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    سائق شاحنة الأندلسي
    LKW-Fahrer aus Andalusien

    About me
    Hello Truckers, i'm Andalusi Trucker and i come from Andalusia (South Spain).
    I am interested in this two truck sim: Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.
    In the ETS2 game i'm driving a Iveco Stralis Hi-Way all the time. I dont drive other truck. So i'm a hardcore Iveco Driver.
    I hope that SCS put the new Iveco Stralis XP 2016 in future patch in ETS2.

    About my home
    Andalusia is known for olives, sunflowers, prickly pears, big watermelons and tomatoes from the desert in Almeria.
    Andalusia has mediterranean climate and desert climate (in Almeria).

    About the trucks in Spain
    The trucks in Andalusia and rest of Spain is traditionally Iveco and Renault. But some old traditional spanish trucks like Pegaso and Ebro from the years 1970 and 1980 will be driven. The Ebro truck is more driven in the desert of Almeria.

    Iveco is a italian company. But all the Iveco Stralis trucks are manufactured in Madrid (Spain).

    Spain is the country with the most trucks in Europe: 4.985.000 trucks are registered in Spain. Andalusia have 877.000 trucks !!! So Spain is a country of trucks.
    Speed limit in Spain is 90 kmh. (for trucks up to 7 tones)
  • Preferred Trucks Iveco
  • American Garage Location Arizona: Nogales
  • EU Garage Location France: Marseille
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  1. @hurikan670 1.) I can help you to translate the VTM page to Spanish. 2.) VTM have a problem with some of the trailers !!! All the trailers can not be synchronized to the Journey Log: for example: Digger 500 Digger 1000 Driller D-50 IBC-Container Scania-Trucks Volvo-Trucks SUV-Cars Tractors ...and some of the Heavy Cargo Trailers All trailers with cargoes that have Numbers (1,2,3,4,5,...) or symbols (-, : , (, ), ...) can not be synchronized. Dou you understand what i mean ?? Please, solve this problem. Thanks
  2. First: Thanks for the Update Second: What about this guys, that have no Heavy Cargo DLC ?? What trailer will be show ?
  3. Suggestion Name: Automatic Ban / Automatic Kick Suggestion Description: If someone... - on opposite direction on highway longer than 30 sec. , they would be kick / ban automatic - ...block the streets and highways longer than 30 sec. , they would be kick / ban automatic Any example images: no pic Why should it be added?: So, the Admins have not lot of work, and the idiots have no chance to troll all the time ;-)
  4. What do other people see, if they dont have the Schwarzmuller DLC ??
  5. What about big traffic jam on Bergen-Oslo ?? That would be nice. More adventure, more challenge, more action :-)
  6. I like this realism. Closed roads with police cars. Nice :-) Yesterday i was there and i see three police cars with blinking warning lights. And all this were driving by Admins. Cool :-)
  7. Hola camioñeros, aqui hay una lista de deseos de todas las cosas que quiere SCS Software poner en los simuladores ETS2 y ATS. Por ejemplo: DX11, DLC Francia, comprar semirremolques,... Si tienes una idea, escribe en este tema (Wishlist Megathread) en el foro de SCS Software.
  8. Look here, traffic density
  9. Very good. 1 million users.
  10. Hola camioneros, aqui hay un video interesante del nuevo camion Iveco Stralis XP. El nuevo modelo que ha salido este verano 2016. El nuevo camion tiene una potencia de 570 CV. 10 CV más que el Iveco Stralis del año 2013. (560 CV) El XP significa eXtra Power.
  11. website

    What about the American Garage Location ?? I see only garage location in California and Nevada, but no Arizona.
  12. Hola compañeros, aqui hay un video de reglas de juego en el multiplayer
  13. What about the 2800 Slot server ?? Its planned this or its not possible to make a server with 2800 players ??
  14. See here: