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  1. How to be an officer

    Short answer: You don't Long answer: You need to become an admin for the game, which requires months if not years of activity and effort for the site. It's not really within reach of most players, unless you are extremely dedicated. Some articles on the forums have more information regarding this.
  2. Server Europa 3

    EU #2's capacity will be increased as high as truckersmp can make it. However, they don't have infinite computing power so that's limited to 3700. Other servers like EU #3 are limited to 2300 to prevent traffic and trolls. So if you like being on a big server with high traffic, then go on EU #2 If you don't go on EU #1, #3, #4, or #6
  3. Suggestion Name: Ability to change servers without restarting client Suggestion Description: Same as name Any example images: No Why should it be added?: This feature should be added for the easr of users. For example if you drove to a convoy but are in the wrong server it would be easy to switch. Additionally it make managing groups easier.