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  1. Merengue4ever

    Road to Simulation #2

    i think those people that troll in Simulation server should get a permanent ban on those simulation servers as a consequence to their actions because as soon as the ban expires they will get back on trolling, but if you prevent these trolls from coming back (i'm talking about these trolls that their sole purpose is to ruin other people's gaming experience ) you will make simulation servers a safer place. meanwhile they can access Arcade servers.
  2. Congratulations My guy i'm so happy for you :D

    1. Samito_BG


      Thank you a lot bro ! :D

    2. Merengue4ever


      You're Welcome 

  3. Happy Birthday Mate :) i just realized that you're no longer in the team :( i'd like to take a moment to thank you for everything you've done for the team it wouldn't of been the way it is now without you , anyway i hope you have an amazing day today :D

  4. Happy Birthday Mate! 

    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you so much Bro :) 

  5. Miss you mate ^_^

    1. Merengue4ever


      i miss you too buddy :D i'm sorry i haven't been here in a very long time 

  6. 0 to a 100 real quick xD Congrats mate i wish you best of luck in your new rank :D



    Don't Break our beloved game :troll:


    1. ShawnCZek


      Thank you! I will try not to! :D

  7. Thank you TruckersMP for the 7 month in the team i met some interesting people and had the best time ever unfortunately i had to leave due to lack of time and i hope i could come back soon. 

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    2. Guest


      You'll come back again, my good brother 

  8. Merengue4ever

    Happy Birthday mwl4!

    Happy Birthday MWL4 ♥
  9. Happy Birthday :D i hope you have a great day

    1. Kap


      Thank you!! :D 

  10. Merengue4ever

    How old?

    You have to be at least 17 Years old all the requirements for other TruckersMP ranks can be found here :
  11. Happy Birthday mate :) 

  12. Happy Birthday Mate :) i hope you're having a great day 

  13. Happy Birthday Sammy :D have a Blessed day ♥ 

    1. Samito_BG


      Thank you so much broo ! :wub:

  14. Happy Birthday :) i hope you had a great day 

  15. fin khoya hani kolchi mzyan nta mn maghrib