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      Hello Truckers! In response to recent developments with certain processor exploits We will be shutting down US1 / AS1 / SA1 until we get confirmation from the datacenters that the shared physical servers that these are hosted on have been patched. While at this time we are not aware of any active attacks against our users, we take security extremely seriously and do not want to risk any chances as they are on hardware shared with other customers of whom we do not know. You may also notice the website being unavailable for a few moments over the next few days. This is due to our datacenter provider patching our fleet of 30 servers. We apologize for any frustrations this may cause, however know this is a very important step that is required to secure our users data. Thank you for your understanding.   Forum thread Homepage blog post


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  1. Headlights warning sound

    There's an already open discussion about it //Rejected - Moved to Rejected
  2. Problema com Coreets2 mp.dll !! POR FAVOR ME AJUDE!

    Moved to Portuguese Discussion
  3. Happy Birthday :) You got your early Birthday Gift :D 

    1. walidsadki98


      so happy birthday early hahha XD

  4. Congratulations and good luck bro <3 

  5. Congratulations brother, you really deserve it :truestory::wub:

    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you sooo much :wub: 

  6. Haha.. Congrats to you, too! :D 

  7. Show a green dot when there is a response

    it's a great idea to be honest "UpVote" +1
  8. American server

    unfortunately no one knows yet when it will be back to work because of intel CPU security issues this topic explains more https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/34-server-downtime/
  9. Are the managers in the game sufficiently interested in trolls?

    Admins do their best to make the roads clean from trolls but as you know there are almost 2 million players registered with that amount amount of players compared to the numbers of moderators it's very hard to keep everything under control, but TruckersMP are hiring new moderators to handle the big number of players during peak hours and during weekends also web reports and to be honest lately my web reports don't take as long as it used to take to be claimed and that's because there are more moderators lately.
  10. Automatically detect when a Skoda has a trailer

    i fully support the idea i think with this positive feedback developers would consider implementing the Auto kick when there is time to work on it
  11. Steering Wheel for ETS2

    you should get Logitec G29 or G27 it's cheaper , but i dont understand why you don't want to use the pedals it will be easier to drive if you have pedals and have your hands on the wheel. you still can use any wheel button as gas and brake buttons