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  1. [ATS] List – All truck dealerships in American Truck Simulator Here is the actual list of all truck dealerships Kenworth dealerships: - Hobbs (New Mexico) - Los Angeles (California) - Elko (Nevada) - Phoenix (Arizona) Peterbilt dealerships: - Albuquerque (New Mexico) - San Diego (California) - Bakersfield (California) - Flagstaff (Arizona) - Reno (Nevada) Have a nice day
  2. [SCS Blog] Trade Connections - France

    Can i see the flag pennants from other drivers in MP ??
  3. [SCS Blog] Trade Connections - France

    There are only Flag pennants from countries on ETS2 Map... no Spain pennants... :-(
  4. [SCS Blog] ETS2 and ATS update 1.28 has arrived!

    its a expample its a example
  5. [SCS Blog] ETS2 and ATS update 1.28 has arrived!

    - Nederland is too small to delivery long trailers ... Rotterdam --> Amsterdam 65 km transport route ?? pfff... too small - Germany: in some Highways there are allowed ... for example: from Bremen to Hamburg only 150 km, and only this Highway you can transport this... no sense to make this - France, Belgium, Germany: only testing transport and you need licence to transport this - Austria, Switzerland, UK: not allowed
  6. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Spain and Portugal DLC waiting for Years...
  7. Virtual Trucking Manager

    @hurikan670 1.) I can help you to translate the VTM page to Spanish. 2.) VTM have a problem with some of the trailers !!! All the trailers can not be synchronized to the Journey Log: for example: Digger 500 Digger 1000 Driller D-50 IBC-Container Scania-Trucks Volvo-Trucks SUV-Cars Tractors ...and some of the Heavy Cargo Trailers All trailers with cargoes that have Numbers (1,2,3,4,5,...) or symbols (-, : , (, ), ...) can not be synchronized. Dou you understand what i mean ?? Please, solve this problem. Thanks
  8. Released

    First: Thanks for the Update Second: What about this guys, that have no Heavy Cargo DLC ?? What trailer will be show ?
  9. Automatic Ban / Automatic Kick

    Suggestion Name: Automatic Ban / Automatic Kick Suggestion Description: If someone... - ...drive on opposite direction on highway longer than 30 sec. , they would be kick / ban automatic - ...block the streets and highways longer than 30 sec. , they would be kick / ban automatic Any example images: no pic Why should it be added?: So, the Admins have not lot of work, and the idiots have no chance to troll all the time ;-)
  10. Released

    What do other people see, if they dont have the Schwarzmuller DLC ??
  11. Dobar dan, yes you can translate the list into croatian language
  12. Bonjour, yes you can translate the list into french language
  13. yes, large dealership is with service station
  14. [ETS2] List – All truck dealerships in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Here is the actual list of all truck dealerships All new truck dealerships in Italia DLC - Bologna - Mercedes-Benz - Catania - DAF - Firenze / Florence - Scania - Napoli / Naples - Volvo - Palermo - Renault - Roma / Rome - Iveco - Taranto - MAN All new truck dealerships in Vive la France DLC - Bordeaux – DAF - Bourges – Renault (small dealership) - Brest – Scania (small dealership) - Le Mans – Iveco - Limoges – Volvo - Marseille – MAN - Nantes – Mercedes-Benz (small dealership) - Toulouse – Renault All new truck dealerships in Scandinavia DLC - Bergen (Norway) – DAF - Göteborg (Sweden) – Volvo (large dealership) - Kalmar (Sweden) – Mercedes-Benz - Kopenhagen (Denmark) – Iveco (large dealership) - Linköping (Sweden) – MAN - Oslo (Norway) – Renault - Stockholm (Sweden) – Scania (large dealership) All new truck dealerships in Going East DLC - Budapest (Hungary) – Renault (large dealership) - Kraków (Poland) – MAN - Warszawa (Poland) – Mercedes-Benz (large dealership) - Gdansk (Poland) – Scania DAF dealerships: - Amsterdam (Nederland) – large dealership - Bergen (Norway) - Bordeaux (France) - Bremen (Germany) - Cardiff (Great Britain) - Catania (Italy) - Glasgow (Great Britain) – large dealership - Leipzig (Germany) - Salzburg (Austria) - Zürich (Switzerland) Iveco dealerships: - Brüssel (Belgium) - Frankfurt (Germany) – large dealership - Grimsby (Great Britain) - Hamburg (Germany) - Kopenhagen (Denmark) – large dealership - Le Mans (France) - Roma / Rome (Italy) - Torino (Italy) - Wien (Austria) – large dealership MAN dealerships: - Berlin (Germany) – large dealership - Bern (Switzerland) - Birmingham (Great Britain) - Calais (France) - Dortmund (Germany) - Edinburgh (Great Britain) - Kraków (Poland) - Linköping (Sweden) - Marseille (France) - München (Germany) – large dealership - Taranto (Italy) Mercedes-Benz dealerships: - Bologna (Italy) - Bratislava (Slovakia) - Genf (Switzerland) – large dealership - Kalmar (Sweden) - Nantes (France) - Newcastle (Great Britain) - Plymouth (Great Britain) - Rotterdam (Nederland) - Szczecin (Poland) - Stuttgart (Germany) – large dealership - Warszawa (Poland) – large dealership Renault dealerships: - Bourges (France) - Budapest (Hungary) – large dealership - Dusseldorf (Germany) - Felixstowe (Great Britain) - Lyon (France) - Oslo (Norway) - Palermo (Italy) - Paris (France) – large dealership - Praha (Czech Republic) – large dealership - Rostock (Germany) - Szeged (Hungary) - Toulouse (France) Scania dealerships: - Aberdeen (Great Britain) - Brest (France) - Dresden (Germany) - Firenze / Florence (Italy) - Gdansk (Poland) - Hannover (Germany) – large dealership - Lille (France) - Milano (Italy) – large dealership - Manchester (Great Britain) – large dealership - Stockholm (Sweden) – large dealership - Straßbourg (France) Volvo dealerships: - Graz (Austria) - Göteborg (Sweden) – large dealership - Limoges (France) - London (Great Britain) – large dealership - Luxemburg (Luxemburg) – large dealership - Napoli / Naples (Italy) - Nürnberg (Germany) - Osnabrück (Germany) - Verona (Italy) - Wroclaw (Poland) Enjoy the new Italy DLC Have a nice day
  15. Lista de deseos de SCS Software

    Hola camioñeros, aqui hay una lista de deseos de todas las cosas que quiere SCS Software poner en los simuladores ETS2 y ATS. Por ejemplo: DX11, DLC Francia, comprar semirremolques,... Si tienes una idea, escribe en este tema (Wishlist Megathread) en el foro de SCS Software. http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=202336