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    Hello, how are you ? 👋🏼

    I wish you a happy birthday ! 🎂


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    See you soon ! 😉
    /:\ Octopi /:\ 🙂

  2. I wish you a very Happy Birthday !

    Have a great time !

  3. Happy birthday. :HaulieLove:

  4. Happy birthday. ?

  5. Is it me or is their reduced traction and agility/control since the update? My truck keeps wanting to slide or fall over. My buddy is having the same issue too


    1. caff!!!


      hauling the doubles while having this issue?  The heavier trailers could make you seem less stable at high speeds

    2. Sala296


      Nope just a normal trailer

  6. Someone help at duisburg on EU2,


    This guys been blocking for like 45 minutes straight and no admin has done anything

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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I know it is frustrating but you gotta have one thing in mind, Sala: Even if there is one or more IGAs online, they are most likely busy answering to literally hundreds of in-game reports that were sent before yours. It wouldn't be so bad if over 90% of the players on EU2 didn't choose to ONLY drive back and forth between Calais and Duisburg all day. It's as if ETS2's map is extremely tiny and that is the only area available to play on. Absurdly hypocritical when later on, these same people complain that ATS's map is small.

    3. Sala296


      I just assumed that since there were well over 200 people stuck behind these two players for over an hour, that it would have been noticed by the IGA's. I haven't seen a pile up as hectic as that since europoort days. Like I understand completely and sympathise with the IGA's there's a lot to deal with, but with the vast amount of people that were stuck behind these guys, I just thought it would have been noticed.

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      That's just the thing. Unless one is passing by or is alerted personally, the only way they can know what is going on is through the reports.

  7. 4 days, and my reports still haven't even been seen. I wouldn't have minded so much if it wasn't for the fact that the actions are without a doubt perma-ban worthy

    1. Yoyo_ManSg


      Hello @Sala296,


      I advise you to read the following article that answers all your questions:
      The link :

       Also know that administrators have a lot of work to do and a lot of report to deal with. Therefore, be patient.


    2. KhaosHammer


      ^Answers given, thank you @Yoyo_ManSg!



  8. Something tells me we need more admins. Two reports have sat untouched for like 3/4 days, they used to get seen within a day max.

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    2. Sala296


      @Dylann /!\ Yeah, I think that would be a good idea actually. I would personally volunteer for that any day. I have so much free time and it's hard finding something to do with it haha


      @FirestarteR93 Tbh, I haven't looked into how many admins there are, nor how active they are, and tbh I don't actually know which class of admins cover the reports. Either way, I guess you're right, whether there are enough admins or not, it's not much good if they don't do anything (that's not me accusing admins of not doing anything, just saying IF they don't then it's pointless)

    3. FirestarteR93


      ^Everyone with admin  permissions (All Devs, PMs, CMs, all Media, Support and FM leaders and ofcourse, all IGAs ) is able to complete reports.


      Also, btw: Support and Forum Mods also have access to appeals and reports for translation purposes

    4. Sala296


      It surprises me that the reports aren't handled quicker if that's the case tbh. I mean personally I would love to sit and go through them. It always amuses me to see the abysmal conduct that is shown in game. I'm hoping at some point I'll get a chance to become an admin. I love this community, as much as I am a lurker haha, and it would be awesome to give back aye

      Haha, Just popped to mind your the moderation lead, literally sounds like I just made a proposal to you to become admin. Oops :/

  9. Anyone wanna jump on for a quick convoy?


  10. So I just got intentionally rammed by two Skoda drivers. They were gone before I got a chance to see their names let alone /pinfo them. In sony vegas I can now see in the DVR what their usernames were, however cannot trace them anywhere. Not on the forums, nor on http://helper.mp/

    Any ideas?

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    2. Sala296


      @Mirrland Jesus, Good work buddy. Want to tell me the secret? xD

    3. Mirrland


      Search their names into the TMP website ;)

    4. Sala296


      It's funny, because I tried that but to no avail. Anyways, the reports up now. Hopefully they get the perma ban they deserve. Thanks for the help :) 


  11. Just had my girlfriend break up with me 5 days before our 1 year anniversary. Really not feeling too good, anyone wanna jump on MP for a drive later on?

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      i would drive but not to sure what place :P  you see  i had to get a new save game :D  i in trouble  for using my old tmp mods witch where no longer allowed :D  


      and sory to hear that mate , hey  at least  you get free time :P  my only girlfriend  is my volvo fh16 been with her 2 years , :D :lol:  she cost me a lot  to buy her fuel :D   haha jks

    2. Rev.


      Sorry to hear Sala.


      If I'm on later I'll try and catch you for a drive at some point.

  12.  There is something seriously wrong with the new report system. I've made a good 10-15 reports, and EVERY one of them has been rejected. The things they're being reported for would have them banned should I screen record and put it on the website. What is going on? This is ridiculous, the new system was meant to help us report, not evade reporting....

    1. Zelcrum


      The admins decide what is a good report and what not.

    2. Artical DAN

      Artical DAN

      Being rammed into isnt a good report?

      Reckless driving?



      Only one report out of the dozens I've made went through and the guy was just lagging from high ping

    3. Sala296


      Cars overtaking @ 200KMH and causing massive pile ups and glitches on duisburg-calais? People ramming into you from jumping a red light? People BREAKING THE RULES? What good are rules if you don't enforce them? This really needs sorting team

  13. Ok so I updated the client for ETS2, and now my graphics and framerate have turned to complete and utter ****

    Any help? YouTube link coming in a few mins

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    2. Hamez_395


      Oh my... I have no idea, try re-installing the whole MP?

    3. Fulgura


      In some situations, frame stutter happens at ATS too. Probably a fix will come.

    4. Sala296


      I gave it a restart and it worked as expected afterwards. Not sure what this is, but hopefully a dev can have a look, certain circumstances might lead this to happen more frequently.

  14.  Okay, So I just got kicked (first ever kick/ban in-game), and I'm not sure what I have done wrong. The admin that kicked me just put "!" as the reason. I want to know what I've done wrong so I don't do it in future. Happened like a minute ago in Rotterdam bus station.

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    2. ZuLynx


      I think it's surely a mistake too. The admin tried to type the kick command and fail. That happens, don't worries ^_^

    3. Sala296


      I know it's no biggy, but in case I did so something wrong, I don't want to do it again

  15. As others have said, it really isn't a big deal, but it's just a little touch. A couple lines of code for added convenience. Every little bit helps
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