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  1. Awesome, many thanks for all your really hard job.
  2. ppabli

    Hot topic #4: CB

    I think one big and useful option are the capacity to change the keys like the chat and voice chat keys
  3. The error happens playing in SP or MP?
  4. If you do not want to take a caravan, you do not have to do it. You should have many others cargos to pick also now with the 1.32 if you have your own trailer you should not see the caravans in the job market.
  5. You should post any bug or fail you know on bugs channel https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/7-bug-reports/ using this guideline:
  6. I found this one I think it is a good one: http://www.ets2world.com/police-skin-car-skoda-bd-skin-v1-0-car-mod/
  7. Good job thanks for this changes that will make this game and community better
  8. Thanks for the follow


    1. Savage.


      no problem :D

  9. Prueba a configurarlo en controles. Donde pone steering sensitivity.
  10. 6 years to put some cables on few trucks. Worth
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