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  1. Thank you TruckersMP for the 7 month in the team i met some interesting people and had the best time ever unfortunately i had to leave due to lack of time and i hope i could come back soon. 

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    2. izm07


      I don't know what to say. You know, you're "ma dude" and you'll always be. I'm really sad to see you gone but, things happens... Don't watch those dancers too much! :kappa:Thank you for your service, being yourself, a good friend and "ma dude". Good luck bro, godspeed!


      izm, over & out. :mlg_doge:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good luck for the future :) Hope we see you back again someday :)

    4. Air Force One One Eight

      Air Force One One Eight

      You'll come back again, my good brother 

  2. Happy Birthday mwl4!

    Happy Birthday MWL4 ♥
  3. Happy Birthday :D i hope you have a great day

    1. [LKW Tr.] Kap

      [LKW Tr.] Kap

      Thank you!! :D 

  4. How old?

    You have to be at least 17 Years old all the requirements for other TruckersMP ranks can be found here :
  5. Happy Birthday mate :) 

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Thank you!

  6. Happy Birthday Mate :) i hope you're having a great day 

  7. Happy Birthday Sammy :D have a Blessed day ♥ 

    1. Samito_BG


      Thank you so much broo ! :wub:

  8. Happy Birthday :) i hope you had a great day 

  9. fin khoya hani kolchi mzyan nta mn maghrib

  10. I had a lot of fun yesterday. Thank you very much:wub:

    I wish I would like to ride together again:truestory:

    You're loved my friend @Merengue4ever

    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you :) 

  11. Congratulations  n00b Admeeeeeenn! :troll: :wub:

    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you n00b :)


  12. Congratulations Brother :truestory:

    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you ♥ 

  13. Gl man! :) 

    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you :D 

  14. Congratulations and good luck! :) 

    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you ♥ :wub:

  15. Congrats to one of the best people I know. Well deserved! You will do great :)


    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you so much :D