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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there! We are very proud to announce that a new version has been released! This version primarely focuses on the support for the 1.41 game versions. Features Support Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ 211255d24dec ] Support American Truck Simulator [ 86020384df02 ] Support ProMods Europe v2.56 Support ProMods Canada v1.02 Support New Summer Graphics/Weather v4.5 Changes Add the Kirkenes (ProMods) double trailer zone restriction Removed replacements of DLC files as they are not necessary anymore
  2. Hi there! We are proud to announce that a new version has been released! Features Support for the New Summer Graphics/Weather v4.0 modification from grimes Support for new DAF 2021 accessories Support for the new paint job from the #RenaultTrucksEvolution Design Contest Chat mentions Mentioned users are specially highlighted in the chat If the current player is mentioned, the whole message is specially highlighted Only players in the near distance can be mentioned To mention somebody, use the @ symbol following their name OR their game ID Add a command to disconnect from the server - /disconnect Fixes Fixed the rotation of slave trailers when being spawned (original issue) Fixed paint job and wheel colors in demos Changes Removed support for the Spring Graphics/Weather v4.1 modification Updated report reasons in the new report window Updated the background images (a summer theme) in the login screen
  3. Hello Drivers, I am hoping to find a solution to what is a strange issue. When I load up my EVE client (EVE Online) it also loads up the TMP client. I can exit out of each and they will run normally. I know that this is NOT a direct issue with TMP, however I would like to know if anyone else had come across this strange bug. Just to be clear, this happens ONLY when I start the EVE client, not the TMP one. I will be posting the same question in EVE as well to see if anyone else has had this issue. This has been doing this for 3 days now, just not had time to have a look into it. Events: Open EVE from desktop Output: Both the EVE and TMP client open up. Open TMP from desktop, no issues. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas that maybe the cause of this.
  4. Тук съм, за да ви помогна да поправите грешката "Не може да се създаде процес на игра". Това е много просто поправяне, стига да следвате всички инструкции, предоставени по-долу. Решение 1: Кликнете с десния бутон на мишката върху „Клиент на TruckersMP“, Навигирайте до „Свойства“ и кликнете върху „Съвместимост“ Поставете отметка в квадратчето: „Стартирайте тази програма като администратор“ и щракнете върху Приложи и ок. Решение 2, част 1: Отворете „Steam Client“, отворете „Steam“ в горната лява страна и кликнете върху „Settings“. Кликнете върху „Изтегляния“ и отворете „Папка на библиотеката на Steam“ и щракнете върху нея. Сега кликнете с десния бутон върху показаната папка и щракнете върху "Поправете папката на библиотеката" Решение 2, част 2: Все още използвайки „Клиент на Steam“, Навигирайте до раздела „Библиотека“ и кликнете върху него. Щракнете с десния бутон върху ATS или ETS2, в зависимост от това коя игра предоставя грешката. Кликнете върху „Свойства“, Навигирайте до „Локални файлове“ и кликнете върху „Проверете целостта на файловете на играта“. Това ще провери всички ваши файлове на играта и ще замени всички файлове, които могат да бъдат повредени или липсват. След като процесът приключи, дано това поправи грешката вместо вас. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ако продължите да виждате съобщението за грешка, деинсталирайте и преинсталирайте играта си. Деинсталиране на игра чрез "Steam Client": Намерете "Библиотека" в Steam и щракнете върху нея. Сега изберете играта, която искате да деинсталирате, щракнете с десния бутон върху нея и кликнете върху „Деинсталиране“. Преинсталиране на вашата игра чрез "Steam Client": Кликнете върху играта, която искате да "Инсталирате" и ще се появи синьо поле за инсталиране, щракнете върху нея. Сега, седнете, отпуснете се и изчакайте вашата игра да се инсталира. Всички проблеми, които срещахте с „Не може да се създаде процес на игра“, сега трябва да бъдат отстранени.
  5. When I open the client and click 'Load Available Updates' on request, I see the' WebClient requested a special situation. I've been having this problem for 2 days. Thank you for your help in advance.
  6. Hi, Everything was fine until this moment, I go to my account through the client, I write that my account is not correct. Changed the password, I enter the same, all is not true, changed email, everything also. Offline is normal. Please, help. P.s client updated. I copied the mail or password from the notepad, the same error. Data is all true.
  7. i reinstall my pc. so i download truckermp clinet. I try 10 days, client update. but not work. so, i searched on today, i get this download way. When will I be able to download normally? not use vpn. i really want not use vpn or other ways. i think need change download system. torrent or mega cloud or etc ways. you know, too many people want play this game multiplay. really need change download system. please help T.T
  8. I've clicked every single link on Youtube and Google, and I still cannot figure out how to get my mods working on ETS2. I tryed making saves, changing trucks and everything - doesn't seem to work, doesn't detect them in any way. Is it possible that ets2mp is attempting to load mods from different location than ets2 (non-multiplayer)? Well, I created folders everywhere, and still doesn't work. (just ate half of my remaining empty hard-drive space) Thanks in advance Here's another question What do other people see, when I equip modded truck paint? (not just color, whole new visuals/stickers/...)? If anyone tryed it, please tell me, I'm sure it will be useful for more people, not just me . (not counting official DLC visuals, of course). DO they see the visuals or just plain color? Another thanks - thirical / NicoFilippo
  9. So today I tried to run TruckersMP but this message came up. I asked some people how to resolve the problem, they told me to run the client as administrator, reinstall the files, reinstall Euro Truck, etc., which I have all done. I still cannot manage to get it running. I see that the recent update changelog says this: Can someone help me figure out how to fix it?
