/additional-customisation.html I'll link some threads below which you may find helpful - A screenshot from the save editing section in the official rules (https://truckersmp.com/rules) Hope This Helps, Jamie R.
  5. Jamie R

    To avrage high ping

    Hi, Ping is a measure of how long it takes to get a response after a request is sent out. As it is heavily dependent on how close you are to where the servers are hosted (information has less of a distance to travel), being all the way in Australia will result in a much higher ping than if you were in somewhere like The UK (nearer to where the TMP servers are based). Ping is also effected by various other factors such as how many users are using your internet connection at the same time, your ISP etc. If you're getting kicked for it, it means that your ping is above 600ms. Note that you won't be kicked if it suddenly spikes above 600ms but then comes back down, as it is taken as an average. In short, there is no real obvious answer. However, some steps which may help to improve your ping include: - Closing any other unnecessary applications on your computer whilst playing MP. - Linked closely to the point above, ensuring that nothing is downloading whilst you're playing, i.e. Windows updates or Steam updates. - Disconnecting other unnecessary devices from your WiFi whilst playing / playing at a time where there aren't many other people using your internet connection and thus bandwidth. - Using an ethernet connection as opposed to WiFi to produce a more stable and consistent connection. - If ethernet is not an option, attempt to move closer to the router. - Finally, you could also contact your ISP to see if there's a better service they can offer you, an upgraded/newer version of their router or to see if there's a problem on their end which may be resulting in high ping for the end user. Note: You can use a website such as https://www.speedtest.net to test what your average ping is, however it might not be representative of what you get in game because as mentioned above you will likely be a lot closer to where the server for the test is located than where TMP's server is located. However, what it can tell you is whether it's an issue whereby your general connection is poor, or whether your general connection is fine and that your ping is only high whilst playing MP due to location. Hope This Helps, Jamie R.
  6. Jamie R

    Is there any UPDATED guides on multiple monitors?

    Hi, Linked below is a video which I thought might help Hope This Helps, Jamie R.
  7. Jamie R

    Connection error-retry?

    @Bonkersmad1238 The TruckersMP folder is located in %programdata%, that's why you can't find it In terms of the issue above, if you haven't already I would suggest perhaps navigating to %programdata% and deleting the folder labelled 'TruckersMP'. Next, right click the Windows icon in the bottom left, click 'apps and features' and then uninstall the 'TruckersMP Launcher' from the list. Finally, re-install the launcher using a fresh download from the TMP website and try again. Hope This Helps, Jamie R.
  8. Jamie R

    Truckermp not allowing my interior mods?

    "These are some of the supported mods" - https://forerunner-mods.weebly.com/additional-customisation.html - Taken from the save editing segment of the official rules (https://truckersmp.com/rules) In addition, browse the threads suggested above for more information regarding whether or not it meets the guidelines Hope This Helps, Jamie R.
  9. Jamie R

    Custom Truck Skins Made By Myself

    Hi, Unfortunately, mods of any sort including repaints are not currently supported by TMP. The only way this would possibly work is through the use of save editing. However, I don't believe this is something that save editing can achieve, and even if it does only yourself will be able to see it. I'll link a few threads below if you'd like to know more about this. Hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable on the topic will be able to confirm this Hope This helps, Jamie R.
  10. Jamie R

    Truckermp not allowing my interior mods?

    Hi, Traditional third party mods are not allowed in TruckersMP (local nor workshop), instead they will instantly be deactivated upon launching your profile in multiplayer. The closest thing you can do to modding through multiplayer is save editing. If this is what you are attempting to do, it may be that your modifications don't meet the guidelines, thus resulting in you being immediately kicked for having invalid accessories. Below are a few threads on the subject which you may find useful. Hopefully This Helps, Jamie R.
  11. Jamie R


    Hi, Below is an image which I think you may find helpful For reference, it has been taken from the knowledge base on the TMP website (https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/23) Hope This Helps, Jamie R.
  12. Jamie R


    Hi, As far as I am aware, it's down to the mod's author to configure their mod so that you can actually purchase it. If the author has set this feature up (and you have the mod enabled obviously), it should appear in the trailer purchasing area along with the ones from the default game. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that is how it works Hope This Helps, Jamie R
  13. Jamie R

    Ghost mode glitch i think....

    Hi, Ghost mode should disable its self after 20 seconds (I believe) after you have spawned in. If it isn't disabling, I would suggest attempting to re-install TruckersMP, as well as verifying your game files for ETS via Steam to help locate any missing textures. Instructions for how to do so can be found in the image below, which has been taken from the 'common solutions' section on the TMP website Hopefully This Helps, Jamie.
  14. Jamie R

    Show more consideration

    Couldn't agree with you more. The only real solution I find to this is to use EU1, where at least in my experience the drivers are considerably more respectful and courteous. However, with significantly less players than in the other servers, it is definitely not the best answer It's a shame. Jamie R.
  15. Jamie R

    simple triple trailer mod editor

    Hi, Unfortunately, I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to trailer editing, however I did find a post on the SCS forum which you may find helpful - https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=202722 Apologies if this is completely the wrong thing, but as I mentioned above trailer editing is not something I know much about Jamie R.