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    I'm interested on Cricket and i play Cricket
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    I'm interested on Arabic countries like Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Morocco. All this countries about his culture, tradition, clothes, languages, architecture.
    I like moroccan tea. Best tea in the world. :-)
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  1. Thank you for the Website Update But... In profile the ATS Garage Locations from Washington DLC is missing. And this cities in ETS2 is missing too: - Travemünde (Germany) - Kapellskär (Sweden) - Cagliari (Italy) - Sassari (Italy) - Olbia (Italy) And ATS: - Ukiah (California) - Clifton (Arizona) Can you put this cities in the list pls ?
  2. Thanks for the Update. But... what about this ??
  3. I set the option in in-game setting. The speedlimiter works in SP Mode.
  4. Hello, i have a little problem: In ATS in settings the speedlimiter is checked. But i can drive my truck faster than 65 mph. I have uncheck the speedlimiter and 2 second later i check it again, then saved , then started the game new. And still not work the speedlimiter. I want to drive in ATS with speedlimiter. Anyone have a idea, how to solve this problem ?
  5. Not work on my second ATS profile. I have changed the money. Then saved the file. Then i started the game and loaded the profile and nothing changed the money.
  6. In profile the ETS2 Garage Locations from Baltic DLC is missing. And this cities in ETS2 is missing too: - Travemünde (Germany) - Kapellskär (Sweden) And ATS: - Ukiah (California) - Clifton (Arizona) Can you put this cities in the list pls ?
  7. We dont need Winter Mod. There is climate change in Europe. Half of Europe is no snow. In some cities in germany you can find palm trees now. Look here, palm trees in western germany... https://ibb.co/KzqkqWk
  8. Suggestion Name: Add ETS2 Baltic DLC Garage locations to profile information please Suggestion Description: See above Any example images: Not necessary Why should it be added?: Because they have not been added yet
  9. Klartext für 7-Jährige die es immer noch nicht kapieren
  10. @NIKITA HLPER The list of all Garage locations is actualized.
  11. Game: ETS2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Flag pennants from France Trade Event from WoT can not show by other players How to reproduce: I have the Italy flag pennant. I can see this flag pennant only myself. I know some people that have the same Italy flag pennant like mine, but i can not see this flag on her front window, only dots on the window. All the people that have italy flag pennant, can not see my flag pennant on my front window, only dots... Understand ?? I think, all flag pennants have the same problem, not only the italian flag pennant. I have uploaded a pic, you can see the dots on her window. Screenshots / Videos: https://imgur.com/a/bHChg
  12. This is a big surprise for the russian trucker community. Imagine when this DLC comes out and MP support this. All russians make big and long convois and Kaliningrad and St. Petersbourg will be full of russians. All russians will put russian numberplates from WoT on his truck and change his headquarters (HQ) to Kaliningrad and Petersbourg. This would be a mass exodus. WoT Server will be more overloaded...
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