  10. Ciao a tutti, volevo portarvi a conoscenza di un client voip chiamato Discord, questo programma è come il teamspeak 3 o skype, si parla e scrive, è completamente gratuito e lo sarà sempre, funziona per tutti i sistemi operativi (windows, mac, linux) ed anche per i dispositivi mobili (android ios) funziona persino tramite browser, ha una qualità audio migliore del ts3, si possono caricare file nei vari canali testuali, si parla nei canali vocali, facilissimo da configurare e installare, potete creare il vostro server senza limiti di slot, inizialmente potreste trovarvi un po confusi nel vederlo ma funziona molto meglio del ts3 in termini di banda consuma uguale o un po meno del ts3, come ram e cpu più o meno siamo li, la grafica di Discord è molto più gradevole e innovativa, che dire, un valido sostituto del ts3 ed anche completamente free Per quei clan o persone che non desiderano pagare un ts3 o altri tipi di client voip e vogliono qualcosa di nuovo e funzionale e free, vi consiglio Discord, nell'uso che ne facciamo come clan da mesi, noto la migliore qualità del servizio Discord su tutto Vi lascio il link per scaricarlo e quello per guardare un po le sue funzionalità Molti clan anche italiani stanno abbandonando il ts3, per questo dopo accurati test e ricerche ho preferito condividere con voi questa mia esperienza e queste informazioni. Buon Game a tutti e spero di esservi stato utile Spero di aver postato nella sezione giusta rispettando tutte le regole del forum, in caso contrario chiedo scusa e di modificare o spostare questo topic, grazie Download: https://discordapp.com/download Funzionalità: https://discordapp.com/features Server Discord Pubblico per tutti i TruckersMP https://discord.gg/HGnFtPx
  11. Hey, this morning I was able to play multiplayer. Now it doesn't start. I already reinstalled ETS2 and TruckersMP. When starting in the launcher a steam popup appears and asks if I want to start it with parameters "Launcher/Launcher.exe". It starts directly into the normal singleplayer ETS2. Can someone help me with that? I think the problem happened with installing the winter mod. Can I remove it? Can't find it in the folders...
  12. Good Morning! When I run TrucksMP.exe and try to upgrade I get a WebClient error. I've already tried: Uninstall the anti-virus. Disable Firewall. Disable Windows Defender. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C ++. Reinstall Microsoft framework. Reinstall Euro Truck Simulator 2 Do a full uninstallation of TrucksMP Run TrucksMP as an administrator. I do not know what to do anymore, I've researched everything, nothing works. I asked for help by ticket, but it's been 5 days and I can not play. The dialog box says: Connection Error - Retry? Exception during a WebClient request. Press OK to retry.
  13. Hello, Today I downloaded the new TruckersMP version and when I try to connect to the server I get the error: Connection refused due to an invalid client and it tells me to download the new client from truckersmp.com. Anyone knows how to fix this?
  14. I have problems with the client there is no program in control pannel (i think you should add one) can someone tell me or show my how to uninstall the client so i can fix my current problems? And maybe re-install the client
  15. Guest

    how to get new client?

    i have this problem http://prntscr.com/cl2i32 how to get new client? this is my old acc from 2014.
  16. When I try to connect is says invalid client. I have the newest client and the ets 1.22...
  17. Hello. Today i bought ETS2 and upgraded it to the multiplayer version, by following your guides (downgrading to 1.21, installing the multiplayer-mod, and so on). In the first mission i played, i saw some other truck drivers, so i assume, that the multiplayer worked. But now, when i continue the game and it loads in, it says "Connecting to Server Europe #2" and a few seconds later it disappears. Then, at the top right corner, it says "OFFLINE" and i can't find out why it doesn't me to the server... For clarity, some screenshots here (File size too big, that's why i used imgur): http://imgur.com/a/HKFy0 I hope anyone can help me here Regards, Murph. 1.21.1s 1.21.1s
  18. I just can't play ETS2mp, I get this screen... I've it on last version (Steam). Help me please. I already downloaded client again, like 3 or 4 times.
  19. Hey guys, So my friend has just downloaded Euro-Truck Simulator and wants to play online, does anyone know if there is a ETS2MP Client for Mac out ther and where i can get hold of it... Cheers, Coolsecretspy
  20. mod version: 0.1.2 game version:1.15.1s problem: I have just downloaded and installed the latest client and I have the game at 1.15. I get a message to go and download the client from the site, the message says : you are using invalid client. I have done this about 3 times. apparently I have the wrong client when I don't. Help! thanks
  21. Mod Version: 0.1.1 r3 Controllers Used: None Description of Issue: Just a small spelling error in the unsupported game version exception in the client. Downgradeing is spelt, downgrading. How to reproduce: Have an unsupported game version. Screenshots / Videos : Thanks
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