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  1. Awesome, many thanks for all your really hard job.
  2. Good luck and thanks for this awesome competition
  3. ppabli

    New DLC?

    Spain is the better country for the next DLC
  4. ppabli

    Hot topic #4: CB

    I think one big and useful option are the capacity to change the keys like the chat and voice chat keys
  5. If you want to be part of the bigger and most professional VTC you should apply to Viva Trucking on vivatrucking.com
  6. Scandinavian DLC is the best one.
  7. ppabli

    Chaos in Calais

    Calais and Duisburg are always full.
  8. You should make quicksave before any crash
  9. The krone dlc is very cheap Taht is the reason the dlc is not very well
  10. I always use the mouse steering because is extremely better than keyboard.
  11. CPU: Intel 6700K 4.2GHz GPU: Nvidia 1070 8GB RAM: 32GB Motherboard: Asus z170 pro gaming SSD: Intel 256GB series 5 HDD: 2TB 7200 RPM
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