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  • Location Granada - Andalucia - Al-Andalus
  • Interests Spanish Trucks: Pegaso, Barreiros, Ebro
    Arab Trucks: Sonacome/SNVI
    Turkish Trucks: BMC Fatih, BMC Profesyonel
    Indian Trucks: Tata, Mahindra-Navistar
    US-Trucks: Freightliner Cascadia, Volvo VNL


    I'm interested on Cricket and i play Cricket
    I like Cricket teams from Pakistan, India, England


    I'm interested on Arabic countries like Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Morocco. All this countries about his culture, tradition, clothes, languages, architecture.
    I like moroccan tea. Best tea in the world. :-)
  • Preferred Trucks Iveco
  • American Garage Location Arizona: Nogales
  • EU Garage Location France: Marseille
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  1. [SCS Blog] Trade Connections - France

    Can i see the flag pennants from other drivers in MP ??
  2. Additional TIPS/GUIDES about Trade Connections Event

    Can i see the flag pennants from other drivers in MP ??
  3. Do you prefer driving at day or at night?

    i drive at Day, mostly from 5:00 till 17:00 or 18:00 in-game time
  4. [SCS Blog] Trade Connections - France

    There are only Flag pennants from countries on ETS2 Map... no Spain pennants... :-(
  5. [SCS Blog] ETS2 and ATS update 1.28 has arrived!

    its a expample its a example
  6. [SCS Blog] ETS2 and ATS update 1.28 has arrived!

    - Nederland is too small to delivery long trailers ... Rotterdam --> Amsterdam 65 km transport route ?? pfff... too small - Germany: in some Highways there are allowed ... for example: from Bremen to Hamburg only 150 km, and only this Highway you can transport this... no sense to make this - France, Belgium, Germany: only testing transport and you need licence to transport this - Austria, Switzerland, UK: not allowed
  7. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Spain and Portugal DLC waiting for Years...
  8. What DLCs do you have ?

    Euro Truck Simulator 2: Spanish Paintjob Turkish Paintjob National Window Pack Bella Italia DLC (Coming Soon™) France Map Scandinavia Map Going East Map Heavy Cargo Pack Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack High Power Cargo Pack Michelin Fan Pack Cabin Accessoires Raven Truck Design American Truck Simulator: New Mexico (Coming Soon™)
  9. Virtual Trucking Manager

    @hurikan670 1.) I can help you to translate the VTM page to Spanish. 2.) VTM have a problem with some of the trailers !!! All the trailers can not be synchronized to the Journey Log: for example: Digger 500 Digger 1000 Driller D-50 IBC-Container Scania-Trucks Volvo-Trucks SUV-Cars Tractors ...and some of the Heavy Cargo Trailers All trailers with cargoes that have Numbers (1,2,3,4,5,...) or symbols (-, : , (, ), ...) can not be synchronized. Dou you understand what i mean ?? Please, solve this problem. Thanks
  10. Released

    First: Thanks for the Update Second: What about this guys, that have no Heavy Cargo DLC ?? What trailer will be show ?
  11. Automatic Ban / Automatic Kick

    Suggestion Name: Automatic Ban / Automatic Kick Suggestion Description: If someone... - ...drive on opposite direction on highway longer than 30 sec. , they would be kick / ban automatic - ...block the streets and highways longer than 30 sec. , they would be kick / ban automatic Any example images: no pic Why should it be added?: So, the Admins have not lot of work, and the idiots have no chance to troll all the time ;-)
  12. Released

    What do other people see, if they dont have the Schwarzmuller DLC ??
  13. Temporary Road Closure

    What about big traffic jam on Bergen-Oslo ?? That would be nice. More adventure, more challenge, more action :-)
  14. Temporary Road Closure

    I like this realism. Closed roads with police cars. Nice :-) Yesterday i was there and i see three police cars with blinking warning lights. And all this were driving by Admins. Cool :-)
  15. Lista de deseos de SCS Software

    Hola camioñeros, aqui hay una lista de deseos de todas las cosas que quiere SCS Software poner en los simuladores ETS2 y ATS. Por ejemplo: DX11, DLC Francia, comprar semirremolques,... Si tienes una idea, escribe en este tema (Wishlist Megathread) en el foro de SCS Software. http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=202336