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  1. ☺️hi

    1. El Reja

      El Reja

      hey 😄 , thanks for following me!

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work guys, this update looks awesome!
  3. Hey @TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM, seems that you forgot to add the new role called "Game Producer" into the post. Also, you should remove "Project Manager" role because Smoky doesn't have it anymore, and no one will get it. Great guide by the way, well done!
  4. 🇪🇸 IBERIA DLC 🇵🇹 | Have a nice day guys ❤️ 





    Kind Regards, 

    El Reja 

    TruckersMP Game Moderator

  5. Hello, I disagree with this idea. We actually have 30 reports as maximum, and from my point of view, it should not be modified from 30 to 50 due to a simple reason, spam. As you can see, we currently have our report system in "VERY HIGH", and the Game Moderation Team is working really hard in order to decrease those numbers. If we allow 50 reports as maximum, our report system numbers will increase and isn't what we want to be honest. We will only see a lot of people spamming useless reports because most of them will be unvalid, and isn't what we want either.
  6. el reja se mejor bro xD

  7. Así también fue como llegaron los "Admin when 1.XX" de nuevo xD. Gracias por la traducción
  8. Report him on website @xBestBBx Oh, i'm sorry guys, please, start again
